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In Classic Mode on Murder Mystery, players take on the role of Murderer, Detective or Innocent. The Murderer must be sneaky and try to kill as many people as he can without being caught or killed. The detective and innocents must work together to protect each other and try to figure out who the murderer is.

Murder Mystery is a team survival game where players try survive for as long as possible. It was released to the Prototype Lobby on February 20, 2017,[1] and received a full release on September 20, 2017.[2]


Murder Mystery has four modes to choose from: Classic, Double Up!, Assassins, and Infection V2. These modes all involve a murder team killing an opposing team or player, but all have unique ways of being played.


Classic is the basic Murder Mystery mode. There are a maximum of 16 players in each game taking on 3 roles; 1 murderer, 1 detective, and 14 innocents. Each role has a unique task to fulfill during the game.

The Murderer is given a knife after a short countdown. Their goal is to kill every other player before the game ends. The murderer can either use their knife as a melee weapon or use its throw ability which allows the murderer to launch their knife forward at a constant speed; though knife throwing has a 5-second cooldown after each use. They can also collect 10 gold for a bow shot to use as an alternative weapon.

The Detective is given a bow after the same countdown. Their goal is to track down and kill the murderer before everyone dies. The detective has an infinite supply of arrows, but has a 5-second cooldown after each shot. If the detective shoots an innocent player, both that player and the detective will die. When the detective dies, their bow will drop and circle either on their corpse or on a nearby surface if they died from map hazards, and any innocent player can pick up this bow to assume the role of the detective. Gold will not give any coins or special benefit with this role.

Innocents are scattered around the map and allowed to roam freely. They are not given any items, but can pick up gold around the map. The gold can be used to interact with some things on the map, but can also be accumulated. When an innocent accumulates 10 gold, they'll receive a bow and arrow for one opportunity to shoot the murderer, though more arrows can be obtained at 10 extra gold each. Unlike the detective, the bow will not be dropped if the innocent is killed. Innocents who kill the murderer are labeled as the "Hero" at the end of the game.

The game will end if either the murderer kills everyone, the murderer dies through any means, or time runs out. The former is the only means of winning as the murderer, while the latter two are both wins for the detective and innocents.

Double Up![]

Double Up! is an increased capacity mode of Murder Mystery that increases the player count to 24 for different spreading across roles; 2 murderers, 2 detectives, and 20 innocents. The gameplay is near identical to Classic, but doubles the murderers and detectives while increasing the amount of innocents. Both detectives can drop their bows, and their drop statuses are shown on the scoreboard as "Bow #1" and "Bow #2" while displaying the same bow drop messages when one is killed. A message will notify players in chat when one of the two murderers is killed.


Assassins is a target-based free-for-all mode where everyone has weapons and targets. Each player is given a random identity at the start of each game, which they assume for the rest of the game. After a short countdown, each player is given a knife and a kill contract that lists their target's name, skin, bounty (which is always "dead"), and crime. Each identity has a unique crime assigned to them, and all have the same kill contract format with the exceptions of Connor, wanted for "Horse Rustling" while having a horse with hearts next to him, and Sam, wanted for "Vandalism" and spraying graffiti reading "SAM RULES" on the kill contract.

Each player's goal is to kill their assigned targets and be one of the last two standing. Along with their target, players can also kill their assassin, who is denoted by a pulsing sound effect and heartbeat right above the hotbar that gets stronger the closer the assassin is. Gold is scattered around the map, and players can get a bow and arrow after collecting 5 gold, but can still throw their knives. Hitting anyone else will stun the attacker for 5 seconds, giving them slowness and removing their weapon for that time.

The game ends when two players remain or when time runs out, in which case all surviving players win. The results message at the end will order the two winners by their kills (Winner #1 will be the survivor with the most kills), while also listing the dead player with the most kills as "Deceased Most Kills".

Infection v2[]

Infection v2 is a mode involving a host alpha spreading an infection to every player in the game. There are 16 survivors in each game, and after a short countdown, one of these survivors is chosen to be the "Alpha". The Alpha looks like a survivor with their bow and armor, but does not carry arrows and instead carries a knife to attack and infect other survivors,. These infected survivors then respawn and must hunt down remaining survivors, while the survivors fire their bows at these infected players to fend for themselves.

Survivors spawn wielding a bow and 32 arrows with a 1.5-second cooldown between shots, and they can receive 24 extra arrows after collecting 6 gold. The Alpha has permanent knife throws with a 15-second cooldown and doesn't use gold. However, infected players can collected 5 gold for a one-time knife throw. Coins cannot be obtained from gold by any roles.

