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Party Games is a minigame in Arcade Games. Before it was released as its own minigame on March 1, 2019[1], it was split into three separate games, Party Games 1, Party Games 2, and Party Games 3. There was also a similar game called Hypixel Sports which was removed along with the merge.


Party Games
0 Players

Skin.Party Games

Eight players play 8 minigames chosen from a possible 26 minigames. The winner of each minigame will get 3 stars (✭✭✭), second place gets 2 stars (✭✭), and third place gets 1 star (✭). The maximum amount of stars a player can get is 24.


Party Games-Animal Slaughter

Animal Slaughter[]

Kill animals!

Players are placed on a circular plot of grass. Over time, chickens, pigs, and cows will spawn which give different point amounts of points. Chickens are one-hit and give 1 point. Pigs are two-hit and give 3 points. Cows are three-hit and give 5 points. Some animals spawn with a "-50%" name which will cut the amount of points the player has in half. These negative-point mobs are always one-hit, regardless of the animal.

The player with the most points wins the game. Ties are broken by least mob kills, meaning that the player who killed the least amount of animals wins the tiebreak.

Party Games-Anvil Spleef

Anvil Spleef[]

Avoid the falling anvils!

Players are placed on a square platform made of quartz and red stained clay. Anvils will randomly spawn above the platform, and the player will be eliminated if one falls on them or if they fall. When the anvil falls on the platform, it will break the block below it as well. Anvils also occasionally spawn directly above the player to prevent camping in one spot.

Player eliminated: <Player> was crushed either by an anvil or the pressure of the void.

The last person standing wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Avalanche


Survive the falling snow by getting under safe points!

Players are placed on a square ice floor surrounded by a fence wall. Snowballs will from the sky in waves, and players are eliminated if they are hit by them, but players can take cover under half-slabs (called safe points) to be protected. Starting from wave 10, players are allowed to hit each other.

Wave starting: Wave <Wave> will begin in <Seconds> seconds with <Safe Points> safe points! Find cover!
When hit by a snowball: <Player> was a player, but then they took a snowball to the head!

Wave Time before snowballs (seconds) Amount of Safe Points
1 8 4
2 7 4
3 6 4
4 5 4
5 4 4
6 3 4
7 3 3
8 3 2
9+ 3 1

The last player standing wins the game. If multiple players are still alive after wave 14, the tie is broken with player hits.

Party Games-Bombardment


Survive the cannon fire and don't get eaten by the squids!

Players spawn on an oval grass platform with a floating airship shooting cannonballs at them. The difficulty slowly increases, and the fleet fires faster. After 60 seconds, sudden death occurs where the ship constantly shoots many cannonballs very quickly killing surviving players very quickly.

Once past Sudden Death, as long as players are still alive, a new death wave is sent every 10 seconds.

Hit by cannonball: <Player> died an honorable death! Haha, nah, they just blew up. BOOM!
Falling into water: <Player> fell off the platform and drowned in the water!
Difficulty increases: The ship fleet begins to fire faster...
Sudden Death begins: Sudden Death has begun! Good Luck!

The last player standing wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Cannon Painting

Cannon Painting[]

Color as much of the canvas as possible with your eggs!

Players throw eggs at a white canvas to paint 3x3 squares, and it is possible to overwrite other player's colors or "paint". Client-side, the player's color will always be yellow.

The player with the most of their color covering the canvas wins the game. Ties are broken with eggs thrown.

Party Games-Chicken Rings

Chicken Rings[]

Using your move keys, fly through all the rings to achieve victory!

Players must control a flying chicken to go through a set of rings varying in placement. Each ring successfully passed through increases the player's speed up to a point, and missing a ring resets the speed. The current ring is colored lime, successfully passed rings are colored green, and missed rings are colored red.

Version specific controls[]

  • 1.16.X: On 1.16 versions, players must move up and down using the mouse instead of using shift and space. Looking up will move the chicken up, and looking down will move the chicken down. Moving up and down on this version speeds up the chicken, making it possible to finish significantly faster on this version.
  • 1.20.2-1.20.6: On these versions, shifting speeds the player up as much as moving up. This allows players to go significantly faster by pressing shift and space simultaneously. This strategy is the fastest out of all versions.

Completed all rings: You've completed all rings! Go for the finish line!
Finished: <Player> has reached the finish line!

The first player to the finish line wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Dive


Get points by landing in the pool!

