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Warlords Lobby Info Board


Warlords Domination - Cinematic Trailer Minecraft Animation

"Warlords takes Minecraft minigames to the next level, featuring our very own custom 3D textured weapons, custom sounds, and many other exciting features within our custom resourcepack. This minigame offers three different gamemodes, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Domination.

After your epic battles have ended you can test your luck in the lobby to repair your weapons in an attempt to gain one of custom 3D textured legendary weapons!"

Warlords is a competitive minigame on the Hypixel server inspired by World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.


Capture The Flag[]

In Capture the Flag you are required to steal the opposing team's flag and bring it back to your flag - if it's still there - to capture it. You cannot capture the opponents flag if they have stolen yours. Keep your flag safe at all costs! Overtime, Flag Carriers will keep stacking +10% damage taken as time goes on . If you successfully capture the opposing team's flag, you will gain +250 points for your team. You can gain points by killing players (+5) as well. Gain 1000 points for your team to win the game!

  • 1 Kill = 5 points
  • Flag Capture = 250 points
  • Win = 1000 points or *550 points difference

*Note: If there is a difference of 550 points between the two teams after 5 minutes into the game, the team with more points will Win.

TIP: When rushing the flag, make sure to collect the Speed Boost to help you get away from the powerful abilities of the melee classes. When you have the flag, you will become majorly target by the enemy team. Also remember to work AS A TEAM. It is also a good plan to allocate people to follow the roles of either being on the defensive or offensive. 5 defending and 7 attacking is a combo, but always remember to work as a team and stay together. Communication is VITAL.


In Domination, you are required to capture/dominate the 5 control points that are located around the battlefield and marked by a beacon beam..

  • Gain 2 points every second per point captured. More captured points equals more points gained.
  • 1st team with 2000 points wins
  • 30v30

The current control points are as follows:

  • Stables
  • Mines
  • Blacksmith
  • Lumbermill
  • Farm
  • Overgrowth
  • Sanctum
  • Spire
  • Fisherhouse
  • Stump
  • Butchers
  • Bridge
  • Quarry

All control points are 'neutral' at the start of the game. Your team needs to try to 'assault' each control point before other teams do. After standing on a control point for a few seconds, the game will broadcast that the control point has been assaulted by your team. After 40 seconds, it will be successfully captured. Each control point your team captures adds to your score multiplier per second. You don't gain any points for killing players. Gain a score of 2000 points and your team rises victorious! 

TIP: Make sure to memorize the map and look for the beacon beams of each point. Always remember to work as a team and communicate. Have someone defending the controlled points at all times so when it comes under attack, they can pass an alert to teammates inorder to defend or retake the point.

Team Deathmatch[]

In Team Death Match, your aim is to gain as many points as you can for your team by killing the enemy team. Reach 1000 points and victory is yours!

  • 1 Kill = 15 points
  • Win = 1000 points



Each skill/combat upgrade costs coins. Remember that these upgrades DON'T carry over to each class, each upgrade increases your class level by 1.

Warlords lobby

Warlords lobby

Skill upgrades:[]

  1. 1560 coins
  2. 2350 coins
  3. 3750 coins
  4. 6400 coins (Level 15 required)
  5. 11500 coins (Level 25 required)
  6. 21900 coins (Level 35 required)
  7. 43750 coins (Level 45 required)
  8. 97900 coins (Level 55 required)
  9. 202500 coins (Level 80 required)
Warlords class selection

Class selection

Class combat upgrades:[]

  1. 780 coins
  2. 1175 coins
  3. 1875 coins
  4. 3200 coins (Level 15 required)
  5. 5750 coins (Level 25 required)
  6. 10950 coins (Level 35 required)
  7. 21875 coins (Level 45 required)
  8. 45950 coins (Level 55 required)
  9. 101250 coins (Level 80 required)
    Warlords Shop


Earning coins[]

Method Amount
Kill 4 coins
Assist 4 coins
Flag capture 20 coins
Reaching 250 point mark in any gamemode 20 coins
Lose 20 coins
Win 40 coins


All numbers seen are Base Numbers at LV00 with the starter weapon equipped and are bound to change when upgraded and/or a different weapon is equipped.

- Mage[]

The mage has access to powerful Arcane, Fire, Ice and Water magic. The Mage class is very well bounded to their purpose per specialization and makes them ideal in many ways during battle, their main purposes are well served.

- Warrior[]

The Warrior uses brute force to overpower his opponents in melee combat or to defend his allies. A powerful class that deals high amounts of damage, a class great for protecting and attacking along with it's powerful knockback.

