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Pixel Party is an Arcade Game where players try to survive for as long as possible by standing on the correct blocks before the floor disappears. The game was created for an internal Game Jam in October 2021 and was released to the Prototype Lobby for public testing on October 20, 2021.[1] The game was officially released to Arcade on September 6, 2022.[2]


Before the game starts, either Normal mode or Hyper mode can be voted for, and the mode with the most votes will be played. Before the September 19th 2023 Arcade lobby update, the two modes were separated into different gamemodes that you could choose from while clicking on the Pixel Party NPC. The two modes were eventually merged in that same update.[3]

Normal mode[]

Pixel Party
0 Players

Skin.Pixel Party

Players are placed on a large platform displaying a pattern of colored blocks. After a few seconds, a color is assigned and a countdown starts for everyone to stand on the corresponding block. Every few rounds the countdown is shortened by .25 seconds, making the countdown range from 4.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds. The game ends if one player survives, if players survive 25 rounds, or if all remaining players are eliminated in one round.

The first floor will always be the Hypixel logo, and the floor will switch to say "GAME OVER" when the game ends.

Hyper mode[]

Hyper mode has the same gameplay as normal mode, but with chaotic events each round. The first round is always normal.

  • Anvil Rain - Anvils fall from the sky which will crush the player if they're not careful.
  • Blizzard - Snow falls on some of the blocks making it more difficult to see what the player is standing on.
  • Color Stampede - Color cows are released from the center of the map that explode into the assigned color (unless it explodes before one is assigned).
  • Rolling Colors - The floor is separated into strips that constantly move in opposite directions.
  • TNT Rain - TNT shoots from the center of the map placing random colors when it explodes.


Beacons will sometimes spawn on the dance floor while playing. When the beacon is punched, one of # power-ups will be given to the player. Some powerups are positive, but some are negative!

  • Acid Rain (Magma Cream) - Acid pours from the sky that changes the color of the floor where it hits the ground.
  • Color Cow - A color cow spawns that explodes into the assigned color (unless it explodes before one is assigned).
  • Color Trail - Random colors appear beneath your feet.
  • Crowd - A crowd of villagers spawn and run around.
  • Cursed Pumpkin (Pumpkin) - A pumpkin is placed on your head for the duration of the round.
  • Ender Pearl (Ender Pearl) - An ender pearl can be thrown to be teleported back to the dance floor.
  • Jump Boost (Potion) - Gives jump boost effect for 30 seconds.
  • Leap Feather (Feather) - Launches the player in the direction they are looking.
  • Magic Carpet - A magic carpet of blocks floats under the player for the duration of the round.
  • No Hunger - You lose all hunger bars for the duration of the round.
  • Paint-filled Egg (Egg) - Splatters into the assigned color (unless it hits the floor before one is assigned).
  • Random Glass Boxes - Random 3x3 glass boxes spawn around the dance floor.
  • Random Teleport - Teleports the player to a random spot on the dance floor.
  • Speed Boost (Potion) - Gives speed effect for 30 seconds.

Colorblind Settings[]

There are multiple options that change the blocks used on the floors to be more visible to colorblind people. These include fully textured, Protanopia (Red-Green), Tritanopia (Blue-Green), Wool, and an option to fully customize the blocks used.


Music is played while in game. The volume can be increased, decreased, or muted using the controls in the player's hotbar.



There are 15 Achievements in Pixel Party, giving a total of 190 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Pixel Party: Clumsy Dancer Fall into the void while the floor is still filled in 5
Pixel Party: Crushed the Floor Get crushed by an anvil in Hyper Mode 5
Pixel Party: Expert Dancer Reach round 25 in Normal Mode 15
Pixel Party: Saving Throw Save yourself after falling with an Ender Pearl after round 15 10
Pixel Party: Silent Disco Turn off the music 5

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Pixel Party: Color Coordinated I Survive 25 rounds in Pixel Party 5
II Survive 100 rounds in Pixel Party 10
III Survive 250 rounds in Pixel Party 15
IV Survive 1,000 rounds in Pixel Party 20
V Survive 2,000 rounds in Pixel Party 25
Pixel Party: Powered Up I Collect 5 Power-Ups in Pixel Party Normal Mode 5
II Collect 15 Power-Ups in Pixel Party Normal Mode 10
III Collect 25 Power-Ups in Pixel Party Normal Mode 15
IV Collect 50 Power-Ups in Pixel Party Normal Mode 20
V Collect 150 Power-Ups in Pixel Party Normal Mode 25


  • Pixel Party is very much like the original version of "Block Party" from the Hive.


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