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SkyWars Lobby Info Board

Our take on the Skywars game-mode - featuring the Angel of Death. Each player/team spawns on its own island and the aim is to be the last player or team alive. Kill players using a weapon or knock them off. With each kill, you will be rewarded with a soul. You can use souls to unlock many kits and perks to improve your game experience.

SkyWars is a survival game on the Hypixel Network released on June 14, 2015.


In SkyWars, players spawn on islands that contain chests with loot inside. Players can loot the chests to get tools, armor, projectiles, and other items. These items can be used to battle other players, who will drop their own loot when killed. There are also stronger loot chests in the middle of the map, which contain stronger tools, enchanted armor, and other more frequent items. Chests can refill twice, with the first refill making strong items stronger or more frequent, and the second refill placing ender pearls in every chest. A Doom event will happen after the second refill, which spawns Ender Dragons to attack players until either one player remains or time runs out.



Normal mode is the basic SkyWars mode playable in Solo/Doubles forms. Chests contain weaker armor, with spawn chests usually having leather, chainmail, gold or iron armour, stone swords, sharpened stone swords, iron swords, and unenchanted bows. Middle chest loot contains enchanted diamond helmets and boots, enchanted iron chestplate and leggings, 1-2 ender pearls, 1-3 golden apples, weaker knockback rods and mixtures of TNT, flint and steel, lava buckets and more.


Insane mode is Hypixel's unique SkyWars take in Solo/Doubles forms. It contains stronger items and kits, with iron and diamond armour and swords. Middle chest loot has stronger variants of items like the knockback rod. Middle chests also contain more amounts of ender pearls and such and you may receive up to 16 ender pearls and 30 golden apples from all of the loot. Instead of iron chestplates, in insane mode you can find enchanted diamond chestplates in middle chests, as well as helmets and boots, but no leggings.


Mega SkyWars is a teams mode consisting of 100 players in teams of 5. Loot is similar to that of Insane mode, though with loot in the middle having slightly weaker enchantments. Mega SkyWars has unique tiered kits and perks available in the lobby shop.

On August 9, 2022, Mega SkyWars was removed as a regular gamemode, however it is still accessable on weekends from 12pm-6pm American EST.

Mega Doubles[]

Mega Doubles is a smaller version of Mega SkyWars released on June 5, 2018.[2] It has teams of 2 instead of teams of 5, and lobbies only fill to a maximum of 40 players. It uses the same maps, kits, and loot as Mega SkyWars. The intention of this mode was to fill mega lobbies faster. This mode of SkyWars is currently not accessible.


Ranked SkyWars was a 1v1v1v1 mode that ranked players monthly with rating based on their wins/losses. The mode had unique kits and perks that were all fully unlocked and upgraded for everyone. The mode lasted 76 monthly seasons between its release on April 7, 2022 and its removal on August 1, 2022.


The Laboratory is a collection of experimental game modes all based on the original SkyWars, though with several added twists. These modes used to rotate weekly, however on August 9, 2022 the only public Laboratory game available to play is Lucky Block mode. All of the other modes (Rush, TNT Madness etc.) are not available for public games, but are available to play in a party with private games enabled.


There are various maps created for SkyWars listed on SkyWars/Maps.

Kits & Perks[]

Kits & Perks is a menu in the SkyWars shop for each mode in SkyWars. Modes with unique kits and perks include Normal, Insane, and Mega modes. Kits can be rolled in the Soul Well for all modes or purchased with prices varying by rarity, though Mega SkyWars has tiered kits that can be upgraded for better items.


Cosmetics are visual gameplay effects released on January 11, 2018.[3] They can be obtained from Loot Chests, Ranked SkyWars, Angel's Descent, or from the Shopkeeper using Tokens. Cosmetics can be chosen from in the "My Cosmetics" menu and be activated for use in-game.


Tokens are a currency directed exclusively towards cosmetics. They are obtained through Token quests or through duplicate drops in Loot Chests. They can be used to directly purchase cosmetics in the shop, which have increasing prices depending on their rarity. Common cosmetics are 5,000 Tokens, Rare cosmetics are 10,000, Epic are 25,000, and Legendary are 100,000.