Players spawn above a pool of water that they must jump (or "dive") into. Each time a player successfully lands in a block of water, they earn a point, and the block they landed in turns to a wool block of their color. If they miss and hit another block, they will not earn any points.

The player with the most successful dives into the pool wins. Ties are not broken.

Party Games-Fire Leapers

Fire Leapers[]

Avoid the smoke at all costs by jumping over it!

Players stand on a small sandstone beam and must try to jump over lines of "smoke" (crit particles) that come at them. Particles must be enabled in the game settings to play because of this. Over time, the lines of smoke come at the players faster, increasing the difficulty. The game will automatically end if multiple players reach wave 50.

Someone fails to jump: <Player>'s legs melted
You fail to jump: Ouch, that burns! You jumped into the smoke.

The last player standing wins the game. All players reaching wave 50 will tie for first.

Party Games-Frozen Floor

Frozen Floor[]

Knock other players off the map. Watch your feet, ice might be melting underneath!

Players are placed on a donut-shaped ice platform and are given snowballs to throw at each other. When hit, the player is dealt knockback. After 15 seconds, the outside of the map slowly melts away, leaving less playable area.

Floor starts melting: The outside of the map has started melting!

The last person standing wins the game. If no one has died after 2 minutes, the game ends automatically. The tie is settled with kills first, and then snowballs thrown.

Party Games-High Ground

High Ground[]

Stand on the red platform to gain points!

Players spawn on a hill with a circular red wool platform at the top. A point is earned for each second on the red platform, but players can use their knockback fish given to them to knock other players off.

The player with the most points wins the game. Ties are broken with player hits.

Party Games-Hoe Hoe Hoe

Hoe Hoe Hoe[]

Claim as much land as possible with your hoe!

Players spawn on a circular grass and mycelium plot of land and are given a hoe and a random wool color. Wool is placed by right clicking the ground with the hoe, and all wool after the first one must be placed beside (not diagonal) to the same color. Each wool on the ground awards one point, and existing wool cannot be overwritten with another color.

Attempting to hoe away from your wool: You can only hoe next to <COLOR> wool!

The player or players with the most wool placed win the game. It is possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Jigsaw Rush

Jigsaw Rush[]

Copy the pattern from the large canvas with the blocks provided.

Players spawn with blocks in their hotbar, and a 3x3 block grid in front of them. On either side of the room, a supersized version shows where to correctly place the blocks on the player's canvas.

The player who completes their board first wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Jungle Jump

Jungle Jump[]

Beat the parkour by keeping a good rhythm!

Players must parkour their way to the finish on sandstone platforms above water. This is one of two parkour games in Party Games, the other one being The Floor Is Lava.

The player who completes the parkour the fastest wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Lab Escape

Lab Escape[]

Dig down to get to the cake!

Players spawn in one wide tubes with a long stack of randomized dirt, stone, and oak planks below them. The blocks must be mined with their corresponding tool: shovel for dirt, pickaxe for stone, and axe for wood. If three people don't reach the cake within 120 seconds, free-fall happens and all the remaining blocks are cleared below the players.

Reaching the bottom: <Player> has reached the cake!

The player who gets to the bottom first wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Lawn Moower

Lawn Moower[]

Mow as much grass as possible! Moooooooo!

Players spawn on a circular plot of tall grass and are riding cows. The cow moves in the direction the player is looking and breaks the grass where it moves. Each tall grass broken is worth one point.

The player or players with the most grass mowed win the game. It is possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Minecart Racing

Minecart Racing[]

Race to the finish line!

Players are given a bow and a specified wool color and start in minecarts on a track with their specified color beneath it. Rows of assorted wool are placed on the roof of the tunnel, and shooting a color of wool makes the minecart on the color's track increase in speed. The goal is to shoot at one's own color, but shooting another person's color does not result in a penalty; it only increases their speed.

The player who reaches the end of the track first wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Pig Fishing

Pig Fishing []

Use your fishing pole to get pigs in your trap!

Pig Fishing is similar to the popular Hungry Hungry Hippos tabletop game. Players spawn around a circular pool and are given fishing rods. Baby pigs and regular pigs drop down at the center, and players use their fishing rod to hook the pigs and get them into their goal, giving them a point.

Occasionally, baby pigs will have green particles around them as they are a special "Super Bacon" pig. These super bacons will make the other players' pistons activate and make it harder for them to score pigs. These do not award any more points than regular pigs.