The Alpha acts as a respawn beacon for the infected. When the alpha is first shot, they will respawn as an infected player, jump boost and skin included. When they're shot a second time, they will be permanently eliminated and disable respawns for all other infected players. Infected can still infect others in this state, but will be eliminated when shot at.

The game will end when either all survivors are infected, all infected players are eliminated, or when time runs out. The former is a win for the infected, while the latter two are wins for the survivors.

Removed modes[]


Hardcore was a mode released alongside Murder Mystery v1.0 on September 20, 2017. It had the same gameplay as Classic, but disallowed parties from joining and anonymized each player's identity with preset names and skins. It was removed on January 9, 2018 after being announced on November 24, 2017 due to its lack of popularity.[3]


Showdown was a mode released on January 9, 2018.[4] It is a game consisting of two teams, Sheriffs and Outlaws, fighting in an effort to get the most kills. Players are equipped with a Bow and Knife to attack the opposing team, the Bow having no cooldown for shots. Each kill adds to the team's total and makes the victim respawn after 5 seconds. The first team to reach 30 kills or have the most kills when time runs out wins the game. Showdown was removed on March 17, 2019 and replaced by Double Up![5]


Infection was a mode released on November 22, 2017.[6] The game started off with 16 survivors, one of which would be chosen to be infected after a short countdown. The infected player had jump boost and infinite respawns, while carrying a knife they could use to infect survivors. Infected survivors shared the same traits, and their goal was to eliminate every survivor before time ran out. Survivors could shoot the infected to kill them, but they respawned shortly after and could only be defeated by waiting the time out. The mode was replaced by Infection V2 on March 17, 2019.

Map Features[]

Each map has unique features, some of them can be purchased/activated using Gold. You can find detailed information on each feature on the individual map pages . This video shows the unique feature of the map Ancient Tomb, which is an altar to Kali, a Hindu goddess. This altar to Kali works on a gift/reward system. The more gold you gift to the gods, the better chance you have of being blessed by Kali. This chance is indicated by the swirling smoke above the altar. Red is bad, Green is good while orange-yellow is "not bad".

Map Feature Cost (Gold Ingot Gold)
Ancient Tomb Kali At least 0
Archives Gift to the Gods 1
Cruise Ship Whack Me 1
Punching Ball 1
Gold Rush Horse 3
Cactus Clearer 2
Headquarters - -
Hollywood Toy Gun 2
Zipline 0
Hypixel World Monorail 1
Rollercoaster 1
Library Mystery Potion 1
Towerfall Trap Activation 1
Transport V2 Shield Generator 3
Rapid Transport


Widow's Den Cobweb Shield 4
Potion At least 1
San Peratico V2 "Break the bridge!" 2
Water Propellant 3
Darkfall Torches 2
Spawn Zombie 3
Aquarium Potion At least 1
Pirhana trap 2
Shark trap 1
Bridge trap 1
Skyway Pier Magical Ice Cream 2
Trapdoor 3
Security Guard 4
Archives Top Floor Instant Transport 5
Mars Potion 4
Mountain Shovel 1
Lift 0


In Assassins, skins and names are set to one of 16 preset identities for easy identification and unique kill contracts. These were also used in Hardcore to anonymize players before its removal.


Image Name Release Date Status
Subway Subway September 16, 2021 Available
Villa (Murder Mystery) Villa Available
Cattleridge Farm (Murder Mystery - Seasonal (Revamped)) Cattleridge Farm March 3, 2021 Available
Snowglobe Snowglobe December 3, 2019 Available
Spooky Mansion Spooky Mansion October 5, 2019 Available
Skyway Pier Skyway Pier June 15, 2019 Available
San Peratico V2 San Peratico V2 Available
Snowfall Snowfall December 11, 2018 Available
Darkfall V2 Darkfall October 13, 2018 Available
Widow's Den Widow's Den
Aquarium (Murder Mystery) Aquarium July 20, 2018 Available
San Peratico San Peratico Removed
Mountain Mountain January 10, 2018 Available
Ancient Tomb Ancient Tomb September 21, 2017 Available
Cruise Ship Cruise Ship Available
Gold Rush Gold Rush Available
Hollywood Hollywood Available
Hypixel world Hypixel World April 10, 2017 Available
Library Library Available
Mm archives Archives February 27, 2017 Available
Transport Transport Available
Towerfall Towerfall Available
Headquarters Headquarters February 21, 2017 Available


Cosmetics are visual effects that don't carry an in-game advantage. They can be obtained through Murder Mystery Loot Chests and Coins. Cosmetics vary by rarity and event exclusivity. Common costs 5,000 Coins, Rare costs 10,000 Coins, Epic costs 25,000 Coins, and Legendary costs 100,000 Coins. These prices are tripled for event-exclusive items.

