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TNT Run is a fast-paced jump 'n run TNT game where players survive as long as possible by parkouring across a floor of disappearing blocks. It was released alongside Bow Spleef and TNT Wizards with the introduction of the TNT Games on July 21, 2013.[citation needed]

TNT Run has been used for two tournaments, the first iteration from August 13–15, 2021,[1] and the second iteration from March 15–17 2024.[2]


Players (up to 12 or 24 depending on the map) are placed on floors made of sand and gravel and supported by TNT. After a brief delay, blocks the player runs or stands on will disappear or "fall". If the player misses getting off of one of these blocks, they will fall down to the next floor or to the void if they fall through the lowest and final floor. The goal is to be the last one standing which gets progressively more difficult as the space available diminishes.

Items and Abilities[]

Each player is given double jumps and potions to help them survive. Before the TNT Games update in March 2024, these items and double jumps needed to be purchased with TNT Games coins. All upgrades were made free as having to buy upgrades didn't incentivize new players to continue playing and work towards getting them.[3]

Double Jump[]

Double jumps can be activated by either double tapping the jump key (default: space) or right-clicking the feather given in the player's hotbar. Double jumps fling the player in the direction they are looking, helping them to jump large gaps, save themselves from falling, or even move up to a higher floor. Each player gets 11 double jumps.

Speed Potion[]

Personal Splash Potions of Speed (speed potions) are used to give the player a temporary speed I effect which is useful to chase player or jump large distances, especially nearing the end of the game when blocks may be far apart. Speed potions only affect the person who threw it, so throwing one at other players does not affect them. Each player gets 3 speed potions.

Slowness Potion[]

Personal Splash Potions of Slowness (slowness potions) are used to give the player a temporary slowness I effect which is useful to gain control of movements when the game may seem too fast. Slowness potions only affect the person who threw it, so throwing one at other players does not affect them. Each player gets 3 slowness potions.


A glitch happening in TNT Run


Image Name Release Date
Sewer (TNT Run) Sewer March 6, 2024 [3]
Aeolis (TNT Run) Aeolis August 14, 2019 [4]
Imperial Tower (TNT Run) Imperial Tower August 21, 2018 [5]
Nuzul (TNT Run) Nuzul
Pacific (TNT Run) Pacific May 22, 2017 [6]
Relic (TNT Run) Relic
Unearthed (TNT Run) Unearthed
Templar (TNT Run) Templar January 10, 2017 [7]
Hypogeal (TNT Run) Hypogeal August 2, 2016 [8]
Trona (TNT Run) Trona
Heather (TNT Run) Heather March 11, 2016 [9]
Atior (TNT Run) Atior December 2, 2015 [10]
Downvault (TNT Run) Downvault
Mars (TNT Run) Mars
Ice Fortress


There are 21 Achievements in TNT Run, giving a total of 260 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Ineffective Win a game of TNT Run while having Speed and Slowness 10
My wings are working Be in the air for 10 seconds before dying in a TNT Run game 10
Paralyzed Win a game of TNT Run without moving your head 15
Patience is Key Win a game of TNT Run that takes longer than 8 minutes 10
Potion Shower Get hit with 6 potions from other players in 1 game of TNT Run 10
Sharing is caring Splash 100 potions in total on players in TNT Run and PVP Run 10
TNT Walk Win TNT Run without sprinting 10
This looks high Win a game of TNT Run being on the first layer 15
Triumph Win a game of TNT Run without using any double jumps 5
Unbroken sprinting Win a game of TNT Run 5
We just started ... Win a game of TNT Run within 2 minutes 10

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Block Runner I Walk over 25,000 blocks in TNT Run 5
II Walk over 125,000 blocks in TNT Run 10
III Walk over 250,000 blocks in TNT Run 15
IV Walk over 500,000 blocks in TNT Run 20
V Walk over 750,000 blocks in TNT Run 25
Marathon I Win 10 games of TNT Run 5
II Win 20 games of TNT Run 10
III Win 50 games of TNT Run 15
IV Win 100 games of TNT Run 20
V Win 500 games of TNT Run 25


There is 1 Legacy Achievement in TNT Games, which is not obtainable anymore, giving a total of 5 Legacy Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Quick Feet Purchase a Speed Potion for TNT Run 5


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