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The Pit

The Hypixel Pit, most commonly known as The Pit, is a persistent minigame on the Hypixel Network. It was released into the Prototype Lobby on February 26, 2018[1], and was released as a full game on April 21, 2020.[2] It is a PvP minigame where players drop into a map and battle in a free-for-all scenario, receiving gold and experience for purchasing available items or advancing levels respectively.


The Pit spawns players in a persistent minigame complete with levels, items, and perks purchasable in the mini-lobby above the map before dropping from the lobby into the map. Players start out with a combination of Chainmail and Iron Armor (excluding a helmet), an Iron Sword, a Bow, and 32 arrows. Players can drop into the map or use a slime launcher to battle other players and obtain XP and Gold to progress in the game.


Levels are a ranking system for The Pit that are advanced by earning XP. Each level requires an ascending amount of XP to advance, with low levels requiring small amounts of XP and higher levels requiring large amounts. As you prestige further, every level's XP requirement increases by a %, depending on the prestige. XP can be earned by killing players or participating in occasional Events, as well as the free participation XP earned randomly while in a lobby. When a player reaches level 120, they may advance to the next prestige if they have met the gold requirement.


Prestige is a mechanic that resets a player's level and Gold upon reaching Level 120. Each Prestige requires a specific amount of gold to be held by the player, and upon advancing to the next Prestige, the player's Level, Gold, Inventory, and Perks are reset. Enderchest items, Mystic Items, Items with the "Kept on death" tag, Renown, and Renown perks are kept when advancing to the next Prestige. A Prestige-specific bracket color appears around the player's level in chat and the player menu, along with a roman numeral signifying the player's current Prestige when they send messages in chat. Prestige bracket colors change every 5 levels, and non-prestiged players will have gray brackets.


Gold is the main currency of the pit. It is used to purchase items and upgrades at their respective NPCs. Gold can be obtained by killing players, picking up gold drops, participating in events, completing Contracts, and completing Quests. Gold is reset upon advancing to another Prestige. To prestige, you also need to have grinded a certain amount of gold in that prestige, however you don't need to have that amount on you, just to have grinded it.


Bounties are gold bonuses placed on players with high kill-streaks. This bounty will increase as the player earns a higher streak. When a player kills someone with a bounty, they will earn the gold reward from the bounty. Bounties max out at 5000g, with exceptions. The megastreak Highlander doubles this limit, and the Minor Event Everyone gets a bounty! ignores this limit and can increase a bounty indefinitely.

Items and Perks[]

Items and perks are game-changing characteristics which can be purchased using gold from villagers in the spawn tree. Items can be bought in the non-permanent shop. These items are lost after death.

Non-permanent Items[]

Item Cost Ability
Diamond Sword 150g +20% damage versus bountied, 7 attack damage.
8 Obsidian Blocks 50g Remains for base 120 seconds.
Diamond Chestplate 500g Auto-equips on buy!
Diamond Boots 300g Auto-equips on buy!
Iron Pack 150g* Auto-equips on buy! (Iron helmet, chestplate, boots, leggings)
Obsidian Stack (64) 280g Remains for base 120 seconds
Diamond Leggings 1200g Auto equips on buy!
Combat Spade 750g Deals +1 damage per diamond armor piece on the victim
Bounty Solvent 575g Bounties give +50% gold, and recieve -30% damage from users with a bounty of 1000g or more
First Aid Egg 200g Heals 2.5 Hearts on use, 10s cooldown
Golden Pickaxe (Efficiency VII) 250g Has 10 uses
Jump Boost IV 750g Grants Jump boost 4 for 30 seconds
Tactical Insertion 1000g Allows the user to set their spawn point once instead of spawning at spawn.
Pants Bundle 50g Stores 10 fresh pants upon use. Can store all types of pants, consumed when emptied.

Passive Upgrades[]

XP Boost - Earn +10% XP from all sources.

Tier Cost (gold) XP Boost
I 500 +10%
II 1,000 +20%
III 2,500 +30%
IV 10,000 +40%
V 25,000 +50%
VI 100,000 +60%

Gold Boost - Earn +10% gold (g) from kills and coin pickups.

Tier Cost (gold) Gold Boost
I 1,000 +10%
II 2,500 +20%
III 10,000 +30%
IV 25,000 +40%
V 40,000 +50%

Melee Damage - Deal +1% melee damage.

