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Half man, half pig, half... Wait ! Feel the power of pork !

This class is a very stable class, which can be well utilised in all sorts of combat, because it is a class which combines a diamond sword, a very good chestplate and combat buffs like strength and regeneration. Its power in battle comes from the strength on its ability, and the endurance ability is an excellent 1v1 skill, which will make you win fights with an equally skilled enemy.

The Pigman class is a hero class and costs 15,000 coins to unlock.

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Pigman (Fighter, Support) Edit

Perks Edit

- Burning Soul [ABILITY] :

Summons ring of fire that does damage for 5 seconds and Strength I for X Seconds.

Burning Soul I: 1.0 Damage, 1.0 Seconds.
Burning Soul II: 1.125 Damage, 1.125 Seconds.
Burning Soul III: 1.25 Damage, 1.25 Seconds.
Burning Soul IV: 1.375 Damage, 1.375 Seconds.
Burning Soul V: 1.5 Damage, 1.5 Seconds.
Burning Soul VI: 1.625 Damage, 1.625 Seconds.
Burning Soul VII: 1.75 Damage, 1.75 Seconds.
Burning Soul VIII: 1.875 Damage, 1.875 Seconds.
Burning Soul IX: 2.0 Damage, 2.0 Seconds.

The small duration of strength may seem like a major downside to this ability, but the burning effect adds up to this. A Pigman should be able to land two hits with the strength, which would deal double damage with a diamond sword, which is devastating, and if the fight is in a hole or in a closed space, the ring of fire will deal more than enough damage to finish your opponent. The ring of fire deals true(not affected by armor or effects) damage, and disappears after the Pigman dies. NOTICE : the Pigman receives 10 energy per hit. Notice this Ability has been Nerfed

- Valor [SKILL] :

Chance to give your teammates within 8 blocks Resist and Regen I for 8 seconds after hitting an enemy.

Valor I: 2.0% Chance.
Valor II: 2.7% Chance.
Valor III: 3.4% Chance.

Valor IV: 4.1% Chance.
Valor V: 4.8% Chance.
Valor VI: 5.5% Chance.
Valor VII: 6.1% Chance.
Valor VIII: 6.9% Chance.
Valor IX: 7.6% Chance.

This skill can highly increase the odds of victory while fighting in a group, and it can also help you to win the fight. The skill only works once in a minute, and only when you stand near the group for at least two seconds. This can also be very helpful while fighting alone, because regeneration adds up to your strong armor, meaning that you will receive a lot less damage. UPDATE: Valor no longer affects the Pigman, only surrounding teammates.

- Endurance [SKILL] :

Gain Resistance II for X Seconds when your health drops below 5 hearts. (Only once every 30 Seconds).

Endurance I: 2.0 Seconds.
Endurance II: 2.5 Seconds.
Endurance III: 3.0 Seconds.
Endurance IV: 3.5 Seconds.
Endurance V: 4.0 Seconds.
Endurance VI: 4.5 Seconds.
Endurance VII: 5.0 Seconds.
Endurance VIII: 5.5 Seconds.
Endurance IX: 6.0 Seconds.

This skill is very recommended to upgrade, because this is essential to winning a fight with an enemy who is as strong, or as skilled as you. This means that you can get that xtra hit, or that you can make one more final kill before dying, because this skill still wouldn't save you if you are fighting a large group of es chain kills with this skill.

- Resourcefulness [GATHERING TALENT] :

Chance to get find a piece of Iron armor in a chest while mining.

Resourcefulness I: 30% Chance.
Resourcefulness II: 38.75% Chance.
Resourcefulness III: 47.5% Chance.
Resourcefulness IV: 56.25% Chance.
Resourcefulness V: 65% Chance.
Resourcefulness VI: 73.75% Chance.
Resourcefulness VII: 81.5% Chance.
Resourcefulness VIII: 91.25% Chance.
Resourcefulness IX: 100% Chance.

This talent is one of the most efficient talents in the game, meaning that if you are unarmored, you can find a chest with full iron armor in it, and gain a huge advantage if your chests have been robbed.

UPDATE: You can no longer find chestplates inside chests, so you need not worry about finding duplicates of what you already have anymore.


Pigman Kit I: Iron Sword

Pigman Kit II: Iron Sword + 1 Steak

Pigman Kit III: Iron Sword + Golden Chestplate + 1 Steak

Pigman Kit IV: Diamond Sword + Golden Chestplate + 1 Steak

Pigman Kit V: Diamond Sword + Iron Chestplate + 2 Steak

Pigman Kit VI: Diamond Sword + Iron Chestplate (Protection I) + 2 Steak + 1 Speed Potion

Pigman Kit VII: Diamond Sword + Iron Chestplate (Protection II) + 3 Steak + 1 Health Potion + 1 Speed Potion

Pigman Kit VIII: Diamond Sword + Iron Chestplate (Protection II) + 3 Steak + 1 Health Potion + 2 Speed Potions

Pigman Kit IX: Diamond Sword + Diamond Chestplate (Unbreaking III) + 3 Steak + 1 Health Potion and 2 Speed Potions

You cannot remove kit items from inventory, and when you die they don't drop on the ground