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Full Disco Suit

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Collect and wear all the pieces from a specific suit while in a lobby to gain unique effects!

Suits are 4-pieced gear sets that give a unique effect to the wearer when all is worn. There are 120 pieces which make up 30 suits. Majority of the pieces can be found upon opening various mystery boxes, getting reward cards, others can be found by reaching a Gift Milestone. 

(Suit) Name Description Full Set Ability How to Obtain
Frog Super High Jump. Mystery Box or Mystery Dust
Ninja  Click to throw a Ninja Shuriken!
Speedster Sprint to run extremely fast.
Ghostly Skeleton Makes the wearer invisible under the suit!
Disco  Changes Colors when equipped!
Mermaid Transform into a beautiful squid when under water.
Spooderman Click to swing around lobbies!
Warrior Left click and look down to Ground Slam, or look ahead to to Seismic Wave.
Necromancer Click to raise the dead.
Thor Click to strike lightning.
Death Angel Click any player to lock on, chasing them around the lobby.
Baker Click to deliver baked goods around the lobby.
Bumblebee This suit will play a classical song when you fly (requires VIP) or left-click!
Firefighter Click to spray water.
Plumber Click to throw fireballs.
Ice Walker Absorb heat and chill the world around you by walking.
Vampire Transform into a bat when you fly. Halloween Mystery Boxes
Dragon Breath Click to breathe fire on your foes! Summer Mystery Boxes
Pirate Click to sail around in a boat.
TNT Click to throw a bomb!
Wolf Princess Click to summon your wolf pack!
Solar Power Suit drains as you move around. Click to recharge!
Soccer Click to spawn a soccer ball, which you can kick around!
Santa Click to deliver presents! Holiday Mystery Boxes
Toy Soldier Click to play the drums!
Suprise Gift Click to disguise yourself as a present that other players can unwrap. Reach the 50 Gift Milestone 
Treasure Hunter Search lobbies to collect ancient golden treasures. Found in Reward Cards
Costume  The suit rapidly changes to different spooky outfits. Halloween Mystery Boxes
New Year's Celebration Punch to set off a firework. Holiday Mystery Boxes
Grinch Punch to spawn presents that turn into coal.


None or not all of this section has been agreed upon by the Hypixel Team, therefore all of these may not be entirely correct. In addition, this section may not be complete.

  • The Frog Suit is a reference to the "rare pepe" meme.
  • The Speedster Suit is akin to DC Comic's The Flash.
  • The Death Angel Suit is similar to Doctor Who's Weeping Angels.
  • The Plumber Suit is a direct reference to Nintendo's Mario.
  • The Ice Walker Suit's description is referencing Disney's Frozen.
  • The Wolf Princess Suit is a direct reference to Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke
  • The TNT Suit is a reference to the Bomberman series of games
  • The Mermaid Suit’s description is a reference to Disney’s The Little Mermaid
  • The Spooderman Suit is a parody of Marvel’s Spider-Man
  • The Soccer Suit’s description references Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, two famous soccer players.


  • Due to the advantages suits may give, you cannot do lobby parkour while doing it even if it doesn’t give speed or jump boost.