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TNT Tag is a TNT game where players must pass the TNT they're holding to others before it explodes. It is similar to the game Hot Potato but more explosive. It was released on October 20, 2013.[1]


Each round, a small group of players will be selected as "IT" and will have Speed IV, a TNT hat, and a compass pointing to the nearest player. Tagged players must give the TNT to untagged players before the round by punching them. When the round ends, all players with TNT or around someone who has TNT will explode. When 6 or less players remain, deathmatch will start. Rounds will be shorter with all players being teleported to spawn at the start and only one player being "IT". The last player standing wins.


All players recieve four perks. They were previously purchasable through a shop, but were given to all players for accesibility and balancing.[2]

  • Speedy - All players move faster for the first 22s of every game!
  • Speed It Up - There is a 5% chance to recieve Speed III for 5s when punching another player!
  • Slow It Down - There is a 5% chance to inflict Slowness I for 3s when punching another player!
  • Blast Protection - When someone holding TNT explodes next to you, there is a 20% chance for you to survive the explosion!


Powerups are special bonuses scattered around maps. Untagged players can run through them to receive the powerup during a round except if they have an active boost. There are 7 power-ups.

  • ​Snowball: Gives 8 snowballs to throw at other players. Disappears after round ends.
  • Speed Boost: Gives Speed III for a few seconds. Does not trigger with the Speedy perk.
  • Frog Legs: Gives Jump Boost IV for a few seconds.
  • Teleport: Teleports the user to a random player on the map.
  • Invisibility: Makes the user invisible for a few seconds
  • Shield: Makes the user immune to TNT for a few seconds.
  • Random: Gives a user one of the 6 power-ups at random. May also give Blindness and Nausea.


Image Name Release Date
File:Arboreal (TNT Tag).png Arboreal April 23, 2024[3]
File:Facility (TNT Tag).png Facility
File:Mesevana (TNT Tag).png Mesevana March 6, 2024[2]
Anubis (TNT Tag) Anubis August 14, 2019[4]
File:Highrock Fortress (TNT Tag).png Highrock Fortress
File:Mini Golf (TNT Tag).png Mini Golf[Confirm?]
Colony (TNT Tag) Colony August 21, 2018[1][5]
File:Dead Air (TNT Tag).png Dead Air
Industrial (TNT Tag) Industrial
Sci-Fi (TNT Tag) Sci-Fi
File:Snakes and Ladders (TNT Tag).png Snakes and Ladders
Atlantis (TNT Tag) Atlantis May 22, 2017[6]
Bloodline (TNT Tag) Bloodline
Fungi (TNT Tag) Fungi

Citadel (TNT Tag)


January 10, 2017[7]

Virtue (TNT Tag)

File:Icicle (TNT Tag).png Icicle August 2, 2016[8]
File:Palus (TNT Tag).png Palus
Bloom (TNT Tag) Bloom March 11, 2016[9]
Spiral (TNT Tag) Spiral December 2, 2015[10]
File:Biosphere (TNT Tag).png Biosphere January 19, 2015[11]
Dome (TNT Tag) Dome November 2013[1]
File:Forgotten Planet (TNT Tag).png Forgotten Planet October 20, 2013[1]


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