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"UHC Champions is a team based game consisting of a number of players per team. Here, natural regeneration is not present, and you can only heal by golden apples, potions, and the heads of dead players.

This gamemode involves custom crafting recipes and perks to help you survive in this hardcore world."

UHC Champions is a minigame added by the Hypixel Network.


UHC Champions is a game involving a team of 3, surviving against every other player. There are 37 teams (111 players). The game is similar to vanilla survival and PvP, so the amount of modification is minimal. Apart from the recipes and a few perks, as well as the border, this is a typical vanilla PvP game. Your team of 3 is randomly picked, or if you have a party you will be put into a team. The map is randomly made based on a random Minecraft seed whenever you join the game lobby, but ocean biomes are changed to be plains. Your team has 10 minutes to acquire as much resources as you can before the 'grace period' ends, and PvP is now turned on. Beware as the border (situated at around 1500,1500 on all sides as a square) will close in, meaning you cannot camp forever. After 60 minutes(Or if the player count is 15, time left to deathmatch will be reduced to 10 minutes) any remaining teams will be teleported to the arena, where they must fight until the last team wins.

If a player leaves the game, logs off, or gets banned in a game, they will turn into a zombie that has their face (or a random one), their armor (minus the helmet), whatever they were holding, and does not move. Killing the zombie will count as your kill and the message is “(player) was killed while disconnected!”


In UHC Champions, score earned in-game will count towards your rank. A kill scores 1 point and a win scores 10 points. Your title is noted by a star along with the number next to your name. Titles are cosmetic only, however they can be a way to judge a player's skill.

Title Score Needed
1 - Recruit 0
2 - Initiate 10
3 - Soldier 60
4 - Sergeant 210
5 - Knight 460
6 - Captain 960
7 - Centurion 1710
8 - Gladiator 2710
9 - Warlord 5210
10 - Champion 10210
11 - Champion 13210
12 - Bronze Champion 16210
13 - Silver Champion 19210
14 - Gold Champion 22210
15 - High Champion 25210


In the UHC Champions game lobby, users are given the option to team with other players. This is achieved by typing: "/team invite (playername)". This will make a team. Joining players accept the invite by typing: "/team accept (teamleader)". Only 3 people may be on a team at once. All team members will spawn in the same area, are unable to damage each other even after grace period, and are teleported to the deathmatch arena together. If a team member dies, and yet the team still wins, that team member will also receive the winning bonus. All your team members can be tracked with the compass.


Solo is a game mode where there are 70 players per game and pvp time after grace period is only 40 minutes. As stated above, If the player count becomes 20, the time left to deathmatch will be reduced to 15 minutes.

Crafting Recipe

A crafting recipe is an item which can be crafted by other means than the default Minecraft crafting, however most of them are merely easier ways to get certain harder items. There are currently 12 professions, all featuring 3 crafting recipes and 1 Ultimate. Maxing out professions will grant you access to purchase Extra Ultimates where there are currently 27 of them, meaning that there are a total of 75 crafting recipes.

Win Conditions

There are 3 ways to win a game of UHC Champions, either by killing all others before deathmatch, killing all others during deathmatch, or deathmatch timer ends. When the deathmatch timer ends and there are still opposing teams left alive, the team with the most kills will automatically win the match.

UHC Champions Shop


In UHC Champions, there are 10 different starter kits which can be chosen at the lobby shop. The kits are distributed to players immediately after being teleported in. The kits can also be upgraded in the Shop with coins. You always start at the default kit level, and can choose , but you can only have one active. Tier I costs 2500 coins, Tier II 7500 and Tier III 15000.

