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Bed Wars

Sandcastle is a 3's/4's map for Bed Wars released on July 24, 2018. It is a Summer reskin of the unreleased map Enchanted, which was only released as a regular map on February 12, 2021.[2]

Being a seasonal map, Sandcastle is only rotated in and out of the weekly map rotation during Summer Events. These map rotations began on August 2, 2021. [3]


  • Sandcastle is one of two map reskins for seasonal events that was released before the original version of the map. The other pair is Apollo and Nutcracker.
  • Instead of the staircases leading up to the top emerald generator seen on Enchanted, a single staircase leads up to the top emerald generator, which is encased inside of a sandcastle.

Other Information[]

  • Playstyle: Long and Tactical
  • Minimum Build Limit: Unknown
  • Maximum Build Limit: Unknown
  • Build Radius: Unknown