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The TNT Games


The TNT Games Lobby Info Board

The TNT Games is a collection of small, original TNT-based minigames in an arcade-style, quick, fun, and not very competitive. There are 5 TNT Games and a TNT Games Duels gamemode.

The TNT Games[]

TNT Games Shop[]

TNT Games Shop


Particles spawn around the player during any TNT game, which will override any particle effects from a hat. Some particles require a rank to purchase.

Name Cost (TNT Tokens) Rank
None Free
Crayon 100,000 [MVP+]
Enchantment 35,000 [VIP]
Firework 15,000 [VIP]
Flame 10,000 [VIP]
Golden 175,000 [MVP+]
Emeralds 75,000 [VIP+]
Hearts 125,000 [MVP]
Lava 10,000
Magic 25,000 [VIP]
Music 150,000 [MVP+]
Portal 100,000 [VIP+]
Rainbow 200,000 [MVP+]
Redstone 50,000 [VIP+]
Slime 10,000
Snow 35,000 [VIP]
Water 10,000

Death Effects[]

Particles or a special display will appear upon death in TNT Tag and TNT Wizards. Some death effects require a rank to purchase.

Name Description Cost (TNT Tokens) Rank
None Selecting this option disables your Death Effect. Free
Firework Spawn a creeper-shaped firework. 2,000 [VIP]
Lightning Strike Wake up thor. 2,000
Creeper Spawn an actual creeper. 4,000 [VIP]
Heart Aura Send lots of love. 4,000
Blood Explosion Explode with blood. 4,000
TNT Send TNT flying around you. 6,000 [VIP+]
Wither Send wither skulls flying around you. 6,000 [VIP+]
Squid Missile Spawn a fellow companion. 6,000
Beef Everywhere Explosion of beef! 10,000
Cookie Fountain Let cookies sprinkle out of you. 15,000
Its [sic] Raining Gold Rain gold upon you. 25,000
Halloweeny Feel the spook. 25,000
Experience Orb Make it rain experience on top of the corpse. 50,000
Snowplosion Explode into snowballs, splattering snow everywhere. 50,000
Final Smash Smash out of the world. 100,000
Piñata Killing an enemy will make them explode like a Piñata. 100,000
Rising Dragon A fiery dragon rises from the ashes of your battles. 150,000
Royalty Die as you lived! 75,000
Eggsplosion Spawn a bunch of easter Eggs. Easter Event Shop

Double Jumps[]

Particle effects will appear beneath the player when they double jump in TNT Run, PVP Run, Bow Spleef, and TNT Wizards.

Name Cost (TNT Tokens)
None Free
Smoke 5,000
Damage 15,000
Potion 15,000
Emerald 25,000
Random 75,000
Music 200,000
Flame 50,000
Magic 60,000
Portal 70,000
Snow 80,000
Rainbow 100,000
Diamond Rain 100,000
Bloodthirsty 100,000
Golden Rain 250,000
Partygoer 250,000
Easter Egg Easter Event Shop
Chilled Holidays Event Shop
Slime Tournament Hall (100 Tributes)


A block, head, or helmet will be worn by the player in any TNT game except actual helmets in PVP Run, where they are disabled. Some hats require a rank to purchase, and other more expensive hats require previous hats to upgrade.