Loot Chests[]

Loot Chests are cosmetic boxes that drop cosmetic or Token drops when opened. Loot Chests are obtained from the Weekly "Free Loot Chest" quest, or from seasonal events. When opened, Loot Chests will drop three items consisting of either cosmetics or bags of Tokens. Duplicate cosmetics will reward 10% of their shop price in Tokens.

Seasonal Loot Chests[]

Seasonal Loot Chests are special Loot Chests available exclusively during seasonal events. They have a chance of granting exclusive seasonal cosmetics that are usually only available during their event period. In SkyWars, Seasonal Loot Chests can only be obtained once from the Shopkeeper during each event or through the Hypixel Store.

As of 2021, Lunar Loot Chests have been phased out. Lunar cosmetics are now available in the shop and regular Loot Chests year-round.

Name Release Date
Lunar Loot Chests January 21, 2020[4]
Easter Loot Chests April 1, 2018[5]
Spooky Loot Chests October 4, 2019[6]
Merry Loot Chests December 2, 2019[7]

Leveling System[]

Sw exp reqs

level requirements

Levels are a system introduced to SkyWars on December 18, 2018.[8] They act similar to Bed Wars levels, though with several changes in level requirements and earning experience. Levels are advanced through SkyWars Experience earned by killing players or winning games. Each level after 12 requires 10k XP to advance to the next level, and players achieve a new prestige every five levels. There are 11 prestiges, not including 1-4 star (since it is not a prestige yet) and 100+ star, where bolded characters are introduced (note that it is not a prestige, despite changing the appearance of the prefix slightly).

  • 5-9: Iron Prestige (White)
  • 10-14: Gold Prestige (Gold)
  • 15-19: Diamond Prestige (Aqua)
  • 20-24: Emerald Prestige (Green)
  • 25-29: Sapphire Prestige (Dark Aqua)
  • 30-34: Ruby Prestige (Dark Red)
  • 35-39: Crystal Prestige (Light Purple)
  • 40-44: Opal Prestige (Blue)
  • 45-49: Amethyst Prestige (Dark Purple)
  • 50-59: Rainbow Prestige (Rainbow)
  • 60: Mythic Prestige (Obfuscated Brackets)

Soul Well[]


Soul Well in the current lobby during the 2020 Easter event.

The Soul Well is an item-earning system in the SkyWars lobby. Players can roll the Soul Well using Souls obtained from killing players, winning games, or from The Delivery Man's daily rewards. Each roll costs 10-50 souls depending on the slots toggled for each use. Players could purchase Double Fortune for the Soul Well with 1,000 Hypixel Credits, though Double Fortune is now always active. Rewards from the Soul Well consist of kits and perks for all modes except Ranked SkyWars. Bags of SkyWars coins in varying sizes are also available. Soul upgrades can also be purchased with SkyWars coins to obtain or hold more souls when playing SkyWars.

Soul Upgrades[]

Name Description Cost (Coins)
Hire: Warlock Hire a Warlock to go to battle and harvest 5 Souls for you. 600
Hire: Necromancer Hire a Necromancer to go to battle and harvest 10 Souls for you. 1,000
Hire: Death God Hire a Death God to go to battle and harvest 50 Souls for you. 4,500
Xezbeth Luck Get 1 / 2 / 3 extra souls on win. 2,500 / 5,000 / 7,500
Harvesting Season Increase the maximum number of souls you can have to 130 / 160 / 190 / 220 / 250. 50,000 / 100,000 / 150,000 / 200,000 / 250,000

Angel of Death offerings[]

Players can make offerings containing large sums of coins to the Angel of Death at the Soul Well to increase their chance of triggering a corrupted game in Solo/Doubles modes. Corrupted games drop the heads of players in a game, which increase in SkyWars Experience based on the main kills a defeated player has, and also adds them to a personal head collection that can be used to unlock exclusive Mythical Kits. Corrupted game chances can be upgraded 1% at a time, increasing in price each time and giving a special prestige icon for each upgrade.

