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Murder Mystery is a 16-player gamemode where every player is assigned one of three roles: Innocent (14 players), Detective (1 player), or Murderer (1 player). Each role has a different objective. Innocents must try to survive as long as possible without getting murdered. The Detective must find and shoot the Murderer with their bow. The Murderer must try to kill all of the other players without getting shot or running out of time. Gold randomly spawns around the map, and it can be used to earn certain items. Each person has a certain chance of being the Murderer or the Detective. These chances are shown in the waiting lobby. If the murderer died, the title and subtitle says: "YOU WIN!" and "The Murderer has been stopped!".



Mm classic

Classic Mode NPC

In Classic Mode on Murder Mystery, players take on the role of Murderer, Detective, or Innocent. The Murderer must be sneaky and try to kill as many people as he can without being caught or killed. The Detective and Innocents must work together to protect each other and try to figure out who the murderer is.


Mm assassins

Assassins Mode NPC

Assassins is a mode that completely changes the core gameplay of Murder Mystery. In Assassins Mode, all players are Assassins and have a sword. After the start of the game, you'll receive a map-based Wanted Poster showing you who your target is. You must track and kill this player to earn points.

If you successfully kill your bounty, you'll be assigned another one - just check the map again. (Your target's target will be passed on to you once you kill them). Watch out though - you are someone else's target and they will be trying to kill you. If your Assassin is near you, your 'heartbeat' will increase on-screen. You can kill your assassin, resulting in a new assassin. If you attack anyone other than your target or assassin, you will be stunned and unable to attack for several seconds. Be one of the last 2 players to survive to win.

You will be given a random identity at the start of the game. The 16 identities include 8 girls (Tania, Simone, Alex, Vinny, Robyn, Dany, Sam and Eli) and 8 boys (Bruce, Bobby, Ben, Josh, Aaron, Tim, Connor and Nick). The player's real username will not be taken into consideration, neither will the player's skin's gender or species.


Players are divided into 2 teams - Sheriffs (Blue) and Outlaws (Red). Players have bows and can shoot other players (like other MM modes). When you kill an enemy team member your team gets +1 points. The person who is killed respawns elsewhere on the map after a few seconds. First team to 30 kills or the team with the most kills by the game's end wins.


In Infection mode, there are 16 Survivors. After a few seconds, one of the Survivors is selected randomly and becomes Infected. Survivors have a Bow and arrow, Infected have swords. The Infected player must spread the infection by finding and killing any remaining survivors.

Every time a Survivor is killed by an Infected, they respawn as an Infected - growing the Infected's numbers. If a Survivor kills an Infected, the Infected respawns somewhere on the map - the Infected don't stop coming. Infected move faster and jump higher than Survivors. They cannot throw their swords.

Infected also have a green particle effect and the same skin. The Survivors bow has a cooldown, so be careful with those shots. All Survivors have helmets on to help differentiate (these have no gameplay effect). Most map features are still enabled, though some have been disabled or tweaked as they broke the game e.g Kali blessings and curses



Gold is dispersed across the map during a game and can be used to purchase/activate various features on each map. Gold can also be used to buy:

Bow/One Arrow (All maps): Costs 10 Gold (automatically given to the player when 10 Gold is acquired), used to shoot the Murderer and kill him/her. It costs 10 Gold to give a Bow and One Arrow.

Bow/One Arrow (Assassins Mode): Costs 5 Gold (automatically given to the player when 5 Gold is acquired), used to shoot your assassin or target and kill him/her. It costs 5 gold to give a Bow and One Arrow.


Most players are assigned this role. They must survive until the Murderer is killed or runs out of time. Innocents can collect gold, which can be used to buy certain things. Every thirty seconds an Innocent survives, they will gain 12 coins. If they shoot the Murderer with a bow and kill him/her, (number here) coins will be gained. If the murderer kills the innocent, the innocent lose the game. Find the bow for a chance to kill the Murderer.