Kit Name Kit Tier I Tier II Tier III Prestige
Leather Armor Full Set of Leather Armor Full Set of Leather Armor (Protection I) Full Set of Leather Armor (Protection II) Full Set of Leather Armor (Protection III) Have a chance to instead spawn an enchanted piece of iron armor.
Enchanting Set 1 Book and 7 Bottles 2 Books and 10 Bottles 3 Books, 13 Bottles and 12 lapis 4 Books, 15 Bottles, 18 lapis and efficiency 3 unbreaking 1 stone pickaxe Have a chance to spawn with extra obsidian, enchanted books or sugar cane
Archery Set 3 String and 3 Feathers 4 String and 5 Feathers 5 String and 7 Feathers 6 String and 9 Feathers and an efficiency 3, unbreaking 1 stone shovel Have a chance to spawn with an extra bone, sugar cane, flint or arrows.
Stone Gear Full Set of Stone Tools Full Set of Stone Tools (Efficiency I) Full Set of Stone Tools (Efficiency II) Full Set of Stone Tools (Efficiency III, Unbreaking I) Have a chance to instead spawn with an enchanted iron sword, or an enchanted iron tool
Lunch Box 3 Steaks and 1 Apple 5 Steaks, 4 Carrots and 2 Apples 7 Steaks, 8 Carrots and 3 Apples 9 steaks, 12 carrots, 2 melon slices, 2 gold ingots and 3 apples Have a chance to spawn with carrots, glistening melons, gold ingots or cocoa beans
Looter 1 Bone and 1 Slime Ball 2 Bones, 2 Slime Balls and 1 Gun Powder 3 Bones, 2 Slime Balls, 1 Gunpowder and 1 Spider Eye 3 Bones, 3 Slime Balls, 2 Gun Powder and 2 Spider Eyes and a looting 1 stone sword Have a chance to spawn with a fermented spider eye, ink sack, magma cream or feathers
Ecologist 12 vines and 8 Lily Pads 15 vines, 16 lily pads and 4 sugar cane 18 vines, 32 lily pads and 8 sugar cane 21 vines, 64 lily pads, 12 sugar cane and an efficiency 3, unbreaking 1 stone pickaxe Have a chance to spawn with extra coal blocks, emeralds, wolf spawn eggs or cow spawn eggs
Farmer Stone Hoe, 1 Melon Seed, 1 Bonemeal Gold Hoe, Melon Slice, Carrot, 2 Bonemeal Iron Hoe, 2 Melon Slices, 2 Carrots, 3 Bonemeal Iron Hoe, 3 Melon Slices, 3 Carrots, 4 Bonemeal Have a chance to spawn with extra apples, a melon block, carrots or bones
Horseman 3 Leather, 3 Wheat 6 Leather, 5 Wheat, 2 string 9 Leather, 7 Wheat, 3 String

12 leather, 1 hay bale, 4 string, gold horse armor and a horse spawn egg

Have a chance to spawn with an extra saddle, diamond horse armor, golden carrots or a hay bale
Trapper 2 pistons, 2 sticky pistons, 10 redstones and 4 oak logs 4 pistons, 4 sticky pistons, 15 redstones, 8 oak logs 6 pistons, 6 sticky pistons, 20 redstones and 12 oak logs 8 pistons, 8 sticky pistons, 25 redstones and 16 oak logs Chance to spawn with extra sticky pistons, oak logs, a TNT minecart, or an efficiency 3 unbreaking 1 stone pickaxe


All professions are active at the same time.

Profession Name Description
Apperentice Upgrade your Apprentice Profession to for beginner items to help you get started.
Weaponsmithing Upgrade Weaponsmithing to craft new swords and gain the Berserk skill.Berserk perk gives you strength 1 upon killing players.
Armorsmithing Upgrade your armorsmith to unlock special armors as well as a Tenacity perk.Tenacity perk gives you resistance 1 upon killing a player.
Alchemy The alchemy profession specifies in brewing, upgrade it to get better potions and longer effects.
Survivalism Survivalism is the perfect profession for new players to upgrade. It increases your overall Resistance.
Engineering Upgrade your engineering profession to gather more resources as well as a Speed Mining perk.Speed mining perk gives you haste effect upon mining an ore.
Enchanting Upgrade your enchanting profession to obtain better enchantments as well as a Magnetism perk.Magnetism increases amount of exp you get upon killing mobs, mining ores etc.
Cooking Upgrade your cooking profession to increase your overall Regeneration as well as a Vitamins perk.Vitamins perk gives you absorption hearts during grace period.
Hunter The hunter profession is perfect if you like chasing people in the open.Tomb robber perk gives 1 gold nugget per kill but the amount of gold nuggets are counted for team.
Bloodcraft The bloodcraft uses player heads to craft powerful items as well as giving the user a celerity perk. This profession is very useful perk to craft extra ultimates.Celerity perk gives you speed 2 upon eating a head.
Toolsmithing Upgrade your Toolsmithing Profession to unlock special tools as well as a Fortune perk.
Invention Upgrade your Invention to unlcok useful and powerful craft as well as the Convenience perk.



Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per Game
Vorpal Sword
Iron Sword (Bane of Arthropods II, Smite II, Looting I) 3 (4 if prestiged)
Book of Sharpening
Book with Sharpness I enchantment 3 (4 if prestiged)
Power I Book
Book with Power I enchantment 3 (4 if prestiged)
Dragon Sword
Dragon Sword
Diamond Sword with base damage of 8, instead of 7. 1 (2 if prestiged)


Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per Game
Leather Economy
8 Leather 3 (4 if prestiged)
Book of Protection
Book with Protection I enchantment 3 (4 if prestiged)
Artemis' Book
Book with Projectile Protection I enchantment 3 (4 if prestiged)
Dragon Armor
Dragon Armor
Diamond Chestplate with Protection IV 1 (2 if prestiged)


Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per Game
Dust of Light (x8)
Glow powder
8 Glowstone 3 (4 if prestiged)
Brewing Artifact
Nether brew
1 Netherwart 3 (4 if prestiged)
Nectar (0:08)
Regeneration Potion II (0:08) 3 (4 if prestiged)
Nether Artifact
Blaze rod
Blaze Rod 1 (2 if prestiged)


Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per Game
Delicious Meal
10 Cooked Steak 3 (4 if prestiged)
Potion of Toughness (Resistance I Potion)
Resistance I Potion (2:00) 3 (4 if prestiged)
Spiked Armor
Spiked Armor
Green Leather Chestplate (Thorns I, Protection V) 3 (4 if prestiged)
Seven-league Boots
Super boot
Diamond Boots (Feather Falling III, Protection III) 1 (2 if prestiged)


Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per Game
Iron Economy (x10)
10 Iron Ingots 3 (4 if prestiged)
1 Obsidian 3 (4 if prestiged)
Super Helmet
Diamond Helmet (Protection I, Fire Protection I, Aqua Affinity III) 3 (4 If prestiged)
Philosopher's Pickaxe
Super Pickaxe
Diamond Pickaxe (Fortune II) - 3 Uses Only 1 (2 if prestiged)


Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per Game
Enlightening Pack (x8)
Enchant bottle
8 Bottle O' Enchanting 3 (4 if prestiged)
Light Anvil
1 Anvil 3 (4 if prestiged)
Light Enchanting Table
Enchant table
1 Enchanting Table 3 (4 if prestiged)
Book of Thoth
Enchant book
Book with Sharpness II, Protection III, Fire Aspect I and Power II 1 (2 if prestiged)


Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per Game
Eve's Temptation (x2)
2 Apples 3 (4 if prestiged)
Healing Fruit
1 Melon 3 (4 if prestiged)
Holy Water (2:00)
Absorb potion
Absorption II Potion (2:00) 3 (4 if prestiged)
Light Apple
Light Apple
Golden Apple 1 (2 if prestiged)


Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per Game
Golden Head
Gold head
Player Head (Regeneration II 0:10, Absorption 2:00 - for your entire team) 3 (4 if prestiged)
Pandora's Box
Super box
Gives you a random powerful item (chance to spawn an enderdragon) 3 (4 if prestiged)
Health Potion
Instant Health IV Potion (16 Hearts) 3 (4 if prestiged)
Cupid's Bow
Flame bow
Bow (Power II, Flame I) 1 (2 if prestiged)


Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per Game
Arrow Economy (x20)
20 Arrows 3 (4 if prestiged)
Saddle 3 (4 if prestiged)
Potion of Velocity (0:12)
Speed Potion
Speed III Potion (0:12) 3 (4 If prestiged)
Super Wolf
Tamed Wolf (Spawns at 2 hearts, but has 20 health max. Fenrir also has Speed II permanently) 1 (2 if prestiged)


Craft Name How to craft Resulting Item Crafts Per game
Furnace that will smelt 10 items instantly (iron and gold ore only), disappears after smelting the 10 items 3
Quick Pick
Quick Pick
Iron Pickaxe (Efficiency I) 3
Lumberjack Axe
Lumberjack's Axe
Iron Axe, drops all log blocks adjacent to the one you strike and the ones adjacent to them. 3
Enchantment Book
Enchantment Book
Act like level 30 enchantment when used with any item in an anvil 1


Craft Name How to Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per game
Apprentice Helmet
Apprentice Helmet
Iron Helmet (Protection I, Fire Protection I, Blast Protection I, Projectile Protection I) 1
Apprentice Sword
Apprentice Sword
Iron Sword