- Paladin[]

The Paladin's strongest ally is the light. He uses it to empower his Weapon in order to vanquish foes and protect teammates. A class well served for support in buffing and sustaining allies and debuffing enemies making it a great tide changer in battle.

- Shaman[]

The Shaman has an unbreakable bond with nature! This grants him access to devastating abilities that are empowered by the elements of the earth! With powerful abilities dealing good damage/healing to rapid attacks, the Shaman class is a great class for dealing tons of damage and being supportive.

Nerfs and Buffs will take into consideration of a classes/specializations performance on the battlefield. A class/specialization with poor performance will likely be buffed and a class with too good of a performance will be nerfed. But a class with a decent to good performance will either have little to no changes. Although, damage/healing dealt and taken that is to overpowered or underpowered will undergo a skill specific change.

Combat Upgrades[]

Name Effect
Health Upgrade Increases base health by 1% per upgrade until final upgrade for 2%.
Energy Upgrade Increases maximum energy by 2 per upgrade until final upgrade for 4.
Cooldown Upgrade Reduces skill cooldown by 1% per upgrade until final upgrade for 2%.
Crit Chance Upgrade Increases crit chance by 0.5% per upgrade until final upgrade for 1%.
Crit Multiplier Upgrade Increases crit multiplier by 2.5% per upgrade until final upgrade for 5%.

Resource Pack[]

You will need to have the Hypixel Warlords Resource Pack in order to play. It will automatically download when you join the Warlords lobby, depending on your server settings. Make sure they are set to 'Enabled'. If you are having problems, type /resourcehelp in-game. To get the resource pack again, type /resource. It is also recommended that you have Optifine installed to reduce lag, increase your FPS (frames per second) and boost the resource compatibility. 

Cosmetic items[]

Armor Sets & Helms[]

A cosmetic item for your head. Each class has a different piece of headgear.

Cosmetic Armor to complement your hat. The armor pieces are the same for each class.

Type Prefix Requires
Helmet Simple None
Greater VIP+ (Lv.35+)
Masterwork MVP (Lv.70+)
Legendary lv90
Chestplate Simple None
Greater VIP+ (Lv.35+)
Masterwork MVP (Lv.70+)


Noble Steed (Default) - The most noble of steed.

Undying Mare (Cost:5000) - Raised by forces unknown, this terrifying beast will server you well in the arena.

Corpse Mare (Cost:5000) - The will of this mare to serve was so strong that it overcame death itself.

[VIP] War Horse (Cost:50000) - Inspire your teammates with this majestic beast.

[VIP] Battle Beast (Cost:50000) - The first and last thing your enemies will see.

[VIP] Raging Stallion (Cost:50000) - Few have tamed the black nightmare that is the Raging Stallion. Are you one of the brave?


In shop you can set up 3 different things: Particle Quality, Hotkey Mode, and Auto Skill Mode.

Particle Quality[]

Allows you to control, or disable, particles and the amount of them

  • High Quality - Shows all particles for the best experience.
  • Medium Quality - Reduces the amount of particles seen.
  • Low Quality - Heavily reduces the amount of particles you will see.

Hotkey Mode[]


New hotkey mode allows you to instantly activate your skills the moment you press the hotkey without having to right-click and then switch back to your primary weapon/skill. It's recommended to rebind Mount button (hotbar slot 8) to something else such as Z for the best experience.


Classic hotkey mode won't change anything.

Auto Skill Mode[]

Auto Skill Mode attempts to automatically activate your main weapon ability whenever you left click on a player! This mode is aimed at new players to help them get started and make sure they are using their abilities. Auto skill will always keep your energy above 50% to make sure you can still use your other abilities. Note: This mode only works with melee classes (Warrior and Paladin)


Repairing Weapons[]

Repairing Weapons allows you to repair any broken weapons you get for winning games/quests, when clicked. Repaired weapons are totally random. Better rarity means more different and better stats.


  • Common: 70%, 1 stat + skill bonus
  • Rare: 28.9%, 2 stats + skill bonus
  • Epic: 2%, 3 stats + skill bonus
  • Legendary: 0.2%, 4 stats + skill bonus

Crafting, Forging, Rerolling and Salvaging[]

Salvage the weapons you don't want anymore in order to get crafting materials. Use the Magic Dust and Void Shards you've gathered to craft weapons for your currently selected class specialization or to upgrade your equipped weapon.

For a list of weapons see Warlords Weapons.

