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Bed Wars

Screamway is a Solo/Doubles map released for Bed Wars on October 12, 2017, made as a part of the 2017 Halloween Event. It is a Halloween-themed remake of the original Speedway map.

Being a seasonal map, Screamway is only rotated in and out of the weekly map rotation during Halloween Events. These map rotations began on August 2, 2021. [2]


  • The spider at middle was originally hollow. It was filled in and made solid due to players abusing their way inside of it and hiding until the end of the game.
  • Several glass panes (spiderwebs) were removed due to players hitting their heads and falling into the void in high traffic areas.

Other Information[]

  • Rush Direction: Forward Rush
  • Generator Speed: Slow Iron
  • Playstyle: Quick and Rushy
  • Minimum Build Limit: 55
  • Maximum Build Limit: 90
  • Build Radius: 115