Super Bacon: <Player> has captured a Super Bacon and activated piston blocks!

The player with the most points wins the game. Ties are broken with pigs hit.

Party Games-Pig Jousting

Pig Jousting[]

Kill all your opponents!

Players spawn in a dirt arena on pigs and must try to kill other players. The pigs move in the direction players look. After somebody gets a kill, they are also given Regeneration 3 for 4 seconds, regenerating a total of 3 hearts (6 HP). Getting another kill within that time will not make the regeneration stack. After 60 seconds, Deathmatch begins. During this time, players take a half heart of damage each second until someone wins.

Player kill: <Player 1> was chopped into a million pieces by <Player 2>!

The last player standing wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-RPG-16


Exterminate your foes and destroy the world!

Players are given a pig gun that, when right clicked, shoots out explosive pigs. These pigs can be steered by looking in a desired direction. Upon impacting the ground, the pig will explode and destroy some of the blocks around it as well as damage nearby players. Player's die after being hit three times but are not eliminated. Players respawn with full health and can try to get more kills.

It is possible to double jump in this game. The double jump cooldown is reset after shooting, meaning players cannot double jump immediately after shooting.

Player kill: <Player 1> was blown up by <Player 2>'s wire-guided pig!

The player with the most kills wins the game. Ties are broken with deaths and damage, meaning the player who died the least and dealt the most damage wins the tiebreaker.

Party Games-Shooting Range

Shooting Range[]

Shoot the moving targets.

Players spawn facing four rows of moving mobs which they must shoot. Each mob moves at a different speed. TNT Zombies do not give any points, but grant 2 explosive arrows which can be used to hit multiple mobs at once across multiple rows.

Different mobs grant a different amount of points. From the slowest to the fastest:

Target Points
Zombie 1
Skeleton 2
Armored Zombie 10
Armored Skeleton 20
TNT Zombie 0 (+2 Explosive Arrows)

The first player to reach 60 points wins the game. If no one has finished in 2 minutes, the player with the most points wins. It is possible to tie the game if multiple people have the same score when the timer hits 0.

Party Games-Spider Maze

Spider Maze[]

Make your way through the maze to get to the tower in the middle. Avoid getting eaten by the spider behind you!

Players spawn in a hedge maze with a spider locked up behind them. The spiders are released 3 seconds after the players are released, forcing players to constantly move. The goal is to reach the large stone tower at the center of the map.

Player completed: <Player> has finished the maze.
Player death: <Player> was murderered by a spider.
Player leaves: <Player> was too scared to face the spiders.

The first player to reach the center tower wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Super Sheep

Super Sheep[]

Avoid other players' tails!

Similar to the games Slither.io and snake, player take control of sheep with a growing trails behind them. Running into any player's trails, the outer wall, or the center pillar will kill the pleyer. By timing jumps correctly, it is possible to jump over or ride others' tails to avoid death.

The last player standing wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-The Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava[]

Beat the parkour by keeping a good rhythm!

Players must parkour their way to the finish on stone platforms above lava. This is one of two parkour games in Party Games, the other one being Jungle Jump.

The player who completes the parkour the fastest wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Trampolinio

Trampolinio []

Catch as many coins as you can!

Players spawn on a "trampoline" which automatically boosts players up into the air—pressing jump is not necessary. Players must jump through coins to earn points. Different coins spawn at different heights:

  • Green coins spawn the lowest and grant 1 point.
  • Yellow coins spawn slightly higher, about the height of a standard jump, and grant 3 coins.
  • Red coins spawn the highest and grant 10 coins, but cannot be reached with a regular jump. Players must use a booster to reach red coins.
  • Only one booster is present in the map at a time and moves after being used by a player. Boosters launch the player high into the sky allowing them to catch red coins on the way down. There are two ways to land on a booster: from the bottom, which will launch the player high into the air, or from the top, which will give a smaller boost.

If a player is falling onto a player who is jumping up, they will be pushed into the air again while the player below is forcefully pushed down. It is possible to collect red coins by jumping on top of other players.

Green coin: You've collected 1 coin!
Yellow coin: You've collected 3 coins!
Red coin: You've collected 10 coins! YAY!
Booster: You've collected booster! WHOOOOSH!

The first player to reach 40 points wins the game. If no one has reached 40 points within 60 seconds, the player or players with the highest score win the game. It is possible to tie this game (only after a minute).