The Detective starts off with a bow and has unlimited arrows, unlike Innocent players. However, the bow has a short cooldown time before it can be used again. The Detective will gain 200 points if he/she kills the Murderer, and 100 points for each Innocent that is alive after the Murderer is killed. If the detective kills the murderer, the detective won the game. If the detective kills the innocent and murderer kills the detective, the detective lose the game

The Murderer receives a knife. It can be used to kill innocents and detective, either by left clicking when they are within the knife's range or by right clicking and throwing the knife. The Murderer gains 100 points for each Innocent killed, and must kill all of the other players before the time runs out or he/she is shot with a bow. If the murderer kills all of innocents, the murderer won the game.

Map Features

PRAYING TO A MINECRAFT GOD!(Minecraft Murderer Mystery)

PRAYING TO A MINECRAFT GOD!(Minecraft Murderer Mystery)

Each map has unique features, some of them can be purchased/activated using Gold. You can find detailed information on each feature on the individual map pages . This video shows the unique feature of the map Ancient Tomb, which is an altar to Kali, a Hindu goddess. This altar to Kali works on a gift/reward system. The more gold you gift to the gods, the better chance you have of being blessed by Kali. This chance is indicated by the swirling smoke above the altar. Red is bad, Green is good while orange-yellow is "not bad".

Map Feature Cost (Gold Ingot Gold)
Ancient Tomb Kali At least 0
Archives Gift to the Gods 1
Cruise Ship Whack Me 1
Punching Ball 1
Gold Rush Horse 3
Cactus Clearer 2
Headquarters - -
Hollywood Toy Gun 2
Zipline 0
Hypixel World Monorail 1
Rollercoaster 1
Library Mystery Potion 1
Towerfall Trap Activation 1
Transport V2 Shield Generator 3
Rapid Transport


Widow's Den Cobweb Shield 4
Potion At least 1
San Peratico V2 "Break the bridge!" 2
Water Propellant 3
Darkfall Torches 2
Spawn Zombie 3
Aquarium Potion At least 1
Pirhana trap 2
Shark trap 1
Bridge trap 1
Skyway Pier Magical Ice Cream 2
Trapdoor 3
Security Guard 4
Archives Top Floor Instant Transport 5
Mars Potion 4
Mountain Shovel 1
Lift 0


In Assassins and Hardcore modes, skins and names are randomized to give them each a special description on their Assassin's kill contract. Instead of a player's real identity, one of the following is assigned to them:


Murder Mystery Shop

Loot Chests

Unlock new in-game cosmetics by opening Loot Chests. Loot Chests can contain Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary cosmetics. Loot chests can be purchased from the Hypixel Store.

Projectile Trails

Projectile Trails change your projectile particle trail effect.

Name Description Rarity
Slime Selects the Slime Projectile Trail. Common
Ender Selects the Ender Projectile Trail. Common
Lava Selects the Lava Projectile Trail. Common
Potion Selects the Potion Projectile Trail. Common
Water Selects the Water Projectile Trail. Common
Black Smoke Selects the Black Smoke Projectile Trail. Common
White Smoke Selects the White Smoke Projectile Trail. Common
Notes Selects the Notes Projectile Trail. Rare
Blue Dust Selects the Blue Dust Projectile Trail. Rare
Red Dust Selects the Red Dust Projectile Trail. Rare
Purple Dust Selects the Purple Dust Projectile Trail. Rare
Fire Selects the Fire Projectile Trail. Epic
Magic Selects the Magic Projectile Trail. Epic
Green Star Selects the Green Star Projectile Trail. Epic
Angry Villager Selects the Angry Villager Projectile Trail. Epic
Firework Selects the Firework Projectile Trail. Epic
Hearts Selects the Hearts Projectile Trail. Legendary
Rainbow Selects the Rainbow Projectile Trail. Legendary
Twin Dragon Selects the Twin Dragon Projectile Trail. Legendary
Fiery Wind Selects the Fiery Wind Projectile Trail. Legendary
Random Selects the Random Projectile Trail. Legendary

Victory Dances

Victory Dances change the way that you celebrate when you win a game.

Name Description Rarity
Fireworks Celebrate with a splendid fireworks show! Common
Cold Snap Chill an area around you to absolute zero. Common
Love Aura Emits twirls of love out of you. Common
Yeehaw Ride a horse like it's 1876. Common
Meteor Shower A meteor shower will rain down from the sky. Rare
Guardians Perform a Guardian summoning ritual. Rare
Night Shift Set it to day, set it to night, repeat, like a god. Rare
Wither Rider Ride a Wither straight from the end - click to shoot Wither Skulls. Epic
Rainbow Dolly Spawn Dolly the sheep. When you hit Dolly, she clones herself. Epic
Twerk Apocalypse Spawn tons more of yourself and have them twerk. Legendary

Last Words

Last Words change the words that display above your corpse on death.

