Hypixel Wiki

"The party system allows you to crush your enemies with glorious teamwork! You can play most of the games on the Hypixel Minecraft server in parties. In order to be on the same side as your friends, make sure to invite them to a party before joining the games."


Players can form parties using the /party command, or /p as an alias. Players within a party have access to a party-wide chat messages, which can be sent using the /pchat or /pc commands (/party chat can be used to switch entirely to party chat; not having to use the chat commands in front). The party leader has complete control over the party, and can choose which games to warp players into. If the owner is MVP++ or above, they have the ability to make the party private and create private games.

Parties last until the leader disbands it, all the members leave, or the leader is offline for 5 minutes. All party members must be online in order for the party to be able to join any game. Guild parties can be formed from guild members that have the permission, which will send a guild chat wide message asking users to join the party. Public parties (where anyone can join) can be created by only MVP++ or above using /stream.

If a party is oversized in players (for example, trying to play 4v4v4v4 Bedwars when the party has 5 players, the party system will split all players into different teams, rather than the entire party being on one team.


List of Party Commands (/p can replace /party in all commands)
Command Function

/party help

Prints a list of party commands
/party <player> /party invite <player> Invites the player to your party, creating one in the process if one is not already formed
/party leave Leaves the current party
/party list Lists the members of your party
/party promote <player> Promotes a party member to either party moderator or party leader.
/party demote <player> Demotes a party moderator to a party member.
/party transfer <player> Transfers the party to another player.
/party home Warps your party to your house.
/party remove <player> Removes the player from your party
/party warp Teleports the members of your party to the server you're in - This only works in pre-game lobbies and server lobbies
/party accept <player> Accepts a party invite from the player
/party disband Disbands the party
/party mute Mutes your party chat so only party leader, party moderator, and staff members can use it.
/party settings <setting> <value> Modifies settings for your party
/party challenge <player> Challenges a party to a Cops and Crims duel
/party poll <Question/Answer/Answer/Answer/Answer> Set up a party poll to let party members vote on. You can set up 4 answers at maximum using "/" to separate them. (MVP++ and above exclusive)
/party kickoffline Kicks offline players from the party
/party private Creates a private game for only the players in your party (YT, MVP++ and staff exclusive)
/pchat <player> Sends a message in party chat
/chat party

/chat p

Switches you to the party chat channel
/stream Allows the party leader to experience an interactive streaming party where people can freely join. (MVP++ and YT exclusive)
Party Settings
Setting Function
/party settings ALLINVITE Allows all members in the party permission to invite other players to the party.
/party settings PRIVATE Allows the party leader to start privately hosted games. Only available to MVP++ or above.