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Pixel Painters is an Arcade Game released on July 17, 2015[1] and is one of the few minigames that use a texture pack to enhance the game.


Pixel Painters
0 Players

Skin.Pixel Painters

Up to eighteen players are given 4 minutes to draw the given prompt/theme on a 79x52 canvas. Nine tools are available to help create the best painting possible, and players vote at the end to see who is the best painter.


Pixel Painters controls
Pixel Painters Board

Left-click: Used to select the tools at the top of the canvas, colors at the bottom of the canvas, a recent color to the right of the canvas, or to pick a color already on the canvas.

Right-click: Used to use the selected tool on the canvas.


  • Pencil - Draw one pixel with the selected color where you are looking
  • Eraser - (Size adjustable) Reverts where you are looking to white.
  • Paint Brush (Paint brush) - (Size adjustable) Draws
  • Spray Can (Spray brush) - (Size adjustable) Draws scattered dots with the selected color where you are looking.
  • Fill tool - (Bucket) - Fills the available area with the selected color where you are looking.
  • Circle - Creates an elipse with the selected color using two anchor points.
  • Rectangle (Square) - Creates a rectangle with the selected color using two anchor points.
  • Line - Creates a line with the selected color using two anchor points.
  • Quick Reset (Bomb) - Resets the entire board
  • Undo - Undoes the last action.
  • Redo - Redos the last undoed action.

Size Adjusting[]

For tools whose size can be adjusted (see above), radius items ranging from "Radius 1" to "Radius 8" appear in your hotbar. These can be selected by clicking (right or left) while holding them.


The winner is determined by the players by voting for which painting they like the best out of a selection of drawings.

  • Eliminations - (3-4 Drawings) Consists up to 5 rounds
  • Semi-Finals - (2 Drawings) Consists of 2 rounds
  • Finals - (2 Drawings) Consists of 1 round; the player with the most votes wins the game

If there is a tie at any point, a random winner from the ones that tied are selected.


There are three togglable settings available in the pre-game waiting area.

  • Drop-down menus - Condenses the top bar into three dropdown categories
    • Drawing tools (Pencil, Paint Brush, Spray Can, Eraser)
    • Fill tools (Fill tool, Quick Reset)
    • Shapes (Circle, Rectangle, Line)
  • Mute Music - Mutes the in-game music
  • Disable upload overlay - Doesn't put the "Drawn on Minecraft Server: mc.hypixel.net" overlay at the bottom of the image when saved to https://hypixel.net/pp/.


  • Previous drawings can be accessed through the website (https://hypixel.net/pp/) though some drawings from a certain time period were lost.[2]
  • If nothing is drawn, that person's painting will not be shown in the voting.
  • Drawings can be reported using the anvil.
  • Pixel Painters originally started with 22 max players but was decreased to 18.[3]


  1. https://discord.gg/Sqm6jg3RMb