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โ€œ Instead of risking lots of time and making a full minigame and all the strain that goes with it, we can use the Prototype Lobby to rapidly test new ideas, freeing up more development time to work on updates and quality of life improvements to other classic games across the server. โ€ž
โ€”Simon (Hypixel)

The Prototype Lobby (a.k.a. Prototype or PTL) is an area on the server where games in Beta or Alpha stages are tested. When playing Prototype Games you can earn Hype, you can use this Hype to add to games that you enjoy. Games with the most Hype will be added as a proper game in the future, games that don't have much Hype will be removed eventually. Sometimes the Admins might keep a game even if the Hype count is low.

It was announced on January the 5th 2017 by Hypixel[1].

๐Ÿข‚ Welcome to the Prototype Lobby
All games in this lobby are currently in development.
Click here to leave feedback! โฎž https://hypixel.net/PTL


There have been a total of 19 games added to the lobby since it was originally released.


There are currently 2 games in the Prototype Lobby:

Game Date Added to Prototype
SkyBlock June 11, 2019[2]
Sheep Wars April 15, 2024[3]


There are 11 games in the Prototype Lobby that were released as full minigames, either standalone or to another lobby:

Game Date Added (PTL) Date Released Other
Bed Wars January 19, 2017[4] June 29, 2017[5]
Murder Mystery February 20, 2017[6] September 20, 2017[7]
Duels January 19, 2017[4] March 2, 2018[8]
Zombies July 5, 2017[9] June 21, 2018[10] Arcade Lobby
Hide and Seek November 2, 2017[11] June 21, 2018[10] Arcade Lobby
The Bridge March 28, 2018[12] October 24, 2018[13] Duels Lobby
The Pit February 26, 2018[14] April 21, 2020[15]
Capture the Wool September 21, 2018[16] August 26, 2020[17] Arcade Lobby
Wool Wars March 15, 2022[18] May 11, 2022[19]
Pixel Party October 20, 2021[20] September 6, 2022[21] Arcade Lobby
Dropper July 25, 2022[22] September 14, 2023[23] Arcade Lobby


There are 6 games in the Prototype Lobby that were removed after testing:

Game Date Added (PTL) Date Removed
Survival Dash January 19, 2017[4] February 14, 2017[24]
UHC Deathmatch January 19, 2017[4] February 14, 2017[24]
Battle Royale January 8, 2018[25] September 5, 2018[26]
King Of The Hill May 14, 2018[27] November 19, 2019[28]
TowerWars January 9, 2019[29] February 1, 2022[30]
Invaders December 14, 2021[31] March 15, 2022[32]


Announced games not released to the Prototype Lobby:

  • Siege (Shelved due to issues in development)


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