Angel's Descent[]

Placement of the New Menu

Angel's Descent Icon

Angel's Descent is an end-game reward system released on July 27, 2020.[9] It is created as an advanced upgrade route for experienced players which gives new cosmetics, buffs, and perks. The menu is accessed through the Soul Well within the Prismarine Shard in the center. Players progress through this system by collecting excess Souls from a full Soul Well and extracting them into Opals.


Shards were an advanced currency stepping up from Souls. They could only be obtained when a player has a full Soul inventory with a maxed Harvesting Season upgrade. Players would gain 10-20 Shards on kill if they meet the Soul prerequisites, with a chance to get a lucky kill for 100 Shards. More Shards could be obtained through the Grand Slam upgrade, which gives Shards on win, and the Shard Seeker upgrade, which increased the overall shards able to be obtained in one game. Gaining 20,000 Shards would generate an Opal and reset the progress.

In August 2022, Shards were removed to give the game less currencies to be easier to understood by newer players. You now require 1,000 Souls to gain an Opal.


Opals are the main currency for unlocks in Angel's Descent. They are automatically formed upon first entering a lobby after obtaining 20,000 Shards and can be used anytime. Opals are used to unlock and upgrade rewards of Angel's Descent, including cosmetics, bonuses, and perks.


Rewards and perks are unlocked through the Angel's Descent menu. They are laid out in a road-like fashion where the previous reward must be unlocked to access the reward after. Rewards have increasing SkyWars Level requirements as they advance, starting with SkyWars Level 10 for the starting Avarice upgrade. The total amount of Opals required to complete Angel's Descent is 192 Opals.

Upgrades, perks, cosmetics, and kit retrieved from [GUIDE] Angel's Descent.


Upgrades are passive bonuses to earning currencies during regular gameplay. They can usually be tiered up for an increase of the same bonus, and usually either take effect in specific scenarios or are always active.

Name Perk Opals and Tiers SkyWars Level
Avarice +5% base SkyWars Coins per tier 5 tiers of 1 Opal/tier 10
Grand Slam Gain an extra 20 Shards per tier when you win a game 3 tiers of 1 Opal/tier 11
Shard Seeker Gain an extra 2% shards per tier at the end of the game 5 tiers of 1 Opal/tier 14
Midas' Gift You will gain 1 extra coin (per tier) when you get a lucky shard kill 4 tiers of 1 Opal/tier 21
Angel's Offering Extra 1% corruption chance 1 purchase of 5 Opals 22
First Blood The 1st kill in every game gives you 2x the coins 1 purchase of 1 Opal 26
Corrupted Coinage Corrupted games give an extra 100% coins per tier 2 tiers of 3 Opals/tier 32


Perks are minor in-game advantages during regular gameplay. They all give positive bonuses or items to the player and are a mix of tiers and one-time purchases, the latter usually costing several Opals.

Name Perk Opals/Tiers SkyWars Level
Tenacity Heal 0.5 Hearts on Kill 1 purchase of 1 Opal 12
Meticulous Miner +2% chance per tier to make ores produce double drops 5 tiers of 1 Opal/tier 16
Hide and Seek Receive a compass 10 seconds (per tier) before the first chest refill 3 tiers of 2 Opals/tier 17
Fortune Teller Every level 2+ enchant on Armor guarantees Protection 1. Every level 2+ enchant on Swords guarantees Sharpness 1 1 purchase of 2 Opals 27
Fireproof +1 second (per tier) of fire resistance on kill 3 tiers of 3 Opals per tier 31
Luckier Charm Add an extra 1% chance (per tier) of getting a Golden Apple on kill 3 tiers of 2 Opals/tier 36
Apothecary Extends Positive potion effects by 10% 1 purchase of 4 Opals 37
Fruit Finder The first Middle Chest you open is guaranteed to have a golden apple 1 purchase of 10 Opals 41
Ender End Game +10% chance of getting an Ender Pearl on chest refills 1 purchase of 5 Opals 42
Librarian Gain a 10% chance on kill to get a Power 1, Protection 1, or Sharpness 1 book 1 purchase of 10 Opals 46
Sorcerer's Spell Adds an extra 1% chance (per tier) to the Black Magic perk 5 tiers of 4 Opals/tier 46
Smarty Pants Mining Iron, Gold, and Diamonds yields a small amount of experience 1 purchase of 2 Opals 53
Diamond in the Rough You have a 1% chance (per tier) to get a diamond on kill 5 tiers of 2 Opals/tier 55
Telekinesis Mined ores go straight into your inventory 1 purchase of 5 Opals 61


