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SkyBlock is currently in the Prototype Lobby and is still in development.
The game or its features may be removed at any time.

SkyBlock (or Hypixel SkyBlock) is a Prototype Lobby game on the Hypixel Network. It was released to the Prototype Lobby on June 11, 2019, for players with donator ranks.[1] It was later released for all users on June 13, 2019.[2] It currently has three main profile types or modes of playing, listed below.


SkyBlock initially starts players on a small island. Players can use the resources on this island to bridge towards another nearby island, which contains a Jerry NPC, a Tier I Cobblestone Minion, and a portal to the Hub Island, a place containing many locations and features used to further progress in the game.


The Ironman gamemode has the same gameplay as classic, but players cannot use certain features such as the Auction House, Bazaar (modified to only contain booster cookies), Trading, Gifts, and Ghost loot sharing. The restrictions on Ironman profiles make progression more challenging and difficult.


The Stranded gamemode limits players to only their Private Island. Public islands such as the Hub Island, Crimson Isles, The End, etc. are not accessible. The gameplay is modified to allow for further progression using only the resources given on the private island.


Skills are progressive gameplay aspects that can be upgraded by completing actions or collecting items related to the skill. Upgrading skills will increase a player's chance of using the perk given with the skill, and they will also earn bonus statistics and coins.

There are currently 12 main skills in Hypixel SkyBlock. Each skill can be upgraded until reaching its maximum level which is usually LX (60), L (50), or XXV (25). Runecrafting is the only skill capped for players without a rank.

Skill Description Max Level
Farming Farming is a non-cosmetic skill leveled up through breaking various farm crops (e.g. wheat, carrots, potatoes) and collecting farm animal drops which grant Farming XP. Each level unlocks another level of the Farmhand ability which grants an additional 4 Farming Fortune. This skill also unlocks access to two loctions, The Barn at level I and the Mushroom Desert at level V, and gives extra health, coins, and SkyBlock XP with each level. LX (60)
Mining Mining is a non-cosmetic skill leveled up through breaking various blocks and minerals which grant Mining XP. Each level unlocks another level of the Spelunker ability which grants and additional 4 Mining Fortune. This skill also unlocks access to two locations, the Gold Mine at level I, and the Deep Caverns at level V, and gives extra defense, coins, and SkyBlock XP with each level. LX (60)
Combat Combat is a non-cosmetic leveled up through killing hostile mobs which grant Combat XP. Each level unlocks another level of the Warrior ability which grants an additional 4% damage dealt to mobs. This skill also unlocks access to three locations, the Spider's Den at level I, the Blazing Fortress at level V, and The End at level XII, and gives extra crit chance coins, and SkyBlock XP with each level. LX (60)
Foraging Foraging is a non-cosmetic skill leveled up through chopping wood/logs which grants Foraging XP. Each level unlocks another level of the Logger ability which grants an additional 4 Foraging Fortune. This skill also unlocks access to the five sections in The Park, the Birch Park at level I, Spruce Woods at level II, Dark Thicket at level III, Savanna Woodland at level IV, and Jungle Island at level V, and gives extra strength, coins, and SkyBlock XP with each level. L (50)
Fishing Fishing is a non-cosmetic skill leveled up through fishing up items and killing sea creatures which grant Fishing XP. Each level unlocks another level of the Treasure Hunter ability which grants an additional 0.2% chance to find treasure when fishing. This skill also allows players to find different sea creatures when fishing, and gives extra health, coins, and SkyBlock XP with each level. L (50)
Enchanting Enchanting is a non-cosmetic skill leveled up through using the enchanting table, anvil, or the experimentation table which grants Enchanting XP. Each level unlocks another level of the Conjurer ability which grants an additional 5% more experience orbs from any source. This skill also gives extra ability damage; intelligence, which unlocks enchantments; coins; and SkyBlock XP with each level. LX (60)
Alchemy Alchemy is a non-cosmetic skill leveled up through brewing potions using the brewing stand which grants Alchemy XP. Each level unlocks another level of the Brewer ability which grants an aditional 1% longer duration for potions brewed. This skill also gives extra intelligence, coins, and SkyBlock XP with each level. L (50)
Carpentry Carpentry is a non-cosmetic skill leveled up through crafting items which grants Carpentry XP. This skill unlocks access to the Quick Crafting System in the crafting table, and gives various furniture recipies, and extra health, coins, and SkyBlock XP with each level. L (50)
Taming Taming is a non-cosmetic skill leveled up through gaining skill XP with a pet active which grants Taming XP. Each level unlocks another level of the Zoologist ability which grants an additional 1% gain of extra pet exp. This skill also gives extra pet luck, coins, and SkyBlock XP with each level. L (50)
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering is a non-cosmetic skill leveled up through partipating and/or completing dungeon runs. It uses a "Mastery" prefix instead of "Levels". Levels of mastery grant an additional X% increase of the base stats of dungeon items while doing a dungeon run (percentage increases every few levels). This skill also gives extra health and SkyBlock XP with each level. L (50)
Runecrafting Runecrafting is a cosmetic skill leveled up through killing bosses/minivoess and runic mobs (purple names) or combining/fusing runes. This skill unlocks access to runes of the corresponding level with each level. III (3) ([No Rank])