Tier Cost (gold) Melee Damage
I 450 +1%
II 1,050 +2%
III 1,500 +3%
IV 2,250 +4%
V 3,000 +5%

Bow Damage - Deal +3% bow damage.

Tier Cost (gold) Bow Damage
I 450 +3%
II 1,050 +6%
III 1,500 +9%
IV 2,250 +12%
V 3,000 +15%

Damage Reduction - Receive -1% damage.

Tier Cost (gold) Damage Reduction
I 450 +1%
II 1,050 +2%
III 1,500 +3%
IV 2,250 +4%
V 3,000 +5%

Build Battler - Your blocks stay +60% longer.

Tier Cost (gold) Build Battler
I 750 +60%
II 1,750 +120%
III 2,750 +180%
IV 3,750 +240%
V 5,000 +300%

El Gato - First kill each life rewards +5g +5 XP.

Tier Cost (gold) El Gato
I 1,000 First kill
II 2,000 First 2 kills
III 3,000 First 3 kills
IV 4,000 First 4 kills
V 5,000 First 5 kills


Level Name Cost Ability
10 Golden Heads 500g Golden apples you earn turn into Golden Heads. Which can be eaten instantly and grants you with Speed I (7s.) + Regeneration II (5s).
10 Fishing Rod 1,000g Spawn with a fishing rod.
10 Lava Bucket 1,000g Spawn with a lava bucket.
20 Strength-Chaining 2,000g +8% damage for 7s after every kill. If you get another kill within the 7 seconds it increases the strength level along with resetting the timer to 7 seconds again. Capped at strength 5.
20 Endless Quiver 2,000g Get 3 arrows on arrow hit.
30 Mineman 3,000g Spawn with 24 cobblestone and a diamond pickaxe. +3 cobblestone on kill.
30 Safety First 3,000g Spawn with a helmet.
40 Trickle-down 1,000g Gold ingots picked-up from the ground award you with 10g and 2❤.
40 Lucky Diamond 4,000g 30% chance to upgrade dropped armour pieces from kills to diamond.
40 Spammer 4,000g Double base gold reward on targets you've shot an arrow in. +2g on assists.
50 Bounty Hunter 2,000g 4g on all kills. Earn bounty assist shares. +1% damage/100g bounty on target.
50 Streaker 8,000g Triple streak kills XP bonus.
60 Gladiator 4,000g Receive -3% damage per nearby player. 12 blocks range. Minimum 3, max 10 players.
60 Vampire 4,000g Don't earn golden apples. Earn 0.5❤ on melee hit. Earn 1.5❤ on a fully charged arrow hit. Earn regeneration II (5s) on kill.

Permanent Prestige Perks[]

  • Prestige perks are unlocked through the Renown Shop. The Renown Shop is unlocked after reaching Prestige I.
Prestige Level Name Gold Renown Ability
P1 70 Overheal 6,000g 10 Double healing item limits.
P2 30 Barbarian 3,000g 10 Replaces your sword with a stronger axe.
P2 60 Recon 6,000g 10 Every fourth arrow shot at someone rewards +40 XP and deals +50% damage.
P2 70 Dirty 8,000g 15 Gain Resistance II (4s) on kill.
P3 70 Rambo 6,000g 15 Don't earn golden apples. Max health 8❤. Refill all health on kill.
P4 70 Olympus 6,000g 20 Golden apples are replaced with Olympus Potions which gives you Speed I (24s) and Regeneration III (10s) and Resistance II (4s) and 40 XP when drank. Only hold one.
P5 50 Assistant (to the) Streaker 8,000g 15 Assists count their participation towards killstreaks.
P5 80 First Strike 8,000g 25 The first hit on a player deals +35% damage and gives you Speed I (5s).
P9 40 Kung Fu Knowledge 10,000g 40 Melee weapons deal 0 damage but fists deal as much damage as a diamond sword (7.4 attack damage). Gain Speed II (5s) every 4th hit.

Renown Shop[]

  • Besides than the items that disappear on death, and the perks that are reset on prestige, are the Renown Shop perks. These perks are truly permanent and do not reset after prestige.
  • The currency used in the Renown Shop is called Renown and is earned upon prestige. Becoming prestige 1-4 gives you 10 renown on prestige, becoming prestige 5-10 gives you 20 renown, becoming prestige 11-14 gives you 30 renown and becoming prestige 15+ gives you 40 renown.
Prestige Name Ability Cost
P1 Tenacity Heal 0.5❤ on kill. Tier 1 - 10 renown

Tier 2 - 50 renown

Tier 3 - ???