MD = Magic Dust, VS = Void Shard Common Rare Epic Legendary
Salvaging 1-2 MD 3-5 MD or 1 VS (5%) 3-5 VS 30-40 VS
Crafting - 25 MD 250 MD

(lv25 required)

100 VS

(lv60 required)

Forging - - 100 MD then 200 MD 100 VS then 150 VS then 250 VS then 400 VS
Stats Reroll 1 MD or 50 coins 5 MD or 200 coins 50 MD or 2,500 coins 10 VS or 10,000 coins


Epic and legendary weapons can be forged to make their stats better. Epic weapons can be upgraded once, legendary weapons twice. Crafted weapons and Playstreak weapons have twice the slots than repaired ones.

TIP: It is highly recommended that you craft new weapons and upgrade them for better stats. An easy way to get lots of Magic Dust and Void Shards is to complete the Weekly Quest: Dedication, which will give you 200 Magic Dust and 15 Void Shards.

Weapons Inventory[]

Weapons Inventory allows you to equip your repaired weapons. Try selecting weapons that have benefits for your selected class and specialization. Stats are boosted with every forge:

Note: Upgrading will not be guaranteed to upgrade all stats (except damage) depending on the weapon, although this can be changed through re-rolling in attempt to get the perfect weapon. Crit. Chance and Crit. Multiplier are not upgraded.

  • Damage: +7.5% per upgrade
  • Skill bonus: +7.5% per upgrade
  • Health: +25% per upgrade
  • Max. energy: +10% per upgrade
  • Cooldown reduction: +7.5% per upgrade
  • Speed: +7.5% per upgrade

Weapon Skins[]

Change the cosmetic appearance of your weapon to better suit your tastes, weapon skins have no impact gameplay directly. The weapon skins cost Mystery Dust.

Rarity Skins
Common Training Sword, Walking Stick, Hammer, Hatchet, Scimitar, Steel Sword, Bludgeon, Pike, Claws, Orc Axe
Rare World Tree Branch, Golden Gladius, Gem Axe, Halberd, Venomstrike, Stone Mallet, Mandibles, Cudgel, Doubleaxe, Demonblade
Epic Runic Axe, Tenderizer, Runeblade, Nethersteel Katana, Gemcrusher, Zweireaper, Nomegusta, Flamereaver, Diamondspark, Katar, Hammer of Light, Elven Greatsword, Magmasword, Divine Reach, Lunar Relic
Legendary Felflame Blade, Void Edge, Gemini, Amaranth, Armblade, Abbadon, Frostbite, Enderfist, Drakefang, Broccomace, Void Twig, Ruby Thorn

NOTE: Felflame Blade, Armblade, Void Edge, Gemini and Amaranth are obtainable via Weaponsmith with Mystery Dust only. (Other skins can be on weapon by default)

Re-skin Costs[]

NOTE: You can only re-skin your weapon to the rarity of your weapon or lower.

  • Re-skinning a Common will cost 1 Mystery Dust.
  • Re-skinning a Rare will cost 4 Mystery Dust.
  • Re-skinning an Epic will cost 12 Mystery Dust.
  • Re-skinning a Legendary will cost 25 Mystery Dust.

Quest Master[]


Type Title Description Reward
Daily Capture the Flag Complete 1 match with at least 10 kills or assists in Capture the Flag. 4,620 Hypixel Experience
3,000 Warlords Coins
3 Broken Weapons
Team Deathmatch Complete 1 match with at least 10 kills or assists in Team Deathmatch. 4,620 Hypixel Experience
3,000 Warlords Coins
3 Broken Weapons
Domination Complete 1 match with at least 15 kills or assists in Domination. 4,620 Hypixel Experience
3,000 Warlords Coins
3 Broken Weapons
Victorious Win 1 match of Warlords. 4,620 Hypixel Experience
3,000 Warlords Coins
3 Broken Weapons
Carry, Secured! 30 points for kills/assists on the enemy flag carrier
15 points for kills/assists near allied flag carrier
100 points for capturing a flag
30 points for capturing a domination point
5 points for TDM kills/assists
*Out of 100
4,620 Hypixel Experience
3,000 Warlords Coins
3 Broken Weapons
Weekly Dedication Complete 30 matches with at least 10 kills or assists in any game mode. 26,400 Hypixel Experience
10,000 Warlords Coins
200 Magic Dust
15 Void Shards
15 Broken Weapons
All Star Deal 1,500,000 total damage
Heal 1,500,000 total health
16,500 Hypixel Experience
10,000 Warlords Coins
100 Magic Dust
5 Void Shards
10 Broken Weapons