Gain Sharpness I after 10 minutes

Gain Sharpness II after 15 minutes

Gain Sharpness III after 25 minutes

Gain Sharpness IV at start of Deathmatch

Cannot be used on Anvil or Enchanting Table

Apprentice Bow
Apprentice Bow

Gain Power I after 10 minutes

Gain Power II after 15 minutes

Gain Power III after 25 minutes

Gain Power IV at start of deathmatch

Cannot be used on Anvil or Enchanting Table

Master's Compass
Master's Compass
Compass that track nearest player at or above ground level 1


Craft Name How to Craft Resulting Item Crafts Per game
Gold Pack
10 gold ingots 3
Sugar Rush
4 Sugar Cane 3
A private storage that gives 27 inventory slots 1
Fusion Armor *Shapeless Craft*

Each craft will give random piece of diamond armor, each armor with Protection IV.

While wearing full set: Resistance I


Extra Ultimates

Every Extra Ultimate has 1 Craft per game only.

Craft Name How To Craft Resulting Item
Artemis' Bow
Artemis' Bow
Bow (Power III, can't be enchanted, 25% chance Homing Arrows(Homing arrows don't hit as Power 3 arrows they hit as unenchanted arrows))
Flask of Ichor
Flask of Ichor
Splash Damage III Potion (12 Hearts)
Diamond Helmet (Upon hitting a player with sword or bow, gain Regen for 2.5 seconds, totals to 1 heart per hit. Regen does not chain)
Hide of Leviathan
Hide of Leviathan
Diamond Leggings (Respiration III and Protection IV and Aqua Affinity I)
Tablets of Destiny
Table of Destiny
Book with Sharpness III, Protection IV, Power III, Fire Aspect I
Axe of Perun
Axe of Perun
Gold Axe (3.5 hearts of raw damage, creates a lighting that deals 1.5 hearts, 4 seconds cooldown)
Iron Sword (Sharpness II, While holding gives Resistance I and Speed I)
Death's Scythe
Death's Scythe
Iron Hoe (Damage dealt will be 20% of the target's current health, bypassses armor)
Chest of Fate
Chest of Fate
Chest (May give you a Absorption X and Speed II 2:00 Potion or explode, dealing 10 hearts)
Cornucopia x3
3 Golden Carrots (Saturation I 10:00, Regeneration I 0:10)
Essence of Yggdrasil x32
Essence of Yggdrasil
Gain 30 EXP levels when solo, Gain 15 EXP levels to user and 8 EXP levels to teammates
Voidbox x2
2 Ender Chests
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina
Resistance IV Potion (0:10)
Dice of God
Dice of God
End Portal - Gives random Extra Ultimate (Will never give itself, Daredevil, and Chest of Fate)
King's Rod
King's Rod
Fishing Rod (Luck of the Sea X, Lure V, Unbreaking X)
Horse Spawn Egg (Horse has Max Speed, Max Jump and Max Health)
Diamond Sword (2 hearts of damage on hit, along with 2 hearts+knockback of explosion, 3 seconds cooldown on explosion)
Flask of Cleansing
Flask of Cleansing
Splash potion that remove enemies potion effect and pervent them from healing for 20 seconds
Shoes of Vidar
Shoes of Vidar
Diamond Boots (Depth Strider II, Unbreaking III, Projectile Protection II, Thorns I)
Potion of Vitality
Potion of Vitality
Splash potion (Speed II 0:12, Regeneration II 0:08, Weakness II 0:12, Wither II 0:06)
Miner's Blessing
Miner's Blessing
Diamond Pickaxe, Provide Saturation III when holding

Every 100 durability used gives regeneration I for 5 seconds

Every 250 durability used adds 1 level of Sharpness and Efficiency

Glowstone powder. when used, buffs all potions in a brewing stand to level III and reduces duration to 1 minute if above
Diamond Sword (Sharpness I)

Gain Sharpness II After 1 kill

Gain Sharpness III after 3 kill

Gain Sharpness IV after 6 kill

Gain Sharpness V after 10 kill

Modular Bow
Modular Bow
Bow (Punch I)

Left click to switch mode

Mode 1: Punch I, Mode 2: Poison I, Mode 3: Lightning(1.5 hearts)

Expert Seal
Expert Seal

Nether Star. Right click will increase every item's enchantment by 1 level in user's inventory

Hermes' Boots
Hermes' Boots
Diamond Boots (Protection III, Feather Falling I, Unbreaking II)

