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Mystery Boxes are cosmetic boxes that award server cosmetics upon opening. Mystery Boxes provide a list of possible cosmetics when opening, and will grant one cosmetic from the list when opened, along with pet items.

Types of Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are the regular type of Mystery Box always used on the server. These boxes contain cosmetics that can usually be purchased in the Collectibles menu for Mystery Dust.

Crafted Mystery Boxes

Crafted Mystery Boxes are a type of Mystery Box that can only be crafted with Mystery Dust. There are three Crafted Mystery Boxes, all of which play a special opening animation and reward a legendary cosmetic. The price of crafting the Mystery Boxes is reduced with the purchase of a rank, with VIP having a 50% discount, and MVP having a 70% discount.

List of Crafted Mystery Boxes

Crafted Mystery Box #1 - 500 Mystery Dust (VIP 250, MVP 150) - Rewards: Trampoline Gadget, Powered Creeper Pet, Superhero Cloak, Fire Wings Cloak, Mystical Cloak, Iron Golem Morph, Herobrine Pet

Crafted Mystery Box #2 - 500 Mystery Dust (VIP 250, MVP 150) - Rewards: Jump Around Gesture, Hypixel Radio Gadget, Endermite Pet, Diving Board Gadget, Shaman Cloak, Guardian Morph, Black Pug Companion

Crafted Mystery Box #3 = 1,000 Mystery Dust (VIP 500, MVP 300) - Rewards: Hype Train Gadget, Swing Gadget, Rock Paper Shears Gadget, Pong Gadget, Rush Pearl Gadget, Scanner Cloak, Rainy Day Cloak

Seasonal Mystery Boxes

Seasonal Mystery Boxes are limited-time event boxes that appear during some annual server-wide events. These Mystery Boxes contain holiday-exclusive cosmetics that cannot be purchased through other means. They can usually be obtained from the Server Store and The Delivery Man during the events.

Mystery Box Released Status
Halloween Mystery Box October 11, 2015[1] Unavailable
Holiday Mystery Box December 4, 2015[2] Unavailable
Summer Mystery Box June 1, 2016[3] Unavailable
Easter Mystery Box April 7, 2020[4] Available

Golden Mystery Boxes

Golden Mystery Boxes are a special type of Mystery Box. They were introduced in a summer sale on June 1, 2018.[5] They can only be obtained through the Server Store, and can reward any holiday cosmetic from previous events. They are currently unavailable and cannot be purchased. Golden Gifts were introduced alongside Golden Mystery Boxes, and contain Golden Mystery Boxes that can be sent to another player.

Obtaining Mystery Boxes

Playing Minigames

When entering a lobby after playing minigames, players have a chance of obtaining a Mystery Box. Mystery Boxes are given to players after 10 to 90 minutes of playtime, and each player can receive 8 to 14 Mystery Boxes per week (MVP++ players have an 80% increase in weekly Mystery Boxes). The weekly limit for Mystery Boxes resets every Thursday night.[6]

Monthly Mystery Boxes

At the start of every month, Mystery Box deliveries appear at The Delivery Man. There are five deliveries every month, including one Mystery Box for free, and four bundles of five Mystery Boxes given to ranked players. Each rank (except MVP++) receives its own Mystery Box delivery, and higher ranks are able to collect deliveries for ranks below them.

Holiday Mystery Boxes

During some holiday events, unique Mystery Boxes are rewarded to ranked players over the span of the event. Some Mystery Boxes are initially unavailable, but become available slowly during the event. These Mystery Boxes correspond to each rank, and the Mystery Box that becomes available corresponds to a random rank (save for MVP++, which has all corresponding Mystery Boxes available instantly).


Gifts are Mystery Box bundles that can be given from one friend to another on the server. They can be obtained from Daily Rewards, holiday events, or by being purchased on the Hypixel Store. When a gift is given to another player, that player will receive the Mystery Boxes in their Mystery Vault, and radiate with generosity in the next minigame they play.

Hypixel Store

Mystery Boxes are available for purchase in the Server Store. There are three bundles available for purchase, and each has random mystery boxes given to the player when purchased, though there is at least one guaranteed box in the bundle. These boxes can be opened by the player regardless of their rank.

List of bundles

Advanced Mystery Box Bundle - $5.99 - 10 Mystery Boxes (One 4⭐ box guaranteed)

Epic Mystery Box Bundle - $11.99 - 20 Mystery Boxes (One 5⭐ box guaranteed)

Ultimate Mystery Box Bundle - $28.99 - 50 Mystery Boxes (Three 5⭐ and three 4⭐ boxes guaranteed)

Prices are subject to change. Discounted prices not noted on this list.

Hypixel Credits

Players were once able to craft a 3-star Mystery Box by spending 2,000 Hypixel Credits. This crafting was limited to 10 times per day, originally one time per day. Hypixel Credits are no longer given to players, though the option to exchange credits is still in the Mystery Vault menu.

Opening Mystery Boxes

Opening a mystery box will reward a random cosmetic item, ranging from Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. The 1-star box has the lowest chance of rewarding rare cosmetics, and the 5-star box has the best chance.

The table below shows the amount of Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary cosmetics that can be found in each Mystery Box.

Rarity Common Rare Epic Legendary
4 1 1 1
⭐⭐ 3 2 1 1
⭐⭐⭐ 2 2 2 1
⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1 1 2 3
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 0 1 2 4


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