XXV (25) ([VIP] and above)

Social Social Skill is a cosmetic skill leveled up through gaining unique guests, having visitors on their island, or by visiting other players' islands. This skill unlocks access to various social items, blocks, and commands and gives extra coins. XXV (25)


Stats help the player to perform certain actions, defend them, and are a good way to measure progress.


Health serves at the amount of damage the player can sustain before dying. Health starts off at 100, but the base stat can be upgraded with Skills, Fairy Souls, and specific Quests. When a player's Health reaches 0, they will die and lose half of their coins.


Defense reduces the damage taken by Health from mobs and players. Base Defense can be upgraded with Skills and Fairy Souls.


Mana, also known as Intelligence in statistics, is an aspect that allows players to use skills applied to their weapon. Mana initially has a limit of 100, but base Intelligence can be upgraded with Skills to increase the maximum Mana. If a player does not have enough Mana points for a skill, they will have to wait until the Mana regenerates.


Strength affects the overall damage dealt to mobs or players. The base Strength stat can be upgraded with Skills and Fairy Souls.


Speed affects the velocity of the player when moving. The base Speed stat can be upgraded with Fairy Souls.

Crit Chance/Damage

Crit Chance and Crit Damage are stats that affect the power and frequency of Critical hits on mobs or players. Base Crit Chance can be upgraded with Skills, and base Crit Damage can be upgraded with specific quests. If a player lands a critical hit, the damage indicator will be colored red to white, and stars will be next to the amount of damage.



The Bank is a system and location in the SkyBlock Hub Island. Players can go to the bank to deposit or withdraw coins, and players can also see the 10 most recent transactions in the Bank. The bank also rewards 2% interest to players for keeping their coins in the bank, which is given every 31 real time hours. The Bank can be accessed elsewhere using the Personal Bank in the SkyBlock Menu, or the Personal Bank item. The Personal Bank initially has a cooldown that can be reduced to no cooldown by unlocking Emerald collections and paying coins to the Guy NPC found west of the Hub Island Bank.


Collections are progressive systems for collecting vanilla items. They can be used to unlock items, crafting recipes, or experience for Skills. These Collections can only be progressed by collecting items though manual means, or collecting items from minions. Collections are split into five different categories of items, those being Farming, Mining, Combat, Foraging, and Fishing.


Minions are automatic workers unlocked in the first level of any collection (except the fishing minion which is unlocked at the second tier, alongside the snow and flower minions, which are obtained from other methods) . They can be placed on an island and require a working space fit to their preference to work. Minions can be upgraded with the items they are tasked to collect, and upgrading Minions will increase their working speed and inventory space. Minion Upgrades and other items are available for Minions to create specific perks, such as compacting items, automatically selling items, and increasing storage.


Quests are tasks assigned to players in different areas. These Quests usually give players useful items or other rewards. Incomplete and ongoing Quests can be viewed through the Quest Log in the SkyBlock Menu, and ongoing Quests will show the next step to progress the Quest to completion.


Reforging is a process in which players can give items to the Blacksmith NPC in the Hub Island and gain permanent stat upgrades on their weapons. These upgrades usually affect offensive stats, though they can also affect stats like Intelligence. Reforges cost coins to complete, and the price varies by the rarity of the item. Armor, Weapons, and Talismans can be reforged at the Blacksmith NPC.


Talismans are collectible items that come with a unique perk. These Talismans can be collected through shops, special Quests, or Collection Recipes. Talismans can also be reforged at the Blacksmith NPC to receive permanent perks.

Hub Island



Example of the Lumber Merchant's Shop in the Hub Island.

Shops are structures with NPCs placed around the hub's spawn point. These shops are split into several categories of items, with an NPC corresponding to the shop's contents. Players can also sell almost any item at any shop by clicking on the item they desire to sell. Shops have limits on some collection items where players can only purchase 640 of a single item each day.


There are several areas in the Hub Island, each with their own items to collect. These areas contain basic, low resources, though they usually have portal frames that players can go through to access islands with extensive resources.

Coal Mine

The Coal Mine is an area north of the Hub Island spawn. It contains stone and coal, which can count towards collections when mined. The edge of the Coal Mine contains a portal frame leading to the Gold Mine, which contains more extensive ores.


The Graveyard is an area northwest of the Hub Island spawn. It contains Zombies and an entrance to the Coal Mine with strong enemies. The Graveyard also contains the Pat NPC, who is one of the two Flint Bros NPCs, and who can be clicked to purchase Flint and Gravel. The edge of the Graveyard contains a portal frame leading to the Spider's Den, with more extensive items.


The Forest is an area west of the Hub Island spawn. It contains Oak Wood trees and fallen Oak Wood logs, which can be mined and regenerated shortly after. The edge of the Forest contains a portal frame leading to The Park, with many different types of wood.


The Ruins is an area southwest of the Hub Island spawn. It contains a broken building housing many aggressive Wolves.

High Level

High Level is an open area south of the Hub Island spawn. It contains hostile mobs like Skeletons.


The Wilderness is a forest southeast of the Hub Island spawn. It contains several trees with stairs to climb, and is also the home of Tia the Fairy, an NPC that gives permanent stat boosts for every 5 Fairy Souls collected. The Wilderness also contains the secret Dark Auction, with exclusive items that are auctioned to all players in the area during Dark Auction events.

Fisherman's Hut

Fisherman's Hut is a fishing area east of the Hub Island spawn. It contains a wide Fishing area, and the Fisherman NPC, which tasks players to complete a Quest and earn an exclusive Fishing Rod.


The Colosseum is a combat area east of the Hub Island spawn. It contains a large battle space and the Gladiator NPC, who allows players to battle one another in a 1v1 queue.


The Farm is an area northeast of the Hub Island spawn. It contains large and regenerating farming lands filled with Wheat, and also has the Farmer NPC, who will start a Quest upon being interacted with. The edge of the Farm contains a portal frame leading to The Barn, a farm area with a variety of crops and farm animals.


SkyBlock has several islands linked to the Hub Island, each with their own items and features. Islands can be accessed through portal frames at the edges of the Hub Island, which will then lead the player into another server for that respective island.

The Barn

The Barn is a farming island located at the edge of the Farm area in the Hub Island. The Barn contains several crops and farm animals that are constantly regenerated. Crops include wheat, potatoes, and carrots, while the animals include chicken, cows, and pigs. The crops can be destroyed by anyone, and the animals can also be killed by anyone. The edge of The Barn contains a traveling frame leading to the Mushroom Desert.

Mushroom Desert

Mushroom Desert is an island that can be accessed from The Barn. The Mushroom Desert contains several different crops and animals not found in the Barn, with crops including Mushrooms and Sugar Cane, and animals including Sheep and Rabbits.

Gold Mine

The Gold Mine is an island accessed from the end of the Coal Mine area. It contains several different NPCs with different features, and also contains ores like Iron and Gold. The edge of the Gold Mine contains a portal frame leading to the Deep Caverns.

Deep Caverns

The Deep Caverns are an island accessed from the Gold Mine. The Deep Caverns contain several levels with different ores and unique enemies, which include Sneaky Creepers, Lapis Zombies, Slimes, Diamond Zombies, and Diamond Skeletons.

Dwarven Mines

The Dwarven Mines are a collection of areas where players can mine mithril and titanium. Events happen every 20 minutes, including Goblin Raid and Raffle.

Spider's Den

The Spider's Den is an island accessed from the Graveyard. It contains normal Skeletons and many unique types of Spiders, all with different abilities. A cave opening in the Spider's Den contains a portal frame leading to the Blazing Fortress, and the edge of the Spider's Den contains a portal frame leading to The End.

Blazing Fortress

The Blazing Fortress is an island accessed from the Spider's Den. It contains mobs such as Pigmen and Magma Cubes, and also contains the exclusive Magma Boss event.