Cosmetics are unique visual effects similar to those in the Cosmetic Shop. These cosmetics are exclusive to Angel's Descent and behave the same as other cosmetics in their categories.

Name Description Opals Level
King’s Projectile Trail Show off like a True King with this amazing Projectile Trail 1 11
Omega Prestige Icon Show off your Angel's Descent progress with this cool looking, Greek inspired prestige icon (Ω) 2 15
Vaporized Kill Effect When killing a player they will vaporize leaving behind a cloud that is the same color as your prestige 3 20
Flex Kill Messages Flex your might with these braggadocious kill messages 4 25
Piston Cage Show off your redstone prowess with this crazy cage! 5 30
Super Sheep Victory Dance A Super Sheep will spawn and carry you across the map when you win a game 6 35
Fallen Angel Cloak Showcase your Level and Prestige with this awesome Cloak, available in all lobbies 7 40
Purple Tornado A purple tornado will appear when you kill a player 8 45
Rainbow Kill Messages DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY! 9 50
Balancing Act Cage Dominate the Skies with a Powerful tower of colourful blocks! 10 60


An exclusive kit available at the end of the Angel's Descent for Solo/Doubles.

  • Archeologist
    • "A homage to 5 Amazing years of SkyWars."
    • Legionnaire's Chestplate (Iron Chestplate, Protection 1), Blazing Potion (Fire Resistance 0:30, Speed 0:30), Red Socks (Leather, Protection 2), Potion of Hearts (Instant Health), Simple Fishing Rod (Unbreaking X, Luck of the Sea 3)
    • 1 purchase of 13 Opals
    • SkyWars Level Required: 61

Quests Master[]


Type Title Description Rewards
Daily Skywars Solo Win Win a game in Solo Mode 3,000 Hypixel Experience
1,500 SkyWars Coins
1 Soul
Skywars Solo Kills Kill 15 players in Solo Mode 3,000 Hypixel Experience
1,500 SkyWars Coins
1 Soul
Skywars Doubles Win Win a game in Doubles Mode 3,000 Hypixel Experience
1,500 SkyWars Coins
1 Soul
Skywars Doubles Kills Kill 15 players in Doubles Mode 3,000 Hypixel Experience
1,500 SkyWars Coins
1 Soul
Skywars Lab Win Win a game in the Skywars Laboratory 3,000 Hypixel Experience
750 SkyWars Coins
3 Souls
Skywars Corrupted Win Win a corrupted game 3,000 Hypixel Experience
750 SkyWars Coins
3 Souls
Tokens! Kill 10 players in Solo or Team Mode 2,000 Tokens
Weekly Skywars Weekly Kills Kill a total of 150 players in any mode 18,000 Hypixel Experience
5,000 SkyWars Coins
3 Souls
Skywars Scientist Win 10 games in any lab mode 10,000 Hypixel Experience
3,500 SkyWars Coins
5 Souls
Free Loot Chest Win 3 games in Solo or Team Mode 1 SkyWars Loot Chest
4,000 Tokens


Title Description Rewards
Feeding the Void Challenge Kill 2 players by knocking them into the Void in a single match. 3,360 Hypixel Experience
Rush Challenge Be the first player to open a middle chest. 3,360 Hypixel Experience
Ranked Challenge Kill 3 players in a single Ranked Mode match. 3,360 Hypixel Experience
Enderman Challenge Have a total of 8 Enderpearls inside your inventory. 3,360 Hypixel Experience


There are 133 Achievements in SkyWars, giving a total of 1,580 Achievement Points.