Name Type Cost (TNT Tokens) Rank Requirements
Summer Hat Regular 900
Winter Hat Regular 900
Scholar's Cap Regular 900 [MVP]
Steve Hat Regular 1,000 [MVP+]
Halloween Hat Halloween 1,000 Halloween Only
Creeper Head Hat Regular 1,200
Zombie Skull Hat Regular 1,200
Skeleton Skull Hat Regular 1,200
Wither Skull Hat Regular 1,200
Baker's Hat Ranked 1,200 [VIP+]
Luminous Hat Ranked 1,200 [VIP+]
Polar Bear Hat Regular 1,500
Koala Hat Regular 1,500
Bird Hat Regular 1,500
Bee Hat Regular 1,500
Clownfish Hat Regular 1,500
Burger Hat Regular 1,500
Monitor Hat Regular 1,500
Scotland Hat Ranked 1,500 [VIP]
Canada Hat Ranked 1,500 [VIP]
Miner's Hat Ranked 1,500 [VIP]
Desert Hat Ranked 1,500 [VIP]
Lumberjack Hat Ranked 1,500 [VIP]
Goldigger Hat Ranked 1,500 [VIP+]
Banker's Draught Hat Ranked 1,500 [VIP+]
Batter's Helmet Ranked 1,800 [VIP]
The Milkman Hat Ranked 1,800 [VIP]
The Superfan Hat Ranked 1,800 [VIP]
The Attendant Hat Ranked 1,800 [VIP]
Egyptian Queen Hat Regular 2,000
Fox Hat Regular 2,000
Rainbow Glitch Hat Regular 2,000
Over The Rainbow Hat Ranked 2,000 [VIP+]
Frying Pan Hat Ranked 2,000 [VIP+]
Spaceman Helmet Ranked 2,000 [VIP+]
Treasure Hat Magnificent 10,000
Bounty Hat Magnificent 10,000
Hat Of Undeniable Wealth And Respect Magnificent 50,000 Bounty and Treasure Hats
Lapis Hat Ranked 100,000 [VIP+] Treasure Hat
Nature Hat Ranked 200,000 [VIP+]
King's Crown Royal 333,333 Bounty or Treasure Hat
Nobility Hat Extraordinary 500,000 King's Crown
Magic Hat Regular 500,000 Nobility Hat
Luxurious Hat Extraordinary 666,666 Nobility Hat
Explosive Cap Extraordinary 750,000 Luxurious Hat
Moolah Hat Extraordinary 888,888 Explosive Cap
Master Hat Master 1,000,000 2,000 wins in a single TNT game
Grand Master Hat Grand Master 1,000,000 150 wins in all TNT games
Final Hat Extraordinary 1,111,111 Moolah Hat
Candy Cane Hat Seasonal Holidays Quest
Cheese Hat Seasonal Lunar New Year Quest
Thick Ice Hat Seasonal Holidays Event Shop

Void Messages[]

A special message will be sent in chat when the player dies in TNT Run, PVP Run, and Bow Spleef. Some void messages require a rank to purchase.

Name Message Cost (TNT Tokens) Rank
None Free
<player1> painted all over the void.
<player2> painted a nice picture of <player1> falling into the void.
10,000 [VIP]
Losing The Bet
<player1> lost a bet so they had to jump into the void.
<player2> won a bet against <player1> and made them jump into the void.
Black Hole
<player1> was pulled into a black hole.
<player2> thew <player1> into a black hole.
<player1> got their boogie on.
<player2> boogied down with <player1>.
Call of the Void
<player1> answered the call of the void.
<player2> caused <player1> to miss their jump.
Dark Side
<player1> joined the dark side.
<player2> recruited <player1> to the dark side.
5,000 [VIP]
Eaten by the Void
<player1> was eaten by the void.
<player2> caused <player1> to be eaten by the void.
Void Fighter
<player1> has lost their duel against the void.
<player2> teamed with the void to kill <player1>.
Fried Chicken
<player1> was turned to fried chicken.
<player2> deep fried <player1>.
40,000 [MVP]
<player1> fell out of love.
<player1> struck out with <player2>.
25,000 [VIP+]
<player1> became hypnotized.
<player2> hypnotized <player1>.
15,000 [VIP]
<player1> missed their jump.
<player2> caused <player1> to miss their jump.
<player1> was sent to jail.
<player2> locked <player1> up in jail.
Pro Enough
<player1> wasn't pro enough and fell into the void.
<player2> was better than <player1>.
Tournament Hall (50 Tributes)
<player1> was spleefed.
<player2> spleefed <player1>.
Staring Contest
<player1> lost their staring contest against the void.
<player2> stared at <player1> until they fell into the void.
<player1> tripped and fell down.
<player2> tripped <player1>.
<player1> jumped into the void on purpose.
<player2> pranked <player1> and told them the void makes you win.
<player1> took a nice trip through the void.
<player2> gave <player1> a discount to go visit the void.
10,000 [VIP]
<player1> was yeeted into the void.
<player2> yeeted <player1> into the void.
50,000 [MVP]
Spooky Season
<player1> got scared and fell!
<player2> spooked <player1>!
<player1> went to go and celebrate!
<player2> ruined <player1>'s holidays!
Mental Boom
<player1> decided they'd had enough and quit!
<player2> made <player1> so mad they left!
<player1> decided to give everyone else a chance.
<player2> probably has less wins than <player1>!
<player1> made a rare mistake!
<player2> got lucky and defeated <player1>.
<player1> died for the #???th time.
<player2> gave <player1> their #???th death.
<player1> went to go relax by the pool.
<player2> sent <player1> on a trip to the beach.
Summer Event Shop