P1 Scam Artist Items and contract purchases are -5% the price. Tier 1 - 10 renown

Tier 2 - 20 renown

Tier 3 - ???

P1 Renown Gold Boost Earn +2.5% gold (g) from kills and coin pickups. Tier 1 - 5 renown

Tier 2 - 10 renown

Tier 3 - ???

P1 Renown XP Bump Earn +1 XP on kill. Tier 1 - 5 renown

Tier 2 - 10 renown

Tier 3 - ???

P1 Perk Unlock: Overheal Unlocks the Overheal perk. Tier 1 - 10 renown
P1 Mysticism Unlocks the Mystic Well and the ability to rarely find mystic items from killing players. Tier 1 - 10 Renown
P2 Barbarian Unlocks the Barbarian perk. Tier 1 - 10 Renown
P2 Contractor Earn +1 daily contract limit. Tier 1 - 5 renown

Tier 2 - ???

P2 Superb Launch Trail Gives you a rainbow trail when using the launchers. Tier 1 - 10 renown
P3 Extra Perk Slot Perk Slot #4 available at level 100. Tier 1 - 40 renown
P3 Impatient Gain Speed II in the spawn area. Tier 1 - 10 renown
P3 Rambo Unlocks the Rambo perk. Tier 1 - 15 renown
P4 Extra Hearts Permanently gain an extra heart. Tier 1 - 20 renown

Tier 2 - 100 renown

P4 Armoury +8 arrows on spawn. Tier 1-3 - 5 renown
P25 Celebrity Literally earn 2x gold from kills. 300 renown



Minor Events[]

These events occur every 10-15 minutes. Most of these events are specific to areas.

Event Name Description
King of the Ladder (KOTL) A ladder is created in the said area. The players on the top of the ladder earn gold scaled on the number of players on top. All players inside the ladder area have permanent Regeneration IV.
King of the Hill (KOTH) A platform made out of diamond blocks appears, rewarding 4 times the base amount of gold and experience points earned on it.
Care Package A supply drop comes in from the sky. After players right-click on it 200 times, the chest can be opened with several items inside of it. These items include 100g, 100XP or either a Fresh Mystic Sword,Fresh Mystic Pants(Any Color) Or a Mystic Bow.
Dragon Egg A dragon egg spawns. Players clicking on the egg will be rewarded with gold and XP. Every 5-9 clicks, the egg will move to a different location.
Giant Cake A giant cake will appear, rewarding gold to players who eat pieces of it. Within the cake, "cherries" can be found in the form of red clay blocks that reward +100g. "Chocolate Chips" can also be found, these reward 100xp. Finishing a full cake will give the player extra hearts and more gold.
Double Reward Area An area becomes enchanted, rewarding double gold and experience points to all action taken in it.
Auction An item is released on the auction, usually Prestige ones. Players can bid on the items for huge amounts of gold, at a minimum of 5,000g.
Everyone Gets A Bounty Everyone gets a 100g bounty.

Major Events[]

Every 45-55 minutes, a random major event occurs; changing, limiting or modifying the whole map. These events are notified to the players by a message 5 minutes prior. They often have generous awards to the participants in gold and experience points(XP).