Name Description Points
2Fast3Furious Get a kill in the first 10 seconds of the game 10
3; 2; 1; GO Be the first player to open a chest 5
Archer Challenge Win a game doing the Archer Challenge 5
Attention Seeking Have a bounty placed on you in Lucky Block Mode 10
Baller! Get 2 snowball kills in one game 5
Challenge Master Win a game while doing 7 or more SkyWars Challenges 15
Challenge Pro Win a game while doing 3 or more SkyWars Challenges 10
Corruption Lord Win a Corrupted game 5
Criminal Use the robbery perk to drop an item from another player 10
Ender Party Have a corrupted, time warp, and normal ender pearl in your inventory at the same time 5
Enderdragon Play a Game with an Enderdragon 10
Fist of Fury! Kill someone with your bare hands 10
Gapple! Eat a Golden Apple 10
Going Ham Win a game of solo SkyWars having 8 or more kills 5
Gone Fishing Get a Fishing Rod kill 5
Gotcha! Kill someone while you have less than 1 heart left 10
Half Health Challenge Win a game doing the Half Health Challenge 5
Happy Meal Obtain a Divine Head or better 10
Hasta la Vista Punch someone into the void with a punch bow 5
Is this a Portal game? Obtain a stack of ender pearls 5
Kill Streak Get 5 kills in 15 seconds 10
Killstolen Get 5 assists in a single game of SkyWars 10
Kit Connoisseur Win a game of solo normal/insane SkyWars with every single kit 15
LEGENDARY!!! Obtain a Legendary item in the Soul Well or by purchasing one from the shop 10
Lucky Souls Obtain 5 Mega Perks 5
Max Perk! Max out a tiered perk 10
Max Soul Well Max out the capacity on your soul well 10
Mega Warrior Kill 20 players in a single Mega game or 12 players in a single Mega Doubles game 10
Mob Spawner Spawn a mob 5
Mythical Unlock a Mythic Kit 5
Nick Cage Unlock Nicolas Cage 15
No Block Challenge Win a game doing the No Block Challenge 5
No Chest Challenge Win a Mega game without opening any chest 10
No Chest Challenge Win a game doing the No Chest Challenge 5
Now I'm Enchanted! Enchant a Diamond Sword 10
Peacemaker Win a game without killing anyone 10
Playing it safe Win a game of Lucky Block Mode while only opening Insane Lucky Blocks 10
RNG Win a game using a random kit 5
Rookie Challenge Win a game doing the Rookie Challenge 5
Shiny Stuff Wear a full Diamond set of armor 10
Skewered Kill a player by pricking them to death with a cactus 10
Slow and steady wins the race Win a game using the sloth kit 10
Sniper Get 30 bow hits in one game 10
So much choice Use the map selector 5
Sold Your Soul Make a donation to the Angel of Death 5
Solo warrior Win a Mega game while joining without a party 10
Speed Runner Win a Mega game before the last chest refill 10
Teamwork Win a Mega game with all your teammates alive 5
Teamwork makes the dream work Win a game of teams SkyWars with 15 or more kills across your team 5
The Angel's Journey Complete the Angel's Descent 25
The siege Get the final kill of a game in your spawn island 10
Touch of Death! Knock someone into the void with a single punch 10
Trolololololol Win a game with the Troll Kit 5
UHC Challenge Win a game doing the UHC Challenge 5
Uh oh... Spawn the mystery mob using the zookeeper kit 15
Ultimate Warrior Challenge Win a game doing the Ultimate Warrior Challenge 5
Well, well Use the Soul Well 5
Who needs teammates? Summon a skeleton and a blaze 5