Party Games-Volcano


Don't take a bath in lava!

Similar to TNT Run, players are placed in a circular platform of wool above lava, the "active volcano". The wool will randomly slowly decay from light gray, to yellow, to orange, to red before disappearing. Areas players walk over will also begin to decay to prevent camping in one spot. Players who fall into the lava are eliminated and "charred to a well-done <Player> steak!"

Falling in the lava: <Player> has charred to a well-done "<Player>" steak!

The last player standing wins the game. It is not possible to tie in this game.

Party Games-Workshop


Craft the needed items and give them to your foreman!

Players spawn in a "workshop" with two floors of shelves and which stock with various blocks when the game begins. The foreman requests a total of 5 items, one item at a time. Resources for these items can be obtained by breaking the blocks on the shelves. The item's crafting recipe is displayed in item frames, and the item to craft is shown in chat. The furnaces instantly smelt ores and players can not use their inventory to craft.

Request: Foreman <Name>: Ok, so I need you to craft me <Item>!
Request fulfilled: Foreman <Name>: Perfect! That's just what I needed!
Items completed: <Player> has completed the items needed to craft!
Using inventory crafting: You may not use your player crafting! Use a Workbench (Crafting Table) instead!

The player who completes their set of items the fastest wins the game. It is possible to tie this game if multiple players have completed the same amount of crafts when the timer runs out (2:30 minutes).

Removed Games[]

Below is a list of the games that were in the separate Party Games (1, 2, and 3) but have since been removed from Party Games.


There are 23 Achievements in Party Games, giving a total of 230 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Avalanche! Survive 12 waves in Avalanche 10
BACON!!! Capture a Super Bacon in Pig Fishing 5
Batman (Legacy/Unobtainable) Ride a bat in Punch the Bat (This achievement is legacy and cannot be obtained anymore.) 5
Bouncy Bounce Collect a red wool in Trampolinio 5
Explosive Archer Kill 5 or more targets with one Explosive Arrow 10
Fast Hands Finish Jigsaw Rush in under 10 seconds 10
In Sync! Make it past round 25 in Fire Leapers 10
Inhumane Murder 50 animals in Animal Slaughter 10
Oink. Kill 3 or more players with one rocket pig 10
PARKOUR!! Finish either Jungle Jump or The Floor is Lava in 15 seconds or less 5
Partier Finish with 20 or more stars in Party Games 10
Perfection! Finish a game of Party Games with 24 stars 15
Picasso Win a game of Cannon Painting 5
Professional Mower Gain 250 points in Lawn Moower 5
Sheep Rider Have a trail of at least 300 blocks in one game of Super Sheep 10
Spam Clicker Score 150 points in Hoe Hoe Hoe 10
Survivor Survive until Sudden Death in Bombardment 15
Woops, didn't mean to Punch someone during the minigame Avalanche 5

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Super Star I Earn 50 stars in Party Games 5
II Earn 250 stars in Party Games 10
III Earn 500 stars in Party Games 15
IV Earn 2,500 stars in Party Games 20
V Earn 5,000 stars in Party Games 25


  • Animal Slaughter: In versions above 1.14, nametags are shown above the animals, making it significantly easier to route and avoid -50% mobs.
  • Lawn Moower: Punching the grass in front of you doesn't actually give you any more points. Pressing your forwards key makes you move faster.
  • Pig Fishing: Pigs land in the water slightly off the center of the map. This grants white and lime spawns a notable advantage, while giving pink and purple spawns a disadvantage.
  • RPG-16: By looking directly upwards and spamming jump, the player is able to "fly" infinitely. It is possible to access other parts of the map such as the now-deleted minigame Horse Race to the West, and Chicken Rings to the North.
  • Super Sheep: It is sometimes possible to glitch through others trails when boosting in very specific circumstances.
  • Workshop: While it is rare, going to the second floor is sometimes necessary to get all the materials.
  • Workshop: It is possible to take coal out of furnaces. Players can use this to their advantage if the coal block craft comes up to save time. A more advanced version of this strategy is to craft a coal block before the game starts and to store it in a furnace, and open up that furnace when the coal block craft shows up, for a more significant time save.
  • Workshop: There is always one side that will have all the materials needed to complete a craft. This is true for all 5 crafts in a game. The way to determine this is by looking at the villager at the start of the game. It's slightly off-centered; if it's closer to the left, expect all materials on the left side. If it's closer to the right, expect all materials on the right side.