Arrow Trails[]

A special cosmetic trail will follow arrows in Bow Spleef.

Name Cost (TNT Tokens)
None Free
Angry 50,000
Emerald 2,500
Ender 25,000
Fire 100,000
Golden 7,500
Hearts 30,000
Lava 50,000
Magic 150,000
Music 250,000
Rainbow 275,000
Slime 2,500
Black Smoke 1,000
Water 175,000
White Smoke 1,000
Let There Be Leather 25,000
Twirling Snowflakes 175,000
DNA 175,000
Twin Dragon 300,000
Cheese Lunar New Year Quest
Sparkler Summer Event Shop


A custom set of armor will be worn by the player in TNT Tag.

Name Cost (TNT Tokens)
Soldier Suit 250
Elite Suit 500
Majestic Suit 1,250
Commander Suit 1,250
Marine Suit 3,500
SWAT Suit 5,500
Spec Ops Suit 7,500
Invader Suit 12,500
Revenge Suit 15,000
Space Suit 17,500
Slime Suit 25,000
Snow Suit 35,000
Fashonista Suit 55,000
Medieval Suit 75,000
Budder Suit 100,000
Shiny Suit 125,000
TNT Suit 250,000
Sunrise Suit 250,000
Ocean Suit 250,000
Disco Suit 500,000
Pastel Suit 500,000

Alternate Effects[]

A special effect different from the default effect will be displayed when using abilities in TNT Wizards. All effects require the player to get 5,000 kills with the desired wizard type to unlock.

Type Cost (TNT Tokens) Requirements
Fire Wizard 100,000 5,000 Fire Wizard kills
Ice Wizard 100,000 5,000 Ice Wizard kills
Wither Wizard 100,000 5,000 Wither Wizard kills
Kinetic Wizard 100,000 5,000 Kinetic Wizard kills
Blood Wizard 100,000 5,000 Blood Wizard kills
Toxic Wizard 100,000 5,000 Toxic Wizard kills
Hydro Wizard 100,000 5,000 Hydro Wizard kills
Ancient Wizard 100,000 5,000 Ancient Wizard kills
Storm Wizard 100,000 5,000 Storm Wizard kills
Arcane Wizard 100,000 5,000 Arcane Wizard kills


Within every game on the Hypixel Network, there are quests that you can complete to gain coins and experience (XP) Quests can be found at the Quest Master in the lobby, and are started by clicking on them, unless you are MVP+ or above, which automatically starts quests.