The End

The End is an island accessed from the Spider's Den. It contains different types of End mobs, and also has the Dragon event that contains exclusive rewards.

The Park

The Park is an island accessed from the Forest area in the Hub Island. It contains many different sections with different types of wood and NPCs, which may offer quests.


Coins are the main currency of SkyBlock, and are used to purchase shop items, bid on auctions, and purchase other items from other NPCs. Coins can be obtained by killing mobs, completing SkyBlock quests, selling items, and earning interest from the Bank. Players will lose half of their held coins if they die in any non-Private Island, or die on their Private Island from causes excluding falling into the void by the players themselves.


There are 286 Achievements in SkyBlock, giving a total of 2,645 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements

Name Description Points
A Challenging Climb Scale the Spider's Den. 5
A Good Review Feed Don Expresso some Tasty Mithril. 5
A Royal Meeting Obtain the King Talisman. 5
A good spider is a dead spider Kill the Brood Mother. 10
Absorb it all! Wear a full set of Sponge Armor. 10
Accessories Galore [Coop or you] Unlock the Greater Accessory Bag upgrade. 5
Advanced Transportation Sell an item using the Enchanted Hopper. 5
Agile Drink an Agility Potion. 5
Always Sunny in SkyBlock Place a Day Saver in The Garden. 5
Amalgamation Fuse 2 items to increase Attributes. 5
Animal Fishing Fish using the Farmer's Rod. 5
Arcadia [Coop or you] Place 5 unique islands on your Private Island. 5
At the speed of light [Coop or you] Use Crystal Fuel. 5
Baited Obtain the Bait Ring. 5
Beaconator 2.0 Power a Beacon of any kind. 5
Big Game Fisher Kill a Sea Creature that requires Fishing 20 or higher. 15
Bigger Storage is Seeded [Coop or you] Place a Large Storage Chest. 5
Blaze Wrangler Grapple 5 Blazes at once. 5
Bountiful Harvest Find a Squash while farming. 10
Brain Power Drink an Adrenaline Potion. 5
Businessman Complete a Trade with another player. 5
Caretaker Level up a pet to 80. 10
Caught the Grinch Kill a Grinch on the Winter Island. 15
Cleanup Crew Finish clearing a plot in The Garden. 5
Combined efforts Start a coop. 5
Compost Collector Retrieve 8 Compost from the Composter at once. 5
Cute Little Cube Kill the Magma Boss. 10
Death From Above Kill a mob using the Leaping Sword ability. 5
Declaring Allegiance Join a Crimson Isle Faction. 5
Deep Storage Gain an extra Ender Chest page from Elizabeth. 5
Secret Achievement: Defeating Death Slay a Deathmite. 5
Didn't mean to! Kill a Kalhuiki Youngling. 5
Do you even Voodoo? Kill a mob with the Voodoo Doll ability. 10
Dojo Grand Master Obtain the Black Belt from Master Tao in the Dojo. 10
Dojo Master Reach the highest rank in any of the Dojo challenges. 5
Dragon Slayer Take down a Dragon. 5
Dullahan Kill a Headless Horseman. 5
Dungeon Explorer Get a score on exploration of 95 or more in a Dungeon. 10
Secret Achievement: Empty Flower Pot? Why is it there? Why are we all here? 5
Every little bit helps Apply a Hot Potato Book to an item. 5
Secret Achievement: Existential Revelations Find the mushroom dream in the Catacombs 5
Expensive Brew Brew a Tier VIII Potion. 10
Explorer Discover all areas on the main island. 5
Explosive Ending Survive the Blast from the Unstable Dragon. 5
Fancy Farming Change your Barn skin in The Garden 5
Flamin Hot Consume 200 Magma Creams using the Magma Bow. 5
Flawless Beat a dungeon without anyone dying. 10
Forbidden Fruit Wear a full set of Fermento Armor. 10
Fortunate Fish 2 treasures at once using the Blessing enchant. 5