Quests & Challenges[]


Type Title Description Reward
Daily Winner Win a game in any mode. 3,300 Hypixel Experience
1,500 Murder Mystery Tokens
Power Play Kill the murderer or win as murderer in Classic mode. 3,300 Hypixel Experience
1,500 Murder Mystery Tokens
Hitman Kill 2 targets in Assassins mode. 1,980 Hypixel Experience
1,000 Murder Mystery Tokens
Infector Kill 10 players in Infection mode. 3,300 Hypixel Experience
1,500 Murder Mystery Tokens
Weekly Professional Kill 40 players in any mode 13,200 Hypixel Experience
7,500 Murder Mystery Tokens
Big Winner Win 15 games in any mode 13,200 Hypixel Experience
10,000 Murder Mystery Tokens


Title Description Rewards
Murder Spree Kill 5 players as the murderer in a single game. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Sherlock Kill the murderer in under 2 minutes as the detective. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Hero Become the hero by killing the murderer as an innocent or the detective. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Serial Killer Get the most kills in Assassins mode. 3,700 Hypixel Experience


There are 100 Achievements in Murder Mystery, giving a total of 1,170 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Assassin As murderer, kill 3 players in one game by throwing your knife at them 10
Beyond The Grave Return from the dead and win the game on Ancient Tomb 15
Blind Justice Kill the murderer while being blinded 15
Bullseye Nail a sword throw from over 30 blocks 10
Cacti Cleared Help clear all the Cacti in one game on Gold Rush 5
Calculated As murderer, win with less than 15 seconds remaining 5
Can't Touch This Win a game while being invincible 5
Catch Me If You Can As innocent, win because the murderer's time ran out 5
Caught In The Act Kill the murderer within three seconds after they killed someone 10
Clean Round Kill the murderer before anybody has died 15
Close Enough Be the last one alive and kill the murderer 15
Disinfectant Kill 10 or more Infected in a single game as a Survivor 15
Don't Go There Win a game due to the murderer falling into a trapdoor 10
Double Duty Kill both Murderers in different ways in Double Up! 10
Elementary, my dear Watson. Accidentally shoot yourself with a bow 5
Game-ception Play both of the Arcade Games on Cruise Ship 5
Gold Hunter Pick up 30 gold in one game 10
History Erased Witness the destruction of all Kali's Soldiers on Ancient Tomb 5
Humiliation As murderer, use bow and arrow to kill the detective 15
I Am Special be Murderer or Detective two games in a row 10
I Am Your Shield Deploy a barrier that blocks and arrow or thrown sword on Transport 10
It's High Noon Kill the murderer as an innocent, or any innocent as the murderer with a bow whilst riding a horse on Gold Rush 10
It's Time To Stop Receive 5 different curses from Kali in the same game on Ancient Tomb 10
JAWS! Get eaten by a Shark 5
Kali's Favourite Raise your favor with Kali to 10 or above on Ancient Tomb 10
Last Survivor Be the last survivor standing in Infection 10
Lock And Load As innocent, have three arrows at once 10
Mixed Messages Receive a blessing and a curse from Kali in the same game on Ancient Tomb 5
No Money, No Problems As innocent, survive until the end of the game, while the murderer is still alive, without having collected any gold 15
Not Today As murderer, kill the detective within 30 seconds of receiving your weapon 10
On Point As innocent, kill the murderer with your first bow shot 10
Paranoid much? Place 18 shield spawners in one game 10
Quenchy Drink sixteen potions in one game 10
Reichenbach Fall Fall down a tower 5
Saving The Day Be the hero of the game 5
Sharpshooter As detective, shoot the murderer from over 30 blocks 15
Shut up and dance! Activate your gesture for the first time 5
Sixth Sense Kill two targets within 5 seconds of each other in Assassins 10
Slice N Dice As murderer, get five kills in five seconds 10
Sniper Shoot a thrown knife with a bow 15
Stealth: 100 Kill 3 players while invisible 10
Storm Chaser Survive the storm without going to the lower deck on Cruise Ship 10
That Was Easy Collect 10 gold in the first minute of the game 5
The Arrow Streak Get 5 kills in a row with a bow 10
This Isn't A Funfair ... Maybe Ride the monorail 5
Top Zombie Infect 5 survivors in a single game of Infection 5
Totally Tubular Kill another player whilst using Rapid Transport on Transport 10
Trapper Territory Kill 4 players with traps in one game as Murderer 10
Tricked! Trick a Murderer into attacking a decoy 5
Trigger Happy Havoc Fire 50 bow shots in a game 5
Uncalculated As murderer, win with more than 2 minutes remaining 15
Secret Achievement: We're Set Find and enter the combination to open the secret chamber on Gold Rush 15
Well Traveled Use the Rapid Transport to visit all 4 destinations in the same game on Transport 5
Well, That's Cool Play one of the minigames in the lobby 5
Where's my EMP? Kill all 15 players in one round as Murderer 15
Wicked Ride Be the last innocent alive, and win the game while riding the monorail 15
Wrong Weapon As murderer, get 3 kills in one game with a bow 10
Xom-B Infect 8 or more Survivors in a single game 15
You Did Not See That Coming! Kill a player while riding the monorail 10
You Tried Get hit in melee while you are invincible 5