Title Description Rewards
Support Heal at least 125000 HP on your teammates during a game. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Brute Reach the top damage leaderboard at the end of the game. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Capture Capture a flag. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Carry End a game with at least 3 times more kills than deaths in TDM. 3,700 Hypixel Experience


There are 110 Achievements in Warlords, giving a total of 1,380 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Are You Kidding Me!? Salvage a Legendary weapon 10
Avenger's Wrath Get a double strike kill when under the effect of Avenger's Wrath 5
Bearing Gifts Heal yourself and 5 allies with 1 skill 10
Beep Beep! Capture a flag while under the effect of the speed powerup 10
Capture The Win! Capture 3 flags in one game of CTF 10
Chain Kill Kill two players within 5 seconds of each other 5
Collateral Damage Kill 2 players with one Chain Lighting 10
Coming Through! Get a kill while under the Berserk Ultimate 5
Complete Boot Camp Play a game with every specialization 10
Eagle Eyed Kill a player in TDM within 30 seconds of respawning 10
Extensive Training Unlock all the Combat Upgrades for a class 10
Feeling Special Change your weapon's appearance using the Skin Selector 5
Giddy Up! Unlcok a mount variation 10
Green Is Love, Green Is Life Pick up the healing powerup while having less than 100 health remaining 10
Hammer of Destruction Hit 10 targets with only 1 Hammer of Light 5
I Got You Bro Use Intervene on a player who is below 500 HP 5
I Have to Concentrate Get a kill with Consecrate 5
I...Must...Resist Completely fill up your Broken Weapons inventory 10
It Shines Prestige a class 15
It's My Pleasure Damage 5 enemies with 1 skill 10
Juiced Up! Get a killing blow on an enemy player while under the effect of the damage powerup 10
Legen...Wait For It...Dary! Recieve a Legendary weapon from the Weaponsmith 15
Lifeleech Heal yourself for a total of at least 1000 health with the Earthliving weapon 5
Mad Skills, Yo! Unlock all the Skill Upgrades for a class 10
Makin' Some Room Salvage a Weapon 5
Medium Rare Recieve a Rare weapon from The Weaponsmith 5
Nifty Survive a game of Team Deathmatch with at least one kill, without dying yourself 10
On Top Place in the top 3 for both damage and healing at the end of the game 15
Power Up Collect 6 powerups in 1 game 10
Purple Power! Recieve an Epic weapon from The Weaponsmith 10
Right on Time! Capture a flag with less than 1 minute remaining 10
Shards for Glory Fully max a crafted Legendary weapon 15
Slow Down There Kill someone with a Freezing Breath while holding a flag 10
Solo Carry Have a combined total of 350k damage/healing in 1 game 15
Super Powers Have 3 powerups active at the same time 15
Super Soaker Shoot a Water Bolt that simultaneously lands a killing blow on an enemy that had less than 75% health remaining 10
Supernatural Delay 10,000 damage with a single spirits' respite, then survive the full duration of death's debt 10
Surprise Attack Get a kill at least 50 blocks away with Flame Burst 5
That Was Easy Win by 500 points in Team Deathmatch 5
The First Of Many Get a Broken Weapon repaired by The Weaponsmith 5
This Better Be Good! Perform a Stats Reroll on a Legendary weapon 10
Total Domination Capture all domination points at once 5
Undead Army Revive 4 players with a single undying army 10
Warlord Obtain Lv90 with any class 10
World Travel Visit all 5 points in a single Domination game 5

