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Throw Out is an Arcade Game where you try to knock the most players off of the map.


Throw Out
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Skin.Throw Out
Throw Out Top View

Twelve players disguised as pigs spawn around a flat, circular ice platform that has a hole and small island in the middle. Players try to throw others off of the map using the given knockback slime ball or their fist. The player with the most kills after 4 minutes wins.

<player1> was punched into the void by <player2>!

Each time a player is hit, their knockback level (the percentage above them) is increased by 2%. The higher the percentage, the further and more forcefully they will be knocked back. You can see your knockback level by looking at the experience bar above the hotbar, or you can see everyone's level by pressing tab. If your level goes above 200%, you will die.

Players are able to double jump every two seconds.

Throw Out Map


The only powerup is the Megapunch powerup, spawning approximately every 14 seconds on the small island at the middle of the map. When activated, each hit will increase the hit player's knockback level by 20% instead of 2%. Megapunch lasts for 20 seconds.

The MEGAPUNCH powerup has spawned!

<player> activated the MEGAPUNCH powerup!


Challenge Achivements[]

Name Description Points
Throw Out: Regular Guy Win a game of Throw Out without activating any powerups 10
Throw Out: Superman Knock a player out using the Megapunch powerup in Throw Out 5

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Throw Out: Professional Yeeter I Kill 50 Players in Throw Out 5
II Kill 100 Players in Throw Out 10
III Kill 500 Players in Throw Out 15
IV Kill 1,000 Players in Throw Out 20
V Kill 2,500 Players in Throw Out 25


  • When a player falls into the void, a beacon will spawn where they die.