The Adventure Update was released on May 9TH 2013 and introduced the Adventure Lobby. It also fixed quite a few bugs.


  • Added the /mute command.
  • Added slimeball, an item in lobbies that allows you to disable viewing of other players (You can't see them) to help reduce client lag. Right click to hide all other players, Right click to view them again. (Currently a bit buggy)

Adventure LobbyEdit

  • Adventure Lobby is open for VIP access.
  • Added party queuing for the Adventure Lobby.
  • Added 180 high-efficiency Minecraft instances for Adventures

Bug FixesEdit

  • Began work on less-buggy more-efficient networking system
  • Fixed Parties.
  • Fixed MasterControl reconnect failure (caused a lot of issues.)
  • Tons of bug-fixes.