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Turbo Kart Racers

Turbo Kart Racers is a fully fledged racing game inside Minecraft which puts you in the driver seat in a furious race against 11 other players. During the game you can pick up boxes that give you certain advantages in the race.

The game has 15 different kart skins to choose from; you can customize and upgrade your kart with different particle trails, sounds, engines and more!

Turbo Kart Racers (TKR) is a racing minigame found in the Classic Lobby where players compete to complete three laps of a track as fast as possible. It is inspired off of the Mario Kart series of games with most of the custom pickups, boosters, boxes, and more emulating those of Mario. It is one of the few games that requires a custom resource pack to play, adding custom assets and models. Turbo Kart Racers was released as a standalone game on May 22, 2015[1] and moved to the Classic Games with the lobby's release on April 19, 2017.[2]

The resource pack in Turbo Kart Racers is completely custom built for the game, adding a large amount of changes to Minecraft's regular textures and models. The Karts and racing gear were designed by Sphax, who is most known for his work on the Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack. The filesize of the resource pack is about 1.4MB. The Turbo Kart Racers Resource Pack info thread can help if players are experiencing lag or frame rate drops.


Some controls are necessary to know to understand how to maneuver the kart. While waiting, players can test out the controls on a small oval track in the pre-game lobby. Floating holograms also give info on controls and features of the game.


  • Walk Forwards (W) to accelerate
  • Walk Backwards (S) to brake/reverse
  • Strafe Left/Right (A/D) to steer
  • Jump (Space) to use the horn

Using items[]

Items can be used by right-clicking. Some items require the player to look in a specific direction such as at another player to use it effectively.


Sneak (Left Shift) is used to initiate a drift, and releasing sneak gives the player a boost. While drifting, the kart will only turn in one direction until the boost is used. After boosting or even attempting a drift, the termperature gauge (the experience bar if the temperature gauge setting is enabled) will fill up by 60%. If the bar reaches 100%, the kart will overheat and spin out, causing the player to get slowed down. The bar will go down gradually over time, and items such as the fire flower and snowballs can also affect the player's heat.



Players are placed in three rows of four and wait for the race to begin. Once the race starts, players must complete 3 laps of the track as quick as possible, using item pickups to boost themselves or slow other players down. Boosters are placed at points along the track which can give the player extra speed as well as coins which grant Turbo Kart Racers coins when picked up.

After completing all three laps, the player is sent to the spectator's stand to wait for the race to end. Once it has ended, all players who completed the race will get a part to upgrade their kart. The top three players also get trophies—gold, silver, and bronze respectively—and the first place finisher gets a bottle of champagne!


Items are obtained by passing through item pickup boxes. If the player already has an item, they cannot pickup another one until they use their held one. Items can be beneficial to the user or detrimental to their opponents.

  • Green Missile - Fires a missile that goes straight where the player is looking. Knocks the player it hits up, slowing them down.
  • Red Missile - Fires a missile that homes towards the nearest player. When no players are around, the missile is "running headless" and acts like a green missile unless it finds a player to home on to. Knocks the player it hits up, slowing them down.
  • Blue Torpedo - Fires a torpedo that homes towards the player in first place and causes an explosion. Knocks everyone around the explosion up, slowing them down.
  • Slippy Banana - Places a banana behind the player's kart that other plays can skid on. Slows the player who slips on it and makes them spin out.
  • Fire Flower - Throws a fireball that lights people it hits on fire and increases their heat, making them more likely to spin out if attempting to drift after.
  • Snowball - Throws a snowball that slows players it hits down with a firework effect. Decreses the heat of the player who threw the snowball if it hits someone.
  • Silly Bomb - Places TNT behind the player that knocks players who get caught in the explosion up, slowing them down.
  • Squid - Fires an ink shot causing players to spin out and inflicts blindness.
  • Lightning Bolt - Strikes other players with lightning, making their kart smaller and slowing them down.
  • Notched Sword - Knocks players away from the person with the notched sword or deflects missiles and blue torpedos.
  • Booster Mushroom - Gives the player a speed boost.
  • Golden Mushroom - Gives the player a speed boost every time the item is clicked and stays for a few seconds.
  • Plasma Shield - Makes the player invulerable from attacks for 7 seconds.