Name Description
Pizza Place A pizza place is built in an area. Getting pizza from the place and delivering them to villagers spawned in several locations awards the player with cash. This cash can be registered in by going back to the pizza place. Killing a player steals their cash stored in them.
Spire All launchpads are disabled, and the pit is replaced by a portal. Jumping into the portal teleports you to the first floor of the spire. Each player is equipped with a wooden sword, and weak armor. Getting a kill teleports you to the next floor of the spire, fully healing you, upgrading your items, and giving you an item that functions similarly to a golden head. Higher floors are considerably smaller to make up for the fact that less players will be there. Dying on any floor other than the first sends you down one level, and downgrades your equipment. Your final score is not based on your current floor, it is based on the highest floor you reached, and on how many kills you got total.
Squads You squad up with 3 people, trying to control the many banners created on the map. If a player stands near a banner for a few seconds, that banner becomes controlled until another team stands near it. Every banner awards points over time to the team that controls it. The squad with the most points at the end of the event wins.
Robbery Upon start, everyone recieves 100g as their "stash". Hitting other players takes away a few gold, and killing them takes around half. The objective of the event is to get the highest balance, of which will be given to you upon the event end. Respawn is disabled.
Rage Pit All launchpads are disabled and the pit becomes surrounded with glass. Every kill awards the player with a "Rage Potato". If the number of total kills exceeds the prize count (usually ~600), every player gets a reward. The objective of the event is to get as much damage dealt as possible.
Beast Up to 3 players are selected as the "Beast", getting double health and full diamond armour and a diamond sword. The player killing the beast becomes the new beast, having the same traits. The player who was the "Beast" for the longest time wins. The leaderboard, and objective of the event is to get as many kills while being a beast.
Team Deathmatch All players are equally divided into 2 teams. Fighting with each other. The team with the most amount of kills and assists wins.
Blockhead Each player is assigned a block. The objective here is to paint the floor with the assigned block, by killing or collecting such power-ups.

Mystic Well[]

  • The Mystic Well is unlocked after players unlock Mysticism in the Renown Shop.
  • Mystic Items have a chance to be obtained after killing a player. Unenchanted (also known as fresh) mystic items have the "kept on death" tag in their lore, which means that they are not lost on death.
  • Putting a mystic item into the well will cost 1,000 gold for the first tier, 4,000 gold for the second tier, and 8,000 gold + a specific color of Fresh Pants for the third tier.
  • Mystic swords and Mystic bows can be enchanted to Tier 3 only once mysticism 4 is unlocked. Mystic pants can only be enchanted to tier 3 once mysticism 9 is unlocked.
  • A mystic item can have a maximum of 8 enchant tokens. Tokens are separate enchant levels, one being occupied for every enchant value (e.g. Gold Boost II occupies 2 tokens). Additionally, items can only have a maximum of 4 "RARE!" tokens. Items can have a maximum of 2 tokens on tier 1, 4 tokens on tier 2, and 8 tokens on tier 3.
  • Mystic items are given "lives" each time they are enchanted. When a player dies with an enchanted mystic item, the item will lose one of its lives. A Funky Feather can be used to protect the mystic items' lives, in which the Funky Feather will be consumed after death.
  • Currently, there are 3 mystic items, those being the Mystic Sword, Mystic Bow, and Mystic Pants.
  • The mysticism upgrade can be purchased and upgraded with renown to increase the chance of finding a mystic item on kill. Its upgrades are listed below.
Level Price Chance
Level I 10 renown 10%
Level II 5 renown 30%
Level III 5 renown 50%
Level IV 10 renown 150%
Level V 10 renown 200%
Level VI 10 renown 250%
Level VII 20 renown 300%
Level VIII 20 renown 350%
Level IX 20 renown 400%
Level X 30 renown 400%

Some special items such as Aqua pants and Sewer pants have the "bypasses mysticism" tag in their lore which allows them to be enchanted even if players do not have mysticism unlocked.