Name Description Rarity
Pirate Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr matey. Common
Philosophy To buy or not to buy. Common
Glutton Remind everyone how much you like food. Common
Mr. Obvious State the obvious. Common
Condescending Make people hate you even after you died through these condescending remarks. Rare
Protips Show off your mastery of the game by teaching others some useful tips. Rare
Don't care Meh. Rare
cRyBAbY plz pick me plz will you? Epic
Hypixel Fan Show everyone how much of a fan you are. Epic
Death Count Proudly display how many times you died in murder mystery. Legendary

Knife Skins

Name Description Rarity
Default Iron Sword Selecting this option disables your Knife Skin. Common
Cheapo Sword Nothing wrong with simple living. Common
Shovel WACK EM. Common
Stick A primative man's weapon. Common
Wooden Axe [Please add description] Common
Stick with a Hat A gentleman's weapon. Rare
Blaze Rod Some say this is a blaze's spine. Rare
Feather Wait how do you throw it. Rare
Carrot on a Stick Truly a silent assassin's weapon. Epic
Big Bone Taken from one of your past victims. Epic
Golden Carrot [Please add description] Epic
VIP Gold Sword Show off your VIP rank with this fancy golden sword. Legendary
MVP Diamond Sword Show off your MVP rank with this marvelous diamond sword. Legendary
Reaper Scythe Nothing says "don't mess with me" like cutting someone in half with farmer tools. Legendary
Shears Lets shear skin not wool. Legendary

Kill Notes

Main article: Murder Mystery Kill Notes

Kill notes are custom images which are displayed to players that you kill.


A range of gesturesyou can use in-game by typing out /gesture to taunt other players.

Name Description Rarity
Clapping Congratulate your opponents on a good game with this clapping gesture! Rare
Cool Dance Own the dance floor with this cool dance gesture! Rare
Goodbye Wave goodbye to the competition with this gesture. Rare
High Five Give me five! Rare
Ballet Dance in style with this ballet gesture! Rare
Karaoke Sing out of tune with this karaoke gesture! Rare
Possessed  Dance with your inner demons using this gesture! Rare
Mind Blown Blow other player's minds with this impressive gesture! Epic
Victory Celebrate in style by activating this victory pose! Epic
Hype Dance Place your arms in the air, as if you just do not care. Epic
Wave Dance Let the music take you away with this wavy dance! Epic
Can Can Dance like a pro with this Can Can gesture! Epic
Hula Move your hips like you're in Hawaii with this Hila dance gesture! Epic
Graduation Celebrate your recent graduation with this cool gesture. Epic
Jump Jump up, jump up and get down! Legendary
Woop woop woop your way around the dance floor. Woop woop woop your way around the dance floor. Legendary
Sun Celebrate summer with this Praise the Sun gesture! Legendary
Treasure Gather your riches with this Treasure gesture! Legendary
Zombie Dance The Apocalypse is nigh, blend in with your zombie adversaries with this cool dance. Legendary

Quests & Challenges


Type Title Description Reward
Daily Winner Win a game in any mode 2,500 Hypixel Experience
1,500 Murder Mystery Coins
Power Play Kill the murderer or win as murderer in Classic or Hardcore mode 2,500 Hypixel Experience
1,500 Murder Mystery Coins
Hitman Kill 2 targets in Assassins mode 1,500 Hypixel Experience
1,000 Murder Mystery Coins
Weekly Professional Kill 25 players as murderer in Classic or Hardcore mode 10,000 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Murder Mystery Coins
Big Winner Win 15 games in any mode 10,000 Hypixel Experience
7,500 Murder Mystery Coins


Title Description Rewards
Murder Spree Kill 5 players as the murderer in a single game. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Sherlock Kill the murderer in under 2 minutes as the detective. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Hero Become the hero by killing the murderer as innocent. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Serial Killer Get the most kills in Assassins mode. 2400 Hypixel Experience


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