Karts are comprised of three changeable parts: a frame, turbocharger, and engine. Parts can be obtained through winning a random one at the end of a game, by randomly getting a part using the part roller in the Kart Upgrades menu, or by crafting a part using the part crafter. Parts are named based on how good they are ("<adjective> <rarity> <part>"). Each part also has three stats with each stat having up to 5 points.


  • Traction - Move quicker over rough terrain
  • Handling - Increases your ability to turn faster
  • Start position - Start closer to the front


  • Booster speed - Get a bigger launch from a boost!
  • Brakes - Be able to stop quicker
  • Drifting efficiency - Be able to boost farther, quicker


  • Recovery - Get back up from a wipe out faster
  • Top speed - Move faster than the competition
  • Acceleration - Reach your top speed quicker

Grand Prix[]

The Grand Prix is a season-based reward system specifically for Turbo Kart Racers. Each season has 6 divisions: Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Masters. Each division grants exclusive rewards and other things such as Hypixel experience, TKR coins, boosters, and more. Some cosmetic rewards are given based on the time of year such as Valentines, Easter, Summer, etc.

Standard Grand Prix Rewards
Division Qualification Rewards
Wood 50 Points 25,000 Hypixel Experience

15,000 TKR Coins 50 Classic Tokens

Stone 200 Points 50,000 Hypixel Experience

50,000 TKR Coins 100 Classic Tokens 1 Grand Prix Tokens

Iron 400 Points 100,000 Hypixel Experience

100,000 TKR Coins 250 Classic Tokens 2 Grand Prix Tokens

Gold 800 Points 150,000 Hypixel Experience

200,000 TKR Coins 500 Classic Tokens 3 Grand Prix Tokens

Diamond Top 1% 200,000 Hypixel Experience

300,000 TKR Coins 1,000 Classic Tokens 4 Grand Prix Tokens

Masters #1 - #3 500,000 Hypixel Experience

500,000 TKR Coins 1,500 Classic Tokens 6 Grand Prix Tokens 4 hour 3x Coins Booster


Kart Upgrades[]

The kart upgrades menu allows the kart to be improved and upgraded by swapping, equipping, and scrapping parts.

Part Crafter[]

The part crafter allows players to fine-tune the stats of any given part. After making their desired part, it can be purchased with TKR coins; though the price increases drastically if the part has higher stats.


The junkyard can be used to scrap old and/or unnecessary parts for extra coins. Each part can be scrapped individually, but players with VIP rank or above can quickly scrap all basic or super parts from the junkyard.

Part names[]

The first word of a part name is determed by how many total stat points a kart has, up to a maximum of 15 (five points for each of three parts).

Color Name Points
Gray Starter 1
Mini 2
Green Auxiliary 3
Standard 4
Primary 5
Experimental 6
Blue Dynamic 7
Stellar 8
Kinetic 9
Multi-Phase 10
Light Purple Turbocharged 11
Quantum 12
Superliminal 13
Psi 14
Dark Purple Eternal 15

The second word describes how many stats the part has. For example: If a frame has points in traction but not handling or start position, it will be a basic part.

  • Basic - 1 stat
  • Super - 2 stats
  • Awesome - 3 stats

Part Roller[]

The part roller is a cheap way to get a part. It will select a random part, similar to the roll that happens at the end of a game, with a chance to get an epic part.