There are 97 Achievements in The Pit, giving a total of 1,080 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
All hail the King! Complete the King's Quest on the Castle map 20
Auctioneer Bid in an Auction 5
Baker Bake a cake 10
Big Belly Eat a Golden Apple, Golden Head, Steak, an Olympus Potion and Soup within 5 minutes 5
Big Time Max out the renown shop 25
Bounty Claimed! Claim a bounty 5
Bounty Hunter Claim 30 bounties of at least 500g while using the Bounty Hunter perk 20
Businessman Trade with another player 5
Demon Incarnate Reach Tier VII of the Demon Faction in the Genesis map 15
Did I see some blue? Earn your first Mystic item 10
Fast Contract Complete a contract within a minute of starting it 5
Fast Pass Unlock the Fast Pass renown upgrade 5
Full Storage Fill out your Ender Chest 5
Fully Upgraded Max out all passive upgrades 5
Furious Clicking Reach top 3 in a Rage Pit event with at least 50 players 10
Genius Tier Answer a Quick Maths question within 2.5 seconds 5
Glass Ceiling Reach floor 9 in the Spire event 10
God Walking amongst Mortals Reach a kill streak of 50 kills 10
Gold Magnate Have 250,000g 10
Golden Age Collect 1,000 extra gold with the Trickle-Down perk 10
Golden Treat Consume 1,000 Golden Heads 10
Guaranteed Delivery Deliver 35 pizza in a single Pizza event 10
Guardian Angel Reach Tier VII of the Angel Faction in the Genesis map 15
I bought a thing! Win an item in Auction 10
I'm Mining Here! Break 100 blocks of obsidian 5
In the Club Obtain aqua pants from fishing 10
Infinite Quiver Recieve 1,500 arrows from the Spammer perk 10
Ingots Collector Pickup 2,000 gold ingots from the ground 10
King of the XP Get 10,000 XP from kills and assists in a single KOTH 15
Locked In Place 50 obsidian in a single life 5
Loot with Care Collect something from a Care Package 5
Lucky Diamond! Obtain 50 diamond armor pieces from the Lucky Diamond perk 10
Maximizado Max out El Gato 5
Monster Within Kill 25 players as beast in a single Beast event 10
Nosferatu Heal 15,000 HP with the Vampire perk 10
Not much of a Hill Stay on a single KOTH for 200 seconds on a server with at least 50 players 10
Obelix Hold a stack of cobblestone 10
One small step for Pants Enchant a Tier III mystic item 10
Paint Job Color your Fancy Hat 5
Pentakill Kill 5 players consecutively for a pentakill 5
Podium Position Reach top 3 in a Major event 10
Poet Complete a Night Quest 5
Powerful Kill a player while having Strength V 5
Pure Skill Earn a jackpot in a Raffle event with at least 50 players 10
Purple Egg Reach 25 clicks in a Dragon Egg event 5
Raging Hunger Eat a total of 100 rage potatoes 10
Rambo Get a kill streak of 10 using the Rambo perk 10
Rare! Enchant a RARE! mystic item 10
Scam Artist Unlock the first tier of the Scam Artist renown upgrade 5
Self-Checked Use Self-checkout III once you reach a 5,000g bounty 5
SkyWars Fall into the void 5
Slaying Beasts Kill two beasts in a single Beast event 5
Sugar Rush Earn 5,000g from a Giant Cake 5
Team Effort Earn 8,000 points in a Squads event 10
The Punch Hit a player with The Punch 5
The Streak Reach a kill streak of 10 kills 5
The XX Reach Restige XX 25
They're after me now... Reach a 5,000g bounty 15
Thief End a Robbery event with a 10,000g stash 10
Triple Digits Reach level 100 5
Tryhard down! Kill a player with a 5000g bounty 5
Up on top Spend at least 20 seconds on the top of a single KOTL 10

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Contracts I Complete 5 contracts 5
II Complete 25 contracts 10
III Complete 100 contracts 15
IV Complete 250 contracts 20
V Complete 500 contracts 25
Events I Participate in 3 major events 5
II Participate in 10 major events 10
III Participate in 25 major events 15
IV Participate in 100 major events 20
V Participate in 500 major events 25
Gold I Earn 10,000 total gold 5
II Earn 100,000 total gold 10
III Earn 1,000,000 total gold 15
IV Earn 10,000,000 total gold 20
V Earn 30,000,000 total gold 25
Kills I Kill 200 players 5
II Kill 1,000 players 10
III Kill 5,000 players 15
IV Kill 25,000 players 20
V Kill 100,000 players 25
Mysticism I Enchant 10 items 5
II Enchant 50 items 10
III Enchant 100 items 15
IV Enchant 250 items 20
V Enchant 1,000 items 25
Prestige I Prestige 1 time 5
II Prestige 2 times 10
III Prestige 5 times 15
IV Prestige 10 times 20
V Prestige 15 times 25
Renown I Earn 10 renown 5
II Earn 50 renown 10
III Earn 200 renown 15
IV Earn 500 renown 20
V Earn 2,000 renown 25


  • The Pit is the first game released under the Persistent Minigame genre on the Hypixel Network.
    • With the full release of The Pit on April 21, 2020, The Pit is now the first and only full persistent game on the Hypixel Network.
  • The Pit is the longest minigame to be in a prototype status, being in the Prototype Lobby for two years, one month, and twenty-four days before its full release.
  • The Pit was the first and only Prototype Lobby game to feature Quests.
    • The Pit is also the first game to feature Quests, but not Challenges.