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Brainiac I Infect 25 Survivors in Infection 5
II Infect 100 Survivors in Infection 10
III Infect 250 Survivors in Infection 15
IV Infect 500 Survivors in Infection 20
V Infect 1,000 Survivors in Infection 25
Countermeasures I Get 10 Hero wins in Classic or Double Up! 5
II Get 50 Hero wins in Classic or Double Up! 10
III Get 100 Hero wins in Classic or Double Up! 15
IV Get 250 Hero wins in Classic or Double Up! 20
V Get 500 Hero wins in Classic or Double Up! 25
Hitman I Kill 25 players in Assassins 5
II Kill 100 players in Assassins 10
III Kill 250 players in Assassins 15
IV Kill 500 players in Assassins 20
V Kill 1,000 players in Assassins 25
Hoarder I Gather a total of 100 Gold 5
II Gather a total of 250 Gold 10
III Gather a total of 500 Gold 15
IV Gather a total of 1,000 Gold 20
V Gather a total of 2,000 Gold 25
Peace Is Mine I Win 1 game as innocent or detective without dying 5
II Win 10 games as innocent or detective without dying 10
III Win 25 games as innocent or detective without dying 15
IV Win 40 games as innocent or detective without dying 20
V Win 60 games as innocent or detective without dying 25
Stabber I Kill 5 survivors as murderer 5
II Kill 20 survivors as murderer 10
III Kill 50 survivors as murderer 15
IV Kill 100 survivors as murderer 20
V Kill 150 survivors as murderer 25
Survival Skills I Win 25 games as Survivor in Infection 5
II Win 50 games as Survivor in Infection 10
III Win 100 games as Survivor in Infection 15
IV Win 250 games as Survivor in Infection 20
V Win 500 games as Survivor in Infection 25
You're All Mine I Win 1 game as murderer 5
II Win 5 games as murderer 10
III Win 10 games as murderer 15
IV Win 20 games as murderer 20
V Win 35 games as murderer 25

Removed Features[]

Loot Chests[]

Loot Chests were cosmetic boxes that dropped cosmetics or coins when opened. Loot Chests were able to be obtained either Weekly Quests, seasonal event promotions, or from the Hypixel Store. When opened, Loot Chests would drop three items consisting of either cosmetics, or bags of coins. Duplicate cosmetics would reward 10% of their shop price in coins.

On February 8, 2024, all Loot Chests, seasonal and non-seasonal, were removed as part of an ongoing effort to remove random mechanics for earning cosmetics across the server.[7] As a part of this change, Loot Chests could no longer be purchased from the store, Loot Chests were made so they were no longer obtainable from anywhere on the server and any remaining Loot Chests players had were forcibly opened and any items or coins obtained were given to players. Also a part of this change, coins were renamed to tokens to make it more clear across the server which currencies were used for cosmetics, and which were used for in-game perks and kits.

Seasonal Loot Chests[]

Seasonal Loot Chests were special Loot Chests available exclusively during seasonal events. They had a chance of granting exclusive seasonal cosmetics that were usually only available during their event period. When a seasonal event was active, they replaced regular Loot Chests for the duration of the seasonal event. A free seasonal chest was given as a promotion for each event, and other chests had to be purchased directly through the Hypixel Store.

On February 11, 2021, Lunar Loot Chests were phased out to transition future Lunar New Year events into something more permanent, rather than content which only lasted for a couple of weeks.[8] Lunar cosmetics were made available in the cosmetic shop and regular Loot Chests year-round, until the overall removal of Loot Chests.

Name Release Date Status
Lunar Chests January 21, 2020 [9] Permanently Retired
Easter Chests April 8, 2020 [10] Permanently Retired
Spooky Chests October 12, 2017 [11] Permanently Retired
Merry Chests December 1, 2017 [12] Permanently Retired


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