Friar Lawrence Complete the Romero and Juliette questline. 25
Friend for Life Level up a pet to 100. 20
Frozen Monster Kill a Yeti on the Winter Island. 15
Fully Evolved Obtain a legendary pet. 10
Secret Achievement: Geronimo! Get blown up by the volcano. 5
Ghost Buster Kill a Ghost. 5
Glass Cannon Wear the Elegant Tuxedo. 15
Goblin Slayer Get 100 points during the Goblin Raid event. 5
Gonna Put a Spell on You Use The Hex for the first time. 10
Gotta go fast! Craft a Speed Artifact. 15
Gottagofast Wear the full Speedster Armor. 5
Happy Holidays Collect all 20 White Gifts on the Winter Island. 5
Happy New Year Obtain a New Year's Cake from the Baker. 5
Heart of the End Reach the Dragon's Nest in The End. 5
Helpful Hand Give Fetchur the items he asks for. 5
Hidden Secrets Find a Dark Monolith. 5
Higher Enchants Obtain a level 6 enchantment book. 10
Higher Than a Rabbit Wear the Spider's Boots. 5
How to train your dragon? Find the Dragon's Lair. 15
Hsssss Wear the Creeper Pants. 5
Humble Beginnings Catch all 18 types of Trophy Fish. 5
I Am Groot Wear a set of Growth Armor with a Bonus 100 HP. 5
I Call That... Mercy Place all 5 Gemstones into the Gemstone Gauntlet 15
Secret Achievement: I am Superior Take down a Superior Dragon 10
I believe I can fly! Wear a full set of Bat Person Armor. 5
I own this place! Kill all the mini-bosses on the Crimson Isle. 5
I'm fast as heck boy!! Obtain the Cheetah Talisman from Guildford. 10
Indiana Bones Find 10 secrets in a single Dungeon run. 10
Infinite Darkness Kill a squid with the Ink Wand Ability. 5
Into the Deep Reach the Obsidian Sanctuary in the Deep Caverns. 5
It Never Ends Kill a zombie using the Zombie Sword. 5
Secret Achievement: Jake's Mystery Complete Beth's Quest. 15
Jerry!! Use an Inflatable Jerry. 5
King Of the Chickens Craft the Feather Artifact. 5
King Of The Pets Obtain a pet score of 100 or more. 10
King Of The Sea Wear the Guardian Chestplate. 5
Knowledge is Power! Equip the Textbook item on a pet. 5
Kuudra Conundrum Defeat Kuudra. 5
Lapidarist Forge a perfect Gemstone 15
Legendary Rod Fish using the Rod of Legends. 5
Librarian Complete 10 Dungeon Journals. 5
Lifelong Contract Obtain the Seal of the Family. 15
Lost Soul Find a fairy soul. 5
Magical Place Find the Fairy Grotto. 10
Mass Production [Coop or you] Craft a level XI minion. 15
Master Enchanter Enchant something using 50 levels. 5
Secret Achievement: Meal fit for a King Put a Trophy Fish into the Melancholic Vikin's furnace. 5
Memories of a Bal Wear a full set of Divan's Armor. 15
More Space [Coop or you] Expand a minion using the Minion Expander. 5
Mystical Use a Recombobulator 3000 to obtain a Mythic rarity. 10
Next Level Upgrade an item to a dungeon item. 10
Night Eyes Obtain the Night Vision Charm. 5
Secret Achievement: Nightmare Complete Bednom's secret quest 5
No Enchants Needed Drink a Burning Potion. 5
Oh Shiny Mine a Glowing Block on the End Island. 5
Overkill Drink a Critical 3 Potion. 5
Peak of the Mountain Reach tier V of Heart of the Mountain. 15
Player of the People Serve 50 Unique Visitors in The Garden. 15
Precious Minerals Wear a full set of Emerald Armor. 5
Prepare for trouble! Kill Corleone. 10
Production Expanded [Coop or you] Unlock a new minion slot. 5
Promise Fulfilled Max out a promising tool. 5
Quest complete! Complete the Villager Quest. 5
Quite the Crowd Have 5 visitors at once in The Garden. 5
Raaaiiinnnnbbooww! Wear a full set of Fairy Armor. 5
Secret Achievement: Rebirth Kill a Fairy while you are a Ghost 5
Resourceful Give Rhys the materials to enter the Dwarven Mines. 5
Ring Ring...Who's This? Buy an Abiphone. 5
