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Wool Wars


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[3]Wool Wars is a competitive arena game where two teams of four battle to take control of the center and kill their enemies. It is based off of or takes inspiration from Battle Box, a minigame from the Minecraft Championships events. The game was released to the Prototype Lobby for public testing on March 15, 2022[1] and received a full release on May 11, 2022.[2]


Two teams for four, Red and Blue, are placed in polar opposites of an arena. At the center lies a 3x3 control point consisting of a random arrangement of wool, snow, and quartz blocks. Players cannot respawn until the next round.

Each game has 3 rounds. When a round starts, both teams are released from their starting rooms and begin to attack the opposing team or fill and defend the center. Each team's goal is to fill or have the majority of their team's wool fill the center at the end of the round. A round ends when the center is completely one color or the time runs out. The first team to 3 victories (best out of 5) wins the game.


Before the round, you can choose between 6 different classes. Each class has a unique set of items with different strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles based on the class. Each class also has a unique Keystone Ability that gives them a short buff once per round.


With the highest base defenses and a powerful shield and recovery, this kit can control middle and dominate the enemy!

The Tank is an armored class with slightly high armor and slightly low melee options. Users spawn with a nearly complete Leather Armor set (excluding the helmet) and a wooden sword. The Tank's Keystone Ability is GIGAHEAL, which gives the user Regeneration 4 for two seconds.


With good tools, potions, and a powerful blast of TNT, secure the middle for a few seconds and victory is within grasp!

Assault is an agressive class with a moderate amount of everything. Users spawn with a leather tunic and pants, a wooden sword, a splash potion of instant healing, and a great tool setup consisting of an iron pickaxe, stone shovel, and shears. Assault's Keystone Ability is KNOCKBACK TNT, which places down an exploding TNT that deals no damage but knocks back any opponents.


Low in armor and weak in melee, the archer has to use its superior mobility to kite its marks and its bow to finish the fight!

The Archer is a ranged class with high mobility but low armor and melee options. Users spawn with a bow, six arrows, a wooden axe, and permanent Speed 2, but only have Leather Boots for armor. Upon landing a bowshot, archers will retain the used arrow. The Archer's Keystone Ability is STEP BACK, which launches them backwards on command.


Using their powerful sword and swiftness, they can cut through any enemies in his way to achieve victory.

The Swordsman is a balanced melee class with a few combat items and moderate armor. Users spawn with a stone sword and splash potion of instant healing, along with leather pants and boots. The Swordsman's Keystone Ability is SPRINT, which gives them a Speed 2 buff for three seconds.


Powered down, the golem lacks all but a hard hitting offense, but for a few seconds, the golem can become the toughest entity around!

The Golem is a burst class that's mainly vulnerable, but can become highly armored for a short period with its Keystone Ability. Users spawn with a stone sword and golden boots (with Projectile Protection 2), leaving them vulnerable in fights unless they use their Keystone Ability. The Golem's Keystone Ability is GOLDEN SHELL, which gives a nearly full set of Golden Armor with Protection 2 for five seconds.


A great all purpose class that can lock middle for several seconds to give your team an edge!

The Engineer is an all-around class that takes a balanced ability from each class. The Engineer's Keystone Ability is HACK, which prevents the opponents from placing or breaking any blocks in the center for five seconds.


Image Name Release Date
AnvilWoolWars Anvil January 27, 2023[4]
BarnyardWoolWars Barnyard
CactusWoolWars Cactus
CyberWoolWars Cyber
GardenWoolWars Garden
HeroesPassWoolWars Heroes Pass
HordeWoolWars Horde
Wilderness Wool Wars Wilderness
BelleWoolWars Belle May 12, 2022[2]
BlocksWoolWars Blocks
DistrictWoolWars District
FractureWoolWars Fracture
HistoireWoolWars Histoire
LavaWoolWars Lava
PatioWoolWars Patio
PlummetWoolWars Plummet
SteelWorksWoolWars Steel Works
SunShrineWoolWars Sun Shrine
Dust Wool Wars Dust May 3, 2022[5]
Golem Wool Wars Golem
Kingspass Wool Wars King's Pass
Ruin Wool Wars Ruin
Tumble Wool Wars Tumble
Underworld Wool Wars Underworld
Aztec Wool Wars Aztec April 1, 2022[6]
Factory Wool Wars Factory
Anubisv2 Wool Wars Anubis v2 March 23, 2022[7]
Shipment Wool Wars Shipment
Stoneguard Wool Wars Stoneguard
Courtyard Wool Wars Courtyard March 16, 2022[8]
Galactic Wool Wars Galactic
Hilltop Wool Wars Hilltop
Anubisv1 Wool Wars Anubis v1 March 15, 2022[1]
Arches Wool Wars Arches
Retro Wool Wars Retro
Temple Wool Wars Temple



The Wool Wars Shop contains various cosmetics as well as prestige icons and in-game settings. Instead of coins which are traditionally used in other lobbies, Wool Wars uses wool as its currency.

My Cosmetics[]

The My Cosmetics menu contains general cosmetics such as Projectile Trails, Kill Messages, and Hats as well as custom Barriers just for Wool Wars.

Projectile Trails
Name Rarity Cost (Wool)
None None Free
Notes Common 500
Black Smoke
White Smoke
Magic Rare 1,000
Blue Dust
Red Dust
Purple Dust
Angry Villager
Roses Event Shop
Fire Epic 2,500
Green Star
Flame Rings Event Shop
Let There Be Leather 2,500
Candy Basket [Confirm?]
Hearts Legendary 10,000
Pumpkin Volley Event Shop
Twirling Snowflakes
Wool Wars Level Tournament Hall
Kill Messages
Name Rarity Cost (Wool)
None None Free
Fire Common 500
Love Rare 1,000
Pirate Epic 2,500
Heat Wave
Let Them Eat Cake Anniversary Bingo
Name Rarity Cost (Wool)
None None Free
Barrier Block Common 500
Sand Epic 2,500
Nether Bricks
Rainbow Legendary 10,000
Summer View Event Shop
Bee (ANIMATED) 10,000
Bubble Gum (ANIMATED)
Blossom (ANIMATED)
Rainbow (ANIMATED)
Name Rarity Cost (Wool)
None None Free
Librarian Common 500
Mr. Toad
Potty Mouth
Mushroom Rare 1,000
Tree Man
Troll Hat
Space Helmet
Polar Bear
Chroma Slime Epic 2,500
Demon Eyes
Evil Eye
Broken TV
Golden Cow
Diamond Pig
Gold Rush
Team Wool
Bee King
Hypixel Legendary 10,000
Enchanted Gold
Enchanted Diamond
Enchanted Emerald
Death Cries
Name Rarity Cost (Wool)
None None Free
Bazinga Common 500
Deflated Toy
Grumpy Villager
Sