The Shaman class is a good all-round class, with good defensive and offensive points. His ability is devastating while in close areas, but useless in large, open areas. The Shaman is a difficult class to master, but once fully mastered, it can become a very strong class in the battlefield. It is also very balanced, because it has a diamond sword, but no damage enhancing abilities, and diamond boots, 2 health potions and guardian wolves to defend the Shaman.


This class is a hero class and costs 10,000 coins to unlock. its just good to use but only for killfarm.


- Tornado (ability) : this tornado is extremely dangerous in closed areas, such as holes. The downside to this is that the tornado tends to remove blocks from the hole/closed area, thus giving the enemy an opportunity to escape the tornado or to defeat the shaman. Another downside to this ability is the poor energy generation, which is 8 energy per hit. Missing the ability would give you a disadvantage against very offensive or defensive classes, such as golem or herobrine, so use it wisely.

- Heroism (skill) : this skill is a very good offensive factor, and can be used to strafe and/or to combine it with your ability to make the enemy run away. Another nice thing is that the debuff on the enemy is hardly noticeable, so he can overestimate his chances in a fight and choose not to flee while at low health, so you can easily finish him with your ability.

- Wolf Pack (skill) : the wolves are very good in defending the Shaman and in distracting the enemy. Lots of beginning enemies will hit the wolf and not you, because they think that the wolf is dangerous, or more dangerous than the Shaman. This is not true, because attacking the wolf will let the Shaman to regen his health or to land some crits. You can have multiple wolves active at the same time.

- Spirit Gathering (talent) : the talent is not very useful during the entire game, because a player doesn't need much wood and coal. Another downside is that the talent does not speed up the entire mining process.



Summon a 3x3 Destructive Tornado Destroying all Blocks in its path and Dealing X damage to players

Tornado I: 6.0 Damage

Tornado II: 6.5 Damage

Tornado III: 7.0 Damage

Tornado IV: 7.5 Damage

Tornado V: 8.0 Damage

Tornado VI: 8.5 Damage

Tornado VII: 9.0 Damage

Tornado VIII: 9.5 Damage

Tornado IX: 10.0 Damage

Note: You gain 8 EPH

The tornado does not penetrate armor

Shaman Ability


When Hitting a Player you have a 17% Chance to give that player Weakness and you gain speed for X seconds

Heroism I: 2.0 Seconds

Heroism II: 2.5 Seconds

Heroism III: 3.0 Seconds

Heroism IV: 3.5 Seconds

Heroism V: 4.0 Seconds

Heroism VI: 4.5 Seconds

Heroism VII: 5.0 Seconds

Heroism VIII: 5.5 Seconds

Heroism IX: 6.0 Seconds

Note: Works on Bow hits

Note: Gives Weakness 2 and Speed 2

Wolf Pack

When Hit By a player you have a 10% chance to summon a wolf that will protect you for X seconds

Wolf Pack I: 5.0 Seconds

Wolf Pack II: 5.625 Seconds

Wolf Pack III: 6.25 Seconds

Wolf Pack IV: 6.875 Seconds

Wolf Pack V: 7.5 Seconds

Wolf Pack VI: 8.125 Seconds

Wolf Pack VII: 8.75 Seconds

Wolf Pack VIII: 9.375 Seconds

Wolf Pack IX: 10.0 Seconds

Note: Works when hit by bows

Kit Upgrade

Kit Upgrade: Iron Sword Unbreaking II + 2 Steak

Kit Upgrade II: Iron Sword Unbreaking II + 2 Steak + Health Potion

Kit Upgrade III: Iron Sword Unbreaking II + 2 Steak + Health Potions + Speed Potions

Kit Upgrade IV: Iron Sword Unbreaking II + Diamond Boots Feather Falling I + 2 Steak + Health Potions + Speed Potions

Kit Upgrade V: Iron Sword Unbreaking II + Diamond Boots Feather Falling I + 2 Steak + Health Potion + 2 Speed Potions

Kit Upgrade VI: Iron Sword Unbreaking II + Diamond Boots Feather Falling II + 2 Steak + Health Potions + 2 Speed Potions

Kit Upgrade VII: Diamond Sword Unbreaking II + Diamond Booties Feather Falling II + 2 Steak + 1 Health + 2 Speed Potions

Kit Upgrade VIII: Diamond Sword Unbreaking III + Diamond Booties Feather Falling II and Protection I + 3 Steak + 2 Health and 2 Speed Potions

Kit Upgrade IX: Diamond Sword Unbreaking III + Diamond Booties Feather Falling II and Protection II + 3 Steak + 2 Health and 2 Speed Potions

Note: You cannot remove kit items from inventory, and when you die they don't drop on the ground

Spirit Gathering

When mining Iron Ore you have a X% chance to Get 1 Wood log or 1 coal

Spirit Gathering I: 10.0% Chance

Spirit Gathering II: 12.5% Chance

Spirit Gathering III: 15.0% Chance

Spirit Gathering IV: 17.5% Chance

Spirit Gathering V: 20.0% Chance

Spirit Gathering VI: 22.5% Chance

Spirit Gathering VII: 25.0% Chance

Spirit Gathering VIII: 27.5% Chance

Spirit Gathering IX: 30.0% Chance

Tips and Tricks

The Shaman is a good class to have in hole combats, its ability to give weakness to victims and its tornado means that it can 1v1 almost all classes in holes, with the exception of Pigmen and sometimes Zombies.

When fighting in open areas, do not use your tornado unless cornered, as you only generate 8 EPH and most people tend to avoid the tornado.

The Shaman's Wolf Pack and Deception abilities make it a very good class for both offence and defense, it is a very well rounded class in general, and you should get this class if you do not have alot of experience with Heroes. However, a shaman can be overwhelmed by almost any class that is fully utilized, and has a generally mediocre performance in open combat, so you should not get this class unless you're just a casual player.