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Anger Management I Obtain Lv10 with the Warrior class 5
II Obtain Lv20 with the Warrior class 10
III Obtain Lv40 with the Warrior class 15
IV Obtain Lv60 with the Warrior class 20
V Obtain Lv80 with the Warrior class 25
CTF Objective I Capture or return 5 flags 5
II Capture or return 20 flags 10
III Capture or return 50 flags 15
IV Capture or return 100 flags 20
V Capture or return 250 flags 25
Deathmatched I Win 10 games of Team Deathmatch 5
II Win 50 games of Team Deathmatch 10
III Win 100 games of Team Deathmatch 15
IV Win 250 games of Team Deathmatch 20
V Win 500 games of Team Deathmatch 25
Domination Objective I Capture 5 points in domination 5
II Capture 20 points in domination 10
III Capture 50 points in domination 15
IV Capture 100 points in domination 20
V Capture 250 points in domination 25
Dominator I Win 5 games of Domination 5
II Win 25 games of Domination 10
III Win 100 games of Domination 15
IV Win 250 games of Domination 20
V Win 500 games of Domination 25
Icy Hot I Obtain Lv10 with the Mage class 5
II Obtain Lv20 with the Mage class 10
III Obtain Lv40 with the Mage class 15
IV Obtain Lv60 with the Mage class 20
V Obtain Lv80 with the Mage class 25
Kill Secured I Kill 50 players in any game mode 5
II Kill 250 players in any game mode 10
III Kill 1,000 players in any game mode 15
IV Kill 5,000 players in any game mode 20
V Kill 20,000 players in any game mode 25
Knight of Justice I Obtain Lv10 with the Paladin class 5
II Obtain Lv20 with the Paladin class 10
III Obtain Lv40 with the Paladin class 15
IV Obtain Lv60 with the Paladin class 20
V Obtain Lv80 with the Paladin class 25
Master of the Elements I Obtain Lv10 with the Shaman class 5
II Obtain Lv20 with the Shaman class 10
III Obtain Lv40 with the Shaman class 15
IV Obtain Lv60 with the Shaman class 20
V Obtain Lv80 with the Shaman class 25
Quit Stealing My Kills! I Earn 20 assists in any game mode 5
II Earn 100 assists in any game mode 10
III Earn 500 assists in any game mode 15
IV Earn 2,500 assists in any game mode 20
V Earn 12,500 assists in any game mode 25
RNG God Offerings I Get 10 Broken Weapons repaired by The Weaponsmith 5
II Get 50 Broken Weapons repaired by The Weaponsmith 10
III Get 250 Broken Weapons repaired by The Weaponsmith 15
IV Get 1,250 Broken Weapons repaired by The Weaponsmith 20
V Get 6,000 Broken Weapons repaired by The Weaponsmith 25
Spoils of War I Earn 10,000 coins in Warlords 5
II Earn 50,000 coins in Warlords 10
III Earn 250,000 coins in Warlords 15
IV Earn 500,000 coins in Warlords 20
V Earn 1,000,000 coins in Warlords 25
Vexillologist I Win 10 games of Capture the Flag 5
II Win 50 games of Capture the Flag 10
III Win 100 games of Capture the Flag 15
IV Win 250 games of Capture the Flag 20
V Win 500 games of Capture the Flag 25

Tips & Tricks[]


Power-Ups spawn throughout the battlefield, mostly in buildings. Currently there are 3 types of Power-Ups:

  • Speed Power-Up: Increases the player's speed by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • Damage Power-Up: Increases the player's damage by 20% for 30 seconds
  • Healing Power-Up: Heals the player at a rate of 10% per second, lasting for 10 seconds. Will be cancelled if you take damage.


The main trick with using mounts is to use them only when necessary. Keep in mind that the 15s cooldown only starts when you dismount the horse. Also it is better to not mount when close to a group of enemies, since you automatically dismount if taking any damage. Note: You also dismount from using ANY skills, whether it be your sword skill (Right-Click), or a class skill (Seismic Wave). 

TIP: Always jump, hold your sprint key, and use the mount... this will allow you to mount and automatically start sprinting on the horse, not breaking your sprint.


A great way to deal high damage and power through groups is to use certain skills in combination. (I will mainly give tips on Warrior since it is my primary class.) Example: (Warrior) If you see a group of enemies first use your Berserk, giving you a damage bonus however taking 10% more damage, then use Bloodlust, healing 50% of the damage you deal for 12s. Then use your Seismic Wave and your Ground Slam when you are low on health and tadah you will be healed! Also dealing extra damage too. The best combo is [DMG Power up + Bloodlust + Berserk] = 55% Extra damage + 50% Heal, it's amazing!


The Art of strafing is useful in almost any PVP game out there. It's the same in Warlords. For those of you who do not know, strafing is moving in circular motions around the enemy making it harder for them to hit you. It doesn't work AS well in Warlords since you can use your Weapon Ability on players within 1 block behind you... So keep this in mind, just strafe at a distance...

Focus on 1 class[]

This is more common sense. Anyone who wants to be really good or get a higher level, focuses on one class. Example: I have Level 5 PAL, Level 2 Mage, and Level 52 Warrior. Focusing a class will not only allow you to gain higher levels faster, but it will let you get comfortable with that type of play.


Lots of people don't realize how much defending can get you. Some of my best games where I went 30 kills 15 Assists and 0 deaths were from defending. Sure it isn't as action packed, but you will often gain lots of coins and little deaths...since there aren't many defending. (Unless the other team either leaves or doesn't know how to play, defending is very helpful.)