Rough Deal Buy something from Tomioka. 5
Secret Achievement: Royal Conversation Finish talking to the Royal Resident. 15
S+ Squad Get an S+ Score in a Dungeon. 15
Sacrifices must be made Salvage an item for Essence. 5
Saddle Up! [Coop or you] Craft a saddle. 5
Safety First Obtain a Stonk. 5
Scam? Pay 1 million coins for a Fairy Soul. 5
Sea Monsters Obtain the Sea Creature Artifact. 5
Second Chance Consume the Saving Grace. 5
Seriously? Put a Wood Singularity on an Aspect of the Jerry. 10
Shining Scales Fish up a gold tier Trophy Fish. 5
Should've stayed cool Melt to death in the Magma Fields. 5
Secret Achievement: Shrimp!?! Obtain Shrimp the Traveler Fish 5
Secret Achievement: Sirius Business Participate in the Dark Auction 10
Smell like roses Take down an Endstone Protector. 5
Smells Better Wash off the King's Scent using water. 5
Soul Hunter Find 20 fairy souls 10
Speedrunner Beat a Dungeon Boss in under 4 minutes. 10
Spiky Craft a Thorns 3 book. 5
Storage Forever Craft a Greater Backpack. 10
Stubborn Gifter Give 1000 total gifts. 10
Suited Up Wear all forms of Equipment at the same time. 5
Super Fuel [Coop or you] Upgrade a minion with the Enchanted Lava Bucket. 5
Supreme Farmer Wear a full set of Farm Armor. 5
Sweet Tooth Find a Purple Candy. 5
Secret Achievement: The Cult of the Fallen Star Wear the Fallen Star Helmet to a cult meeting 5
The Dragon's Egg Buy a Golden Dragon Egg from the dragon in the Crystal Hollows. 10
The End Race Complete the End Race in under 42 Seconds. 10
The Flash Reach a speed of 500%. 5
The Flint Bros! Find both Pat and Rick. 5
Secret Achievement: The Itsy Bitsy Spider Feed a player to Aranya. 5
The Next Generation Find a Golden Goblin by throwing a Goblin Egg. 5
The One Bottle Craft a Titanic Experience Bottle. 5
The Perfect Heist Gather 3 Heavy Pearls from The Matriarch and escape without taking damage. 10
The Prodigy Complete Through the Campfire song at any score. 10
The Real Zoo Shady Have 20 different pets in your pet menu. 20
Secret Achievement: The Ring Throw the Eternal Flame Ring into a specific pool of lava 10
There Can Only Be One Kill a Tier 5 Revenant Horror. 15
This is fair Kill a pig using the Pigman Sword. 5
Secret Achievement: This Is The Way Find The Belly of the Beast 5
Three Birds, One Arrow Kill 3 monsters with one shot from the Runaan's Bow. 5
Time To Start Fishing [Coop or you] Place the Pond Island. 5
Time to go on vacation [Coop or you] Upgrade a minion with the Super Compactor 3000. 5
To space we go! Use a launch pad on your private island. 5
Tough Choice Apply an Ultimate Enchantment on an item. 5
Treasure Fishing Fish up a Large Treasure. 10
True Adventurer Reach Catacombs level 40. 10
True Alchemist Obtain the Potion Affinity Artifact. 5
United in Blood Obtain a Gilded Midas' Sword. 5
Upgrades people, Upgrades! Recombobulate any item. 10
Vanquished Kill a Vanquisher. 5
WHAM! POW! Kill a Bat Piñata. 5
Secret Achievement: Wasted Potential Feed a Staff Of The Volcano to a Cow 5
Watch Me Shine Wear the Crystal Armor. 15
Water Blade Kill a squid using the Prismarine Blade. 5
Welcome to my Factory [Coop or you] Place a Farm Crystal. 5
Secret Achievement: What is the place... Enter the secret room in The End 10
Wonderful Treasures Open an Obsidian Chest. 10
Worth it Spend more than 200 levels on a single Sword enchantment. 10
Wow, that’s useful! Use the /wiki, /wikithis, or /wikihand command to view the Official Hypixel Wiki. 5
Your Big Break Survive an entire SkyBlock year without dying. 5
Your adventure begins... Travel to the Hub from your island. 5
Zookeeper Buy a pet from Oringo during the Traveling Zoo. 10