Quest Master

Skin.Quest Master
Quest Type Game Task Reward
Daily All Win a game in any of the TNT games 2500 XP

2000 coins

Weekly All Play 20 of the TNT games 15000 XP

11000 coins

Daily TNT Run Walk over 500 blocks 1800 XP

1000 coins

Weekly TNT Run Walk over 2000 blocks 6000 XP

5000 coins

Daily PVP Run Kill 3 players 1800 XP

1000 coins

Weekly PVP Run Kill 25 players 6000 XP

5000 coins

Daily Bow Spleef Survive longer than 40 players 1800 XP

1000 coins

Weekly Bow Spleef Survive longer than 200 players 6000 XP

5000 coins

Daily TNT Tag Survive 7 rounds 1800 XP

1000 coins

Weekly TNT Tag Survive 50 rounds 6000 XP

5000 coins

Daily Wizards Kill 10 players 1800 XP

1000 coins

Weekly Wizards Kill 150 players 6000 XP

5000 coins

Daily Challenge TNT RUun Manage to stay alive for at least 3 minutes 3360XP
Daily Challenge PVP Run Kill a player without knocking them into the void 3360XP
Daily Challenge Bow Spleef Use all of your perks 3360XP
Daily Challenge TNT Tag Tag 5 people 3360XP
Daily Challenge Wizards Capture 4 points in a single game 3360XP