I would make sure you are aware of every ability a class has (or the general knowledge of it) this will allow you to prepare to fight against foes. Like when you see a Mage set down Time Warp, just go over to the cloud and start swinging, they'll teleport back within 6 seconds. It is also good knowledge to know the locations of power-ups in each map as it may save you or even boost your abilities for a short while. 


This is pretty simple. Basically know what your skill does, also consider how much energy you have when preparing to use an ability. Example: Warrior's Seismic Wave does no damage if you cast it while looking at the ground. However, if you cast it while looking at an enemy (generally 5-6 blocks away) it will harm them. Or if you are trying to use hammer of light on the ground, look down instead of throwing it in the wrong place. Note: Also Ground Slam does not require you to aim like Seismic Wave does! It will damage anyone in the radius, I would use it for running away since it knocks people back!


Common sense...you can get 14.5k coins daily and 12 Broken weapons (+Network XP) per day just for winning a game, and getting 10 or 15 of either kills or assists...Some people may not see the point, but when you reach higher levels, that 14.5k per day is really nice. And if you do the weekly quest it gives you 10k which is a total of 111.5k coins every week.


The games are usually short so you can rack up those wins. A good way to farm coins is Domination. This is due to the mass amount of people and how the games normally last longer. You get the same amount of coins for a kill as you do an assist! Even though Domination is long, you can get a heck lot of coins if you play it right, like healing a lot with the aquamancer or doing consencrate and hammer of light for protector and much more.

Useful commands[]

  • /resourcehelp - This gives you information about receiving the resource pack and troubleshooting.
  • /resource - This attempts to re-send you the resource pack.
  • /bg - Attempts to send you the resource pack.
  • /newcontrol - Toggles the ability to select/use the # slot of your skill, rather than right-clicking to use it.
  • /disabledamagemessages - This stops the attack and healing chat messages in-game.
  • /disablehints - Disables in-game hints.
  • /pq high/medium/low/off - Changes the level of particles appearing.


  • Warlords is the first minigame with 3D models on Hypixel.
  • Warlords is one of the minigames on Hypixel that require downloading a mod and applying it.


Release date: Feb 21, 2015

Date Content
January 12, 2017 Four addition maps were added!

Two Domination, one Capture the flag, and one Team Deathmatch.

  • Capture the Flag - Atherrough Valley
  • Team Deathmatch - Siege
  • Domination - Neolithic
  • Domination - Thornhill
Jul 24, 2015 Team Deathmatch mode release!

, New Quests + Achievements* Achievements

    • Eagle Eyed (Kill a player in TDM within 30 seconds of respawning)
    • Chain Kill (Kill two players within 5 seconds of each other)
    • Nifty (Survive a game of Team Deathmatch with at least one kill, without dying yourself)
    • Vexillologist (Win games of Capture the Flag)
    • Dominator (Win games of Domination)
    • Deathmatched (Win games of Team Deathmatch)
  • Quest
    • Kill or Assist 10 players in Warlords TDM

Balance Changes

  • Shaman
    • Thunderlord
      • Chain Lightning's base energy cost has been increased from 20 to 30.
      • Chain Lightning's upgrades now also reduces its energy cost by a maximum of 10.
      • Chain Lightning's additional targets has been reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Earthwarden
      • Earthen Spike's base Crit Multipler has been reduced from 175% to 150%.
      • Boulder's base Crit Multipler has been reduced from 175% to 150%.
      • Boulder's impact radius has been reduced from 5 to 4.
  • Mage
    • Pyromancer
      • EPS has been reduced from 13 to 10.
      • EPH has been increased from 5 to 7.
  • Paladin
    • Protector
      • EPH has been increased from 5 to 10

Team Balancing

Arcade Coin Conversion

May 7, 2015 Shaman release!
May 4, 2015 New Class: The Shaman

(not playable), New Features* Hotkey Mode

  • Play Streaks
  • Salvage All button
  • Lobby Improvements
  • Rewritten Projectile System

Gameplay Changes

  • The chance of finding a Legendary from repairing a broken weapon has been increased.
  • Healing power up no longer removed if you damage someone (still removed if you take damage!)
  • No longer can punch horses when a specatator!
  • Cursor Tooltips at the end of the game for Top Damage / Healing
  • Power up respawns now are random on Domination
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players spawned at the enemy spawn.
  • Time Warp now dismounts players as intended

