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These are the official rules that are to be followed everywhere on this wiki, including but not limited to editing, forum posts and profile messages. If you have any questions or other concerns regarding the rules, feel free to ask on the wiki forums.


  • Before editing, make sure that your information is correct. If a new player looking for information was to get false answers, it may very well end up with that same player leaving the entire network. This is especially important on the Rules pages.


  • Vandalism is the act of intentionally damaging a page, either by removing correct information or by inserting false information, especially things unrelated to the subject. This results in an instant block from any further wiki editing.


  • While the forums are a great way to communicate with your fellow editors & readers, things such as harassment and flaming are not allowed. Friendly discussion is encouraged, but remain civil.
  • Do not create threads or posts just to advertise; this incudes Hypixel-related things that aren't helping the intended discussion.
  • In the help section, do not troll those asking for help. If you're going to post, then make sure your post is helpful; this includes answering an already answered question without any new relevant information.
  • Do not create threads in the Announcements section. This is reserved for staff members.


There will be severe punishments if you break these rules.