Tiered Achievements

Name Tier Description Points
Angler I Achieve fishing level V 5
II Achieve fishing level X 5
III Achieve fishing level XV 10
IV Achieve fishing level XX 10
V Achieve fishing level XXV 15
Augmentation I Achieve enchanting level V 5
II Achieve enchanting level X 5
III Achieve enchanting level XV 10
IV Achieve enchanting level XX 10
V Achieve enchanting level XXV 15
Climbing the Ranks I Reach SkyBlock Level 40 5
II Reach SkyBlock Level 80 10
III Reach SkyBlock Level 120 15
IV Reach SkyBlock Level 160 20
V Reach SkyBlock Level 200 25
Combat! I Achieve combat level V 5
II Achieve combat level X 5
III Achieve combat level XV 10
IV Achieve combat level XX 10
V Achieve combat level XXV 15
Concoctor I Achieve alchemy level V 5
II Achieve alchemy level X 5
III Achieve alchemy level XV 10
IV Achieve alchemy level XX 10
V Achieve alchemy level XXV 15
Crystal Nucleus I Complete the Crystal Nucleus 5 times 5
II Complete the Crystal Nucleus 10 times 10
III Complete the Crystal Nucleus 15 times 15
IV Complete the Crystal Nucleus 20 times 20
V Complete the Crystal Nucleus 25 times 25
Curator I Donate 10 items to the Museum 5
II Donate 25 items to the Museum 10
III Donate 50 items to the Museum 15
IV Donate 100 items to the Museum 20
V Donate 150 items to the Museum 25
Divan's Treasures I Find treasures in the Mines of Divan 30 times 5
II Find treasures in the Mines of Divan 60 times 10
III Find treasures in the Mines of Divan 90 times 15
IV Find treasures in the Mines of Divan 120 times 20
V Find treasures in the Mines of Divan 150 times 25
Domesticator I Achieve taming Level 5 5
II Achieve taming Level 10 5
III Achieve taming Level 15 10
IV Achieve taming Level 20 10
V Achieve taming Level 25 15
Dungeoneer I Reach level 15 of any Dungeon Class 5
II Reach level 20 of any Dungeon Class 5
III Reach level 25 of any Dungeon Class 10
IV Reach level 30 of any Dungeon Class 10
V Reach level 35 of any Dungeon Class 15
Excavator I Achieve mining level V 5
II Achieve mining level X 5
III Achieve mining level XV 10
IV Achieve mining level XX 10
V Achieve mining level XXV 15
Festive Altruist I Give gifts to 5 different players 5
II Give gifts to 10 different players 10
III Give gifts to 25 different players 15
IV Give gifts to 50 different players 20
V Give gifts to 100 different players 25
Gatherer I Achieve foraging level V 5
II Achieve foraging level X 5
III Achieve foraging level XV 10
IV Achieve foraging level XX 10
V Achieve foraging level XXV 15
Goblin Killer I Kill 5 Golden Goblins 5
II Kill 10 Golden Goblins 10
III Kill 25 Golden Goblins 15
IV Kill 50 Golden Goblins 20
V Kill 100 Golden Goblins 25
Hard Working Miner I Complete 5 Commissions 5
II Complete 25 Commissions 10
III Complete 100 Commissions 15
IV Complete 250 Commissions 20
V Complete 500 Commissions 25
Harvester I Achieve farming level V 5
II Achieve farming level X 5
III Achieve farming level XV 10
IV Achieve farming level XX 10
V Achieve farming level XXV 15
Minion Lover I [Coop or you] Craft 10 unique minions 5
II [Coop or you] Craft 25 unique minions 10
III [Coop or you] Craft 100 unique minions 15
IV [Coop or you] Craft 250 unique minions 20
V [Coop or you] Craft 500 unique minions 25
People Pleaser I Serve 5 Total Visitors in The Garden 5
II Serve 25 Total Visitors in The Garden 10
III Serve 100 Total Visitors in The Garden 15
IV Serve 250 Total Visitors in The Garden 20
V Serve 500 Total Visitors in The Garden 25
Slayer I Get 10k Slayer exp 5
II Get 50k Slayer exp 10
III Get 100k Slayer exp 15
IV Get 250k Slayer exp 20
V Get 500k Slayer exp 25
Treasure Hunter I Find 10 Secrets in dungeons 5
II Find 50 Secrets in dungeons 10
III Find 100 Secrets in dungeons 15
IV Find 250 Secrets in dungeons 20
V Find 1000 Secrets in dungeons 25
Treasury I Unlock 10 Collections 5
II Unlock 20 Collections 10
III Unlock 30 Collections 15
IV Unlock 40 Collections 20
V Unlock 50 Collections 25


  • SkyBlock is the second PTL game to receive Achievements, and the only PTL game to receive Achievements that reward Achievement Points.
  • Deep Caverns is the first island to get music, added in the v0.7 update.
  • According to Admins, SkyBlock started as an idea on April 12, 2017.

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