There are 146 Achievements in TNT Games, giving a total of 1,680 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
1 ... 2 ... 3! Get A Triple Kill in TNT Wizards 10
2fancy4me Buy a prestige upgrade 15
A Dangerous Place Win a game of PVP Run 5
A second chance Survive an explosion using your blast protection perk 5
Assistant Get 20 assists in one TNT Wizards game 10
Boom boom Win a game of TNT Tag 5
Bye Bye! Tag someone and make them fall over 20 blocks in TNT Tag 10
Can't touch this Win a game of PVP run without getting hit 10
Capturer Help capture 7 points in one game of TNT wizards 5
Close Call Survive a round in which you had the TNT 7 seconds before blowing up in TNT Tag 5
Conqueror Get 5 wins in a row 15
DiamondZ Win a game of TNT Wizards 5
Don't get close to me! Repulse 5 different players in a single game of Bow Spleef 5
Exhausted Win a game of Bow Spleef with no perk uses left 5
Extreme Speed Kill 5 players in the first minute of TNT Wizards 10
Fists of Fury Kill an enemy with your fists in PVP Run 10
Flying Madman Don't touch the ground for 5 minutes and kill 5 players in the same game of TNT Wizards 10
Freeze Freeze water with the Ice kit in TNT Wizards 5
Gotcha Hit 3 enemies with 1 Wither Skull in TNT Wizards 10
Grand Master Unlock the Grand Master hat 20
Have Fun Use a Repulsor on someone that is in the air 5
How did that happen? Push 3 players at the same time using your Replusor in Bow Spleef 10
I can do that Kill someone in PVP Run with your sword while using a Double Jump 15
I did it Win a game of PVP Run without using any double jumps 10
I don't need any of that Win a game of Bow Spleef without using any perks 10
I know how this works! Use every NPC in the lobby to join games 5
I like to live dangerously Win a game of TNT Tag after being 'IT' in every round 15
I'm Actually A Healer Heal over 100 hearts in 1 game of TNT Wizards with the Kinetic kit 10
Ineffective Win a game of TNT Run while having Speed and Slowness 10
Inferno Upgrade Fire Wizard Explode to Level VI 15
Is it over already? Win a game of TNT Tag with more than 2 players alive in the last round 15
It's raining arrows Shoot 30 arrows at other players in a game of Bow Spleef 5
Jack-of-all-Wizards Have a total of 250 kills with each Wizards class 15
Jedi Master Upgrade Bow Spleef Repulsor to level VI 10
Just take it already! Pass the TNT to the same person 5 times in 30 seconds in TNT Tag 5
Kangaroo Use 15 double jumps in a single game of PvP run 10
Learn To Combo Kill a player with a repuslor shortly after you double jump in Bow Spleef 5
Legolas Upgrade Bow Spleef TripleShot to level VI 10
Look at me! Get on the Top 3 leaderboards in a TNT Wizard game 5
Lucky! Start without TNT in all the rounds before deathmatch in TNT Tag 5
Machine Gun Fire 250 shots in one game of Bow Spleef 5
Magic's-a-Gathering Upgrade Blood Wizard Mana Regen to level VI 15
Magnetic Boots Win a game of Bow Spleef without jumping 15
Make that three Kill 3 people within 12 seconds in PVP Run 10
Mega Tank Take over 150 hearts of damage with the Toxic kit in one game of TNT Wizards 10
My bow is not working! Win a game of Bow Spleef without firing any shots 10
My wings are working Be in the air for 10 seconds before dying in a TNT Run game 10
No You Tag a player 15 times in one round of TNT Tag and have them die 5
Not even close Win a game of PVP Run on one heart or lower 10
One for you and for you and for you ... Tag 5 different people in a game of TNT Tag 10
Overpowered archery Get Bow Spleef Double Jump, Repulsor, and Triple Shot to level 6 15
Pacifist Win a game of PVP Run without hitting anyone 10
Paralyzed Win a game of TNT Run without moving your head 15
Parkour champion Win a game of Bow Spleef 5
Patience is Key Win a game of TNT Run that takes longer than 8 minutes 10
Potion Shower Get hit with 6 potions from other players in 1 game of TNT Run 10
Pro Surfer Use Hydro wizards' defense wand while standing in water 5
Quick Feet Purchase a Speed Potion for TNT Run 5
Revenge is sweet Kill a player while having Slowness from that player's Slowness Potion in PVP Run 10
Sabatage Throw a slowness potion at someone in PVP Run 5
Sharing is caring Splash 100 potions in total on players in TNT Run and PVP Run 10
Skilled Complete the lobby parkour 10
Sniper Get a kill from over 75 blocks away in TNT Wizards 5
Spooky... Win a game wearing the Halloween hat 10
Stay away from me Hit 'IT' with a snowball in TNT Tag 5
TNT Walk Win TNT Run without sprinting 10
Take me with you! Get blown up by someone else's explosion in TNT Tag 5
Team Player Heal 3 different teammates in one game of TNT Wizards 5
That was close Double jump back on to the map after falling below it in Bow Spleef 10
The Finals Survive until Deathmatch in TNT Tag 5
There is not enough room for all of us! Kill 10 players in a game of PVP Run 15
This is no good Jump into the void in TNT Wizards 5
This looks high Win a game of TNT Run being on the first layer 15
Time Wizards Play a TNT Wizards game for over 15 minutes 10
Timer Tag a player in the last second of a round in TNT Tag and survive 5
Traveller Travel 1,000 blocks in a game of TNT Tag 5
Triumph Win a game of TNT Run without using any double jumps 5
Unbroken sprinting Win a game of TNT Run 5
Updating OS... Upgrade Bow Spleef Double Jump to level V 10
Wand-erful Kill 30 players in one game of TNT Wizards 10
We just started ... Win a game of TNT Run within 2 minutes 10
Weeeeeee Use 100 Double Jumps in a game of TNT Wizards 10
What a Victory! Win by more than 1,000 points in TNT Wizards 10
Win Streak Win 10 games in a row 15
You're a Wizard Get 5 Kills with every Wizard Class in a game of TNT Wizards 15
Youngling Get your first Bow Spleef Double Jump upgrade 5

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Archery I Win 10 games of Bow Spleef 5
II Win 20 games of Bow Spleef 10
III Win 50 games of Bow Spleef 15
IV Win 100 games of Bow Spleef 20
V Win 500 games of Bow Spleef 25
Banker I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25
Block Runner I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25
Clinic I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25
Conquistador I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25
Kill Reaping I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25
Killer I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25
Marathon I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25
Running Killer I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25
Sorcery I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25
Tag! Tag! Tag! I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25
Triathlon I 5
II 10
III 15
IV 20
V 25


  • The TNT Games were delayed several times before finally added.
  • TNT Tag was added with the only announcement being codename_b's twitter.
  • The minigame Bomberman was supposed to be released soon after TNT Games' initial launch, but it was scrapped after VIP testing.
  • The bow spleef game is simular to that of the minigame block crash in pixel gun 3d.