Class Changes

  • Paladin
    • all specializations
      • Consecrate's base damage has been increased by approximately 50%.
      • Consecrate's duration has been reduced by 1 second, causing it to deal all of its damage faster.
      • Consecrate's cooldown has been reduced by 2 seconds.
    • Avenger & Crusader
      • The class upgrades for Consecrate now increase its damage by up to 20% rather than lowering its cooldown.
    • Crusader
      • The specialization's passive damage reduction has been reduced to 10%.​
  • Mage
    • all specializations
      • The class upgrade for Time Warp has been reduced from 15% to 10% extra healing when fully upgraded.
    • Cryomancer & Aquamancer
      • Freezing Breath and Water Breath should now hit players more reliably when using them against players at close range.
    • Pyromancer
      • Energy gained per second (EPS) has been increased from 10 to 13.
    • Cryomancer
      • Ice Barrier's duration has been reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.
      • Freezing Breath's slow has been reduced from 40% to 30%.
      • Energy gained per hit (EPH) has been reduced from 10 to 7.​
  • Warrior
    • Berserker
      • Blood Lust’s base effect has been reduced from 50% to 40% damage-to-health conversion.
      • The class upgrade for Blood Lust has been reduced from 50% increased duration to 25%increased duration.
    • Defender
      • Last Stand's duration on teammates has been increased from 6 to 8 seconds.
      • Last Stand's base effectiveness on teammates has been increased from 15% damage reduction to 25% damage reduction.
      • The specialization's base health has been increased from 5000 to 5500.
Apr 1, 2015
Warlords Horse update
Mar 6, 2015 Crafting & Forging
  • Introduced

Class Balance

  • Mage
    • all specializations
      • Mage primary skills (Fireball, Frostbolt, and Water Bolt) now have an optimal range. When the spell travels beyond that optimal range, it starts losing 2% effectiveness for each additional block travelled, down to a minimum of 20% effectiveness. These optimal ranges are:
        • Fireball: 50
        • Frostbolt: 30
        • Water Bolt: 40
      • Time Warp now has an additional mechanic. Upon teleportation, the Mage will be healed for 20% of their total health. Time Warp upgrades now also increase this value.
      • Time Warp’s cooldown has been increased from 40 to 50 seconds.
  • Paladin
    • Protector
      • Hammer of Light’s damage and healing have been increased by approximately 25%.
      • Hammer of Light’s duration has been reduced from 8 to 6 seconds.
      • Hammer of Light’s cooldown has been reduced from 120 to 90 seconds.

Bug Fixes & Performance

  • Fixed a bug where the Healing powerup wasn't always cancelled upon taking damage and would last for the full duration regardless.
  • Optimized the mount system a little to increase the overall server performance.

Legendary Weapon Skins

  • Felflame Blade
  • Armblade
  • Void Edge
  • Gemini
  • Amaranth
Feb 27, 2015 Class Balance & Bug Fixes
  • Warrior
    • all specializations
      • Seismic Wave's energy cost was reduced from 40 to 30.
  • Warrior
    • Defender
      • Intervene: Protect the targeted ally, reducing the damage they take by 100% and redirecting 75% of the damage they would have taken back to you. Lasts 3 seconds.
      • Intervene's cooldown was also increased to 20 seconds (was 16 seconds) to compensate for the improved mechanics.
        • Last Stand: Enter a defensive stance, reducing all damage you take by 50% for 12 seconds and also reduces all damage nearby allies take by 15% for 6 seconds. You are healed for the amount of damage prevented on allies.
        • Also fixed an issue which caused Last Stand to prevent less damage than intended on allies
        • Last Stand: Enter a defensive stance, reducing all damage you take by 50% for 12 seconds and also reduces all damage nearby allies take by 15% for 6 seconds. You are healed for the amount of damage prevented on allies.
        • Also fixed an issue which caused Last Stand to prevent less damage than intended on allies.
  • Paladin
    • Avenger
      • Avenger's Wrath cooldown has been reduced from 120 to 90 seconds.
      • The Ultimate Skill Upgrade for the Avenger specialization now reduces the cooldown of Avenger's Wrath by a maximum of 25%, down from 50%.
      • Fixed an issue with Avenger's Strike while Avenger's Wrath was active where it tried to hit enemies around the player rather than around the targeted enemy player. It will now hit up to 2 additional enemy players that are within 5 blocks of the targeted enemy player.

Maps Update & Fixes

  • Domination
    • The RED base slope decline is now exactly like the one from the BLU base, making mount acceleration at the start of the game equal for both teams.
    • Fixed a map exploit in the RED spawn that caused players to be able to leave the pre-game area before the game started.
  • CTF
    • The BLU graveyard has been moved backwards slightly to match the RED team's graveyard.
    • Decreased the size of the BLU team powerup huts to match the ones from the RED team.
    • Some of the powerup huts have been slightly moved to further balance the time it takes for both teams to get to them.
    • The giant tree stump in the center of the map has also been moved slightly.
    • Slightly modified the BLU side ramp to prevent players from running over one of the walls.
    • Removed some of the vines from the wall above the BLU base tunnel to prevent players from climbing it.
    • Fixed a map exploit related to climbing one of the trees near one of the BLU powerup huts.