Provide wearer with 10% increase movement speed

Barbarian Chestplate
Barbarian Chestplate
Diamond Chestplate (Protection I)

While wearing: Provide Strength I, Resistance I

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Perk Name Effect Cost
Convenience 5% chance to drop double Sand, Flint or Obsidian and +1 Efficiency when mining these blocks 50

Quest Master


Type Title Description Rewards
Daily Team UHC Champions 1. Play 1 game of Team UHC Champions

2. Kill 1 player in Team UHC Champions

2500 Hypixel Experience, 1500 UHC Champions Coins
Solo UHC Champions 1. Play 1 game of Solo UHC Champions

2. Kill 1 player in Solo UHC Champions

2500 Hypixel Experience, 1500 UHC Champions Coins
UHC Deathmatch Kill 2 players during a UHC Champions Deathmatch 2500 Hypixel Experience, 1500 UHC Champions Coins
Weekly UHC Champions Kill 20 players in UHC Champions 15000 Hypixel Experience, 5000 UHC Champions Coins


Title Description Rewards
Longshot Challenge Hit an enemy from at least 60 blocks away with an arrow. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Perfect Start Challenge Don't take any damage during the Grace Period. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Hunter Challenge Obtain at least 5 kills before the start of Deathmatch. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Threat Challenge Deal at least 50 damage to enemy players during a game. 2400 Hypixel Experience

Tips and Tricks

  • Nether is enabled, and gives fire resistance for 30 seconds and coins when you enter.
  • Blazes spawn randomly in the nether, unlike vanilla.
  • The world is 1.8 ( world borders ) but it uses 1.7 enchanting system.
  • Health potions are allowed, but regeneration potions are not.
  • Strength and Speed potion have been nerfed, so sprint-jump with speed as it is faster than just sprinting.
  • Picking up dead players heads and using them will give your entire team 3 hearts of regeneration.
  • When starting out, you'll want to move further inwards if you are going to be mining for optimal time use. If mine further out be prepared to flee the border upwards and inwards. Be warned that mining a stair up from bedrock can wear out an iron pick.
  • When knowing you are going to PvP with just iron armor, run around the map a lot from border to border, its a great way of scouting.
  • Sheep will drop pork on death, as well as wool. Remember that sheep are valuable food sources.
  • Teamwork is vital. Permanently splitting up can and usually does end with disastrous consequences, and if one of your players is taking all the ingots out of your furnace, there's a huge chance your team will lose, as fighting solo is not a great thing even with all the gear. If you're splitting up, have a contingency plan or choose to meet up after, say, getting full iron or finding a ravine. Share resources. UHC Champions is a team game, and you must work like one.
  • Ravines are excellent signs of success, with iron galore and even the odd diamond. Keep watch for these!
  • Death by Lava, Cacti, and suffocation will not yield a head. If you plan killing your teammates, you will not receive a head. (Team-killing is a punishable offence)
  • Remember to choose your kit, as Leather Armor is not useful, Archery Set is a great kit because bows are essential.

Aspects of Chance

Pandora's box

The current items that you can get in a pandora's box are the following, however, the chances of each item appearing is unknown yet.

  • 1 Instant Health II Potion (4 hearts)
  • 1 Instant Health III Potion (8 hearts)
  • 1 Instant Health IV Potion (16 hearts)
  • 1 Golden Apple
  • 2 Golden Apples
  • 3 Golden Apples
  • 8 Gold Ingots
  • 12 Gold Ingots
  • 16 Gold Ingots
  • 24 Gold Ingots
  • 3 Diamonds
  • 5 Diamonds
  • 7 Diamonds
  • 24 Experience Bottles
  • 32 Experience Bottles
  • 48 Experience Bottles
  • Book of Sharpness III
  • Book of Sharpness IV
  • Book of Fire Aspect I
  • Book of Fire Aspect II
  • Book of Flame I
  • Book of Power IV
  • Strength II + Speed II Potion (1 minute)
  • Speed II + Absorption III Potion (1 minute)
  • Strength II + Instant Health III Potion (1 minute)
  • Enderdragon (Turns the box into an enderdragon and goes to 0,0. It will hang around there and may attack people that show up.)
  • Slap Fish (Sharpness III Raw Fish)
  • A chest with nothing in it
  • A Cool Potato


  • UHC Champions has the highest maximum amount of players that can be in a game, which is 111 in Teams mode.
  • UHC Champions is the longest minigame, lasting 70 minutes.
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