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Reward Card.Legendary

Mystery Dust from reward cards

Mystery Dust is a currency used on Hypixel for purchasing ("crafting") cosmetic items, such as Pets, Hats, and gadgets and also to craft Mystery Boxes. Current mystery dust balance can be viewed using the 'Collectibles' menu on any lobby by hovering over the 'Collectibles' (chest item) on the very bottom of the menu, or by entering the 'My Profile' menu (head item) on any lobby, and hovering over 'Character Information'.

Mystery Dust balance is not visible through '/stats' command or website stats.


When a player receives a duplicate item from Mystery Box, the player will gain mystery dust instead. The amount of mystery dust is based on the rarity of the received item.

Hypixel Credits can be converted to mystery dust using 'redstone dust' icon in Mystery Vault menu. 1 Mystery Dust is equal to 180 Hypixel Credits.

Mystery Dust can be also obtained by leveling up. First reward of mystery dust is 'Level 3' (5 mystery dust) and last is 'Level 98' (15 mystery dust). Reward is 5 (Levels 3 - 48, 10 times), 10 (Levels 53 - 88, 8 times) or 15 (93 - 98, 2 times) mystery dust.


Mystery dust can be used to craft majority of collectibles - Pets, Hats, Suits, Gadgets, Morphs, and emotes and gestures. However, not all collectibles can be crafted with mystery dust and must be obtained in another way, for example opening mystery vaults, purchasing them or receiving them as reward (gifts or Skywars ranked). Price of items is based on rarity of the item.

They are also used to buy some cosmetics on certain games, such as rekt holograms on Mega Walls, or certain kart skins on TKR.

Mystery dust used to be used to craft special 'Crafted Mystery Boxes'. There were three crafted mystery boxes available, each contained only 'Legendary items'. Price was different for players with different ranks (Regular - 500 Mystery Dust, VIP/VIP+ - 250 Mystery Dust, MVP/MVP+ - 150 Mystery Dust) for boxes #1 and #2, and (Regular - 1000 Mystery Dust, VIP/VIP+ - 500 Mystery Dust, MVP/MVP+ - 300 Mystery Dust) for box #3.