Kart Customizer[]

The kart customizer is the interface used to equip parts to be used in game. Selecting a part type will show all the parts of that type the player has in inventory


Helmet Selector
Name Cost (TKR Coins) Rank Req
Race Red Headline 25,000
Sunset Headline 1,000
Ocean Headline 5,000
Shadow Aura Headline 500,000
Empower Flower Headline Grand Prix Reward
Bright Star Headline 750,000
Wheat Field Headline 300,000
Vintage Biker Headline 30,000
Amethyst Classico 25,000 [VIP]
Ruby Classico 5,000 [VIP]
Emerald Classico 1,000 [VIP]
Quartz Classico 100,000 [VIP]
Wah-Bang! Classico 100,000 [VIP]
Ender Classico 300,000 [VIP]
Pumpkin Spice Classico Grand Prix Reward
Noob Shield Classico 30,000 [VIP]
Banana Noggin Cap 25,000 [VIP]
Peach Noggin Cap 1,000 [VIP]
Apple Noggin Cap 5,000 [VIP]
Electro Route Noggin Cap 30,000 [VIP]
Frosted Bliss Noggin Cap Grand Prix Reward
Diamond Bonnet 1,000
Redstone Bonnet 25,000
Obsidian Bonnet 5,000
Lapis Bonnet 30,000
Netherrack Bonnet 100,000
Ancestral Might Bonnet 300,000
Shadow Hunter Bonnet 100,000
Bone Warrior 1,000 [MVP+]
Lizard Warrior 5,000 [MVP+]
Ghost Warrior 25,000 [MVP+]
Beast Warrior 30,000 [MVP+]
Wyvern Warrior Grand Prix Reward
Green Mantis 5,000 [MVP]
White Mantis 25,000 [MVP]
Purple Mantis 1,000 [MVP]
Magma Mantis 300,000 [MVP]
Lime Casque 25,000 [VIP+]
Orange Casque 1,000 [VIP+]
Blueberry Casque 5,000 [VIP+]
Early Morning Casque 30,000 [VIP+]
Neon Jockey Casque 30,000 [VIP+]
Dark Mercenary Casque 500,000 [VIP+]
Head in the Water Casque Grand Prix Reward
Space Mercenary Casque 500,000 [VIP+]
Void Offroader 25,000 [VIP+]
Fields Offroader 1,000 [VIP+]
River Offroader 5,000 [VIP+]
Pearl White Offroader 30,000 [VIP+]
Orchid Speedster 1,000 [MVP+]
Tangerine Speedster 25,000 [MVP+]
Cerulean Speedster 5,000 [MVP+]
Happy Emote Speedster 100,000 [MVP+]
'Stache Emote Speedster 100,000 [MVP+]
Love Nugget Speedster Grand Prix Reward
Smirk Emote Speedster 100,000 [MVP+]
Cool Emote Speedster 100,000 [MVP+]
Bubblegum Futurehelm 1,000