Name Tier Description Points
Cage Hoarder I Unlock 1 cage 5
II Unlock 5 cages 10
III Unlock 10 cages 15
IV Unlock 15 cages 20
V Unlock 20 cages 25
Head Hoarder I Gather 5 Heads 5
II Gather 25 Heads 10
III Gather 100 Heads 15
IV Gather 250 Heads 20
V Gather 1,000 Heads 25
Kit Hoarder (Insane) I Unlock 1 Insane kit 5
II Unlock 5 Insane kits 10
III Unlock 10 Insane kits 15
IV Unlock 15 Insane kits 20
Kit Hoarder (Mega) I Unlock 1 Mega kit 5
II Unlock 5 Mega kits 10
III Unlock 10 Mega kits 15
Kit Hoarder (Normal) I Unlock 1 Normal kit 5
II Unlock 5 Normal kits 10
III Unlock 10 Normal kits 15
IV Unlock 15 Normal kits 20
Mega Killer I Kill 50 players in Mega mode 5
II Kill 250 players in Mega mode 10
III Kill 1,000 players in Mega mode 15
IV Kill 5,000 players in Mega mode 20
V Kill 10,000 players in Mega mode 25
Mega Winner I Win 10 games in Mega mode 5
II Win 50 games in Mega mode 10
III Win 100 games in Mega mode 15
IV Win 250 games in Mega mode 20
V Win 500 games in Mega mode 25
New Day, New Challenge I Complete 10 in-game challenges 5
II Complete 25 in-game challenges 10
III Complete 50 in-game challenges 15
IV Complete 100 in-game challenges 20
V Complete 200 in-game challenges 25
Opal Obsession I Earn 2 Opals 5
II Earn 4 Opals 10
III Earn 6 Opals 15
IV Earn 8 Opals 20
V Earn 20 Opals 25
Scientist I Win 10 games in any Lab modes 5
II Win 50 games in any Lab modes 10
III Win 100 games in any Lab modes 15
IV Win 500 games in any Lab modes 20
V Win 1,000 games in any Lab modes 25
Solo Killer I Kill 50 players in Solo mode 5
II Kill 250 players in Solo mode 10
III Kill 1,000 players in Solo mode 15
IV Kill 5,000 players in Solo mode 20
V Kill 10,000 players in Solo mode 25
Solo Winner I Win 10 games in Solo mode 5
II Win 50 games in Solo mode 10
III Win 100 games in Solo mode 15
IV Win 500 games in Solo mode 20
V Win 1,200 games in Solo mode 25
Team Killer I Kill 50 players in Team mode 5
II Kill 250 players in Team mode 10
III Kill 1,000 players in Team mode 15
IV Kill 5,000 players in Team mode 20
V Kill 10,000 players in Team mode 25
Team Winner I Win 10 games in Team mode 5
II Win 50 games in Team mode 10
III Win 100 games in Team mode 15
IV Win 500 games in Team mode 20
V Win 1,200 games in Team mode 25
Tonic Taker I Brew the Angel's Brewery 1 time 5
II Brew the Angel's Brewery 5 times 10
III Brew the Angel's Brewery 25 times 15
IV Brew the Angel's Brewery 50 times 20
V Brew the Angel's Brewery 100 times 25
You're a Star I Reach SkyWars level 3 5
II Reach SkyWars level 6 10
III Reach SkyWars level 9 15
IV Reach SkyWars level 12 20
V Reach SkyWars level 15 25


There are 7 Legacy Achievements in SkyWars, which are not obtainable anymore, giving a total of 65 Legacy Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Ashes to Ashes Begin harvesting Shards 5
Fear me mortals Max out a Mega Kit 15
Max Perk! Max out a tiered perk 10
Money well spent! Get Lucky Charm to level 20 15
Paper Challenge Win a game doing the Paper Challenge 5
Speed Run Win a Ranked game in less than a minute 10
Well deserved Gain a reward from a Ranked Season 5


  • The maximum amount of SkyWars experience obtainable in one game is 341, requiring 22 kills in a corrupted Doubles game with every player having a "Heavenly!" head and winning with the "Favor of the Angel" Tournament perk.
  • The maximum amount of Shards obtainable in one game is 10516, requiring 95 lucky kills in a Mega SkyWars game with maxed Shard Seek and Grand Slam perks.
  • Ranked SkyWars and Mega SkyWars games cannot be corrupt games.