  • Salvaging Weapons now reward players with Magic Dust and Void Shards instead of coins. These new materials will be used for weapon crafting, weapon stats rerolling, and possibly other features in the near future.
Feb 25, 2015 General
  • Blocks can not longer be destroyed after the game has ended.


  • Freezing Breath now recalculates damage for each enemy hit rather than hitting them all for the same amount.


  • Corrected a wording issue on one of the Paladin upgrades that was displaying '%3%'.
  • Warriors tracks life leeched as intended now. Old data will be migrated.


  • Playerloop split into multiple parts:
    • Allowing the server to run updates for a fraction of all players in each tick.
    • Spreads load equally - even on high playercounts.
  • Frequency of inventory updates scaled down to be more efficient.
  • Inventory doesn't always update when not needed.
  • Energy now updates at a much faster rate. (visual)
  • Skill names now show "Right-Click" regardless of energy or cooldown status. (visual)
  • The weapon stats and the first skill description now alternate faster between one another when clicking on them via the player inventory. (visual)
  • Weapon tooltips no longer update if the inventory is closed.
Feb 25, 2015 Class Balance & Bug Fixes
  • Warrior
    • all specializations
      • Seismic Wave's base damage was reduced by approximately 12.54%.
      • Seismic Wave's base Crit Multiplier was reduced from 175% to 150%.
      • Seismic Wave's energy cost was increased from 20 to 40.
      • Ground Slam's energy cost was increased from 15 to 30.
    • Berserker
      • Berserk's movement speed bonus was reduced from 40% to 30%.
  • Mage
    • all specializations
      • Fixed an issue where Arcane Shield was only taking the Mage's base health into account. It will now scale with Health bonuses from weapons and combat upgrades.
    • Cryomancer
      • Fixed an issue where Ice Barrier wasn't always reducing the damage taken from skills.
    • Aquamancer
      • Fixed an issue with Water Breath that caused it to sometimes heal multiple players for less than intended.


  • Reduced the rank requirement on Tier 3 class helms from MVP+ to MVP.
  • Added the first phase of the Anti-AFK system. You now require 3 kills/assists combined or capture at least one flag in CTF to get your rewards at the end of the game. This includes both coins and Broken Weapons. This system will be improved in the near future.
  • We have added new sounds for the lobby that play when a player finds an Epic or a Legendary weapon. The Epic weapon sound plays only for the player while the Legendary one plays for the entire lobby.
  • You can no longer salvage Legendary weapons.
Feb 23, 2015 Performance
  • To address the server performance issues, we've ordered new dedicated server and they should be arriving soon. These will greatly help with the lag some of you have experience in-game. We do not currently have an ETA.
  • In the meantime, we've split the CTF games into 2 categories: Mini CTF and Mega CTF. This is to ensure that you guys can get the best playing experience possible while we work on getting the new servers setup. The player limit per game is set to 24 for Mini CTF and 32 for Mega CTF.
  • Optimized the particle performance of each class by approximately 50%. Results will vary based on your hardware and Particle Quality setting, located in the Warlords lobby shop.
  • We also optimized the performance of both maps for some users.

Party System

  • Due to an issue with teams earlier today, we had to restrict party size to 2 players maximum. We have now resolved the issue and as a result, you can once again play with your friends in a party of up to 5 players!

Class Balance & Bug Fixes

  • Mage
    • Cryomancer
      • Fixed an issue that caused slowing abilities to slow for a smaller amount than intended.
      • Fixed an issue where damage reduction was calculated after Arcane Shield's absorption effect rather than before, causing the spec's baseline reduction to damage taken, Ice Barrier, and a Defender's Last Stand to not be taken into account while Arcane Shield was active.
      • Increased the baseline damage reduction from 10 to 20%.
      • Increased the baseline slow of Freezing Breath to 40%.
      • Increased the baseline slow of Ice Barrier to 40% when hit by a melee attack.
      • Increased energy per hit from 5 to 10.
  • Paladin
    • all specializations
      • Increased the radius of Holy Radiance from 4 to 6 blocks.


  • Fixed an issue that caused control point beacons to no longer change color in the Domination game mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to have an extremely high amount of hearts on their UI after reconnecting.