Gobstopper Futurehelm 25,000 [MVP]
Bonbon Futurehelm 5,000 [MVP]
Agility Boss Futurehelm 30,000 [MVP]
D. Goggles 25,000
Commander Eagle Goggles 500,000
Racing Suits
Set Piece Cost (TKR Coins) Rank Req
Slothdinger Jacket Free
Pants Free
Shoes Free
Blueshell Inc Jacket 2,000 [VIP]
Pants 2,000
Shoes 2,000
Sphax Corp Jacket 3,000 [VIP+]
Pants 3,000
Shoes 3,000
Turbobrine Jacket 4,000 [MVP]
Pants 4,000
Shoes 4,000
Hypesweggen[note 1] Jacket 5,000 [MVP+]
Pants 5,000
Shoes 5,000
  1. Hypesweggen suit pieces can be colored one of the 16 standard Minecraft colors.
Horn Selector
Name Cost (TKR Coins) Rank Req
Default Horn Free
Shy Horn 10,000
Alien Horn 20,000 VIP
Busy Taxi Horn 20,000
Klaxon Horn 20,000
Tricycle Horn 25,000 VIP+
Road Driver Horn 30,000
Alarm Horn 30,000 MVP
Kloon Horn 40,000
Teddy Bear Horn 40,000 MVP+
Truck Horn 50,000
Jerry? Tournament Hall
Kart Skin Selector
Group Name Cost
Hypesweggen Sapphire Free
Tranquility 5 Mystery Dust
Commando 10 Mystery Dust
Joyful Beamer 150,000 TKR Coins
Denko Dasher 200,000 TKR Coins
The 'Stache 200,000 TKR Coins
2 Grand Prix Tokens
Spirit Rider 500,000 TKR Coins
4 Grand Prix Tokens
Flurry Flier Grand Prix Reward
Scarlet Drifter Grand Prix Reward
Blueshell Inc Phantom Free
Eclipse 5 Mystery Dust
Dante 10 Mystery Dust
Blue Eagle 100,000 TKR Coins
Ocean Breezer 100,000 TKR Coins
Thunder MacKing 300,000 TKR Coins
2 Grand Prix Tokens
Ender Runner 400,000 TKR Coins
2 Grand Prix Tokens
Pumpkin McScream Grand Prix Reward
Slothdinger Goldline Free
Sunrise 5 Mystery Dust
Ultraviolet 10 Mystery Dust
Cyber Circuit 100,000 TKR Coins
Speed Champion 100,000 TKR Coins
1 Grand Prix Token
Creeper Attack 300,000 TKR Coins
2 Grand Prix Tokens
White Panther 500,000 TKR Coins
3 Grand Prix Tokens
Dragon Tamer Grand Prix Reward
Turbobrine Diablo Free
Junker 5 Mystery Dust
Frostbit 10 Mystery Dust
Vortex Driver 100,000 TKR Coins
1 Grand Prix Token
Corrosive Stallion 150,000 TKR Coins
1 Grand Prix Token
Impact Maniac 250,000 TKR Coins
1 Grand Prix Token
Night Fire 250,000 TKR Coins
2 Grand Prix Tokens
Hot Rod 250,000 TKR Coins
2 Grand Prix Tokens
Sphax Corp Salamander Free
Glacius 5 Mystery Dust
Silver Shadow 10 Mystery Dust
Golden Ace 1,000,000 TKR Coins
Street Sprinter 150,000 TKR Coins
1 Grand Prix Token
Citrus Sunset 400,000 TKR Coins
2 Grand Prix Tokens
Tribal Hunter 500,000 TKR Coins
3 Grand Prix Tokens
Beach Bubble Grand Prix Reward
Aerodynamic Azalea Grand Prix Reward
Particle Trail Selector
Name Cost (TKR Coins) Rank Req
Rainbowz Trail 21,000 [VIP]
Red Dust Trail 1,000
Hearts Trail 3,000
Green Magic Trail 2,500
Purple Magic Trail 2,500
Flames Trail 5,000
Slime Trail 5,000
Lava Burst Trail 17,000
Dark Smoke Trail 3,500


The settings menu gives various options for the gameplay experience.

Win Prefix[]

If toggled on, a number displaying the amount of wins a player has will be displayed before their name and rank. Different colors can be unlocked by winning more gold trophies.

Win Prefixes
Color Gold Trophies
Dark Gray Free!
Gray 5
White 25
Cyan 50
Green 100
Yellow 200
Blue 300
Purple 400
Gold 500
Dark Green 750
Dark Blue 1,000
Dark Purple 2,500
Dark Red 5,000
Black 10,000

Particle Quality[]

Particle quality allows the player to choose the amount of particles present in game. There are 5 choices: None, Low, Medium, High, and Extreme. Medium, Low, and None reduces the amount of particles the player can see, whereas High shows all particles in game. Extreme removes particle rate limiting, meaning even more particles can be displayed at once.

Music Selection[]

Specific tracks that play on each map or in the pre-game lobby or after the game can be enabled or disabled in the music selection menu. There is also a setting to turn all of them on or off.


