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TNT Run is a jump 'n run game mode, which was released along with the two other original TNT Games game modes; Wizards and Bow Spleef.

Gameplay Edit

TNT Run is about, as the name says, running over TNT. While you are running, the blocks you run on disappear with a brief delay. There are multiple floors to run on; the lowest floor being the last floor above the void. The goal is to be the last player alive.


A glitch happening in TNT Run


  • Atior
  • Greenbelt
  • Heather
  • Ice Fortress
  • Mars
  • Pacific
  • Quadral
  • Relic
  • Templar
  • Trona
  • Imperial tower
  • Nuzul

Achievements Edit

Achievement How to get Achievement Points
Unbroken sprinting Win a game of TNT Run 5
Quick Feet Purchase a speed potion 5
TNT Walk Win TNT Run without sprinting 10
Win x games of TNT Run Win TNT Run x times 5-25; 75 in total
Sharing is caring Splash 100 potions on players (TNT run or PVP run) 10
Triumph Win a game of TNT run using no double jumps 5
Paralyzed Win a game of TNT run without moving your head 15
TNT walk Win a game of TNT run without sprinting 10
We just started... Win a game of TNT run within 2 minutes 10
Ineffective Win a game of TNT run whilst having speed and slowness 10
My wings are working Be in the air for 10 seconds before dying 10
Quick feet Purchase a Potion of speed for TNT run 5
Total Achievement Points you can get: 17

Quests Edit

Within TNT run, there are quests you can complete to gain experience (XP) and coins.

Quest Type How to get Reward
Daily Walk over 500 blocks 1800 XP

1000 coins

Weekly Walk over 20000 blocks 6000 XP

5000 coins

Challenge Manage to stay alive for at least 3 minutes 3360 XP

There are also quests for the whole of the TNT games, and you can find them on the main TNT games page.

TNT run shop Edit

Within the TNT games, there is a shop where you can purchase items or upgrades for a specific game.To get to the TNT run sections, simply click the emerald in your hot bar and select the diamond boots.

Double jumps

With the Double Jump, you can jump twice in a row. This is useful for getting to a higher floor again or to get on blocks you can't reach with jumping. To activate double jumps you can either double tap your space bar, or you can use the feather in your hot bar.

Here is a list of the upgrade costs:

Double Jump Level Amount of Double Jumps cost
Tier 1 5 Double Jumps Free
Tier 2 6 Double Jumps 5000
Teir 3 7 Double Jumps 10000
Teir 4 8 Double Jumps 20000
Tier 5 9 Double Jumps 30000
Tier 6 10 Double Jumps 40000
Tier 7 (Prestige) 11 Double Jumps 200000


You can buy splash potions of speed, and of slowness in the shop. These splash potions are permanent upgrades, and you will receive them every game you play. You can buy up to 3 of each, with each additional potion costing more coins. (Note - speed and slowness potions will effect all players in their range, that includes you!) These are permanent and you can have up to 6 potions at once (3 of each type).

Potion Number of potions Cost
Slowness I 1 1000
Slowness II 2 25000
Slowness III 3 100000
Swiftness I 1 1000
Swiftness II 2 25000
Swiftness III 3 100000