  • Temperature Gague - If enabled, the experience bar will display a temperature gague measuring heat which can display if the kart will burn out when hit by a fire flower or executing a drift. If disabled, the experience bar will display an indicator for drifting, displaying when a boost can be executed.
  • Lobby Resource Pack - Enables or disables the TKR resource pack when in the Classic Games lobby. It will load when entering the lobby and stay loaded in the lobby after leaving a TKR game.
  • Annoucer - Enables or disables the announcer voice that speaks at various points during the game.
  • Item Messages - Enables or disables the messages sent in chat when using various items in-game.


Image Name Release Date
File:Canyon (Turbo Kart Racers).png Canyon
File:Hypixel GP (Turbo Kart Racers).png Hypixel GP
File:Jungle Rush (Turbo Kart Racers).png Jungle Rush
File:Olympus (Turbo Kart Racers).png Olympus
File:Retro (Turbo Kart Racers).png Retro


There are 57 Achievements in Turbo Kart Racers, giving a total of 600 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
A Boost of Confidence Pass a player while using a mushroom 5
BA NA NA NA NA Hit a player with a banana 5
Chill Out Hit a target with all 8 snowballs from one item box 10
Coin Magnet Pickup 15 coins in a row 10
Coins Please Use the junkyard 5
Contender Claim a Grand Prix reward 10
Eat My Dust Finish a race within 2:30 15
Eternally Awesome Max all three parts for your kart 20
Flower Power Hit 3 different players with all 3 of your fire flowers 10
Front Man Finish all 3 laps in first place 10
Git hit! Hit a player with any projectile 5
Gettin' Paid Win a Pink Part as a gaming reward 15
Getting good! Complete a race 5
Honking Amazing Purchase a new horn 5
Honking Mad Use your horn 100 times in 1 race 5
I Can't See Anything! Get blinded by a squid 10
I'm Lucky Use the part roller 5
I've Seen It All Win a gold trophy on each of the five maps 15
Is this Survival Games? Hit 5 players with the Notched Sword in 1 race 5
Javelin's Rocket Successfully throw and hit 3 different players with green missiles in 1 game 5
Lapped While in 1st place, pass the player who is in last place 5
Mechanic Craft a kart part 5
Missile Mayhem Use all 3 types of missiles in 1 game 5
Modular Equip an engine, frame, and turbo charger 5
Never Lucky Get hit by more than 1 Blue Torpedo in 1 race 5
New Style Unlock a kart skin 5
Nope Deflect a missile with a notched sword 5
Seasonal Racer Earn a seasonal cosmetic from the Grand Prix 15
Show Off Win a gold trophy while wearing D. Goggles 10
Shut Down Shoot someone with a missile while they are on a booster pad 5
Sleeper Agent Win a gold trophy after being in last place 5
Slippery Have players hit your bananas 12 times in 1 game 10
Surface-to-air-missile Shoot someone while they are already in the air from an explosion 10
Tryharder! Win a trophy without using any items 10
Ungrateful Scrap a pink part 5
Victors Prize Drink your champagne after winning a race 5
Well-versed Use 9 different items in a single game 15

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Medalist I Get 5 trophies 5
II Get 25 trophies 10
III Get 100 trophies 15
IV Get 250 trophies 20
V Get 500 trophies 25
Mystery I Pickup 100 item boxes 5
II Pickup 500 item boxes 10
III Pickup 1,000 item boxes 15
IV Pickup 5,000 item boxes 20
V Pickup 10,000 item boxes 25
Racer I Complete 5 races 5
II Complete 25 races 10
III Complete 100 races 15
IV Complete 250 races 20
V Complete 500 races 25
TKR Banker I Earn 5,000 coins 5
II Earn 25,000 coins 10
III Earn 100,000 coins 15
IV Earn 250,000 coins 20
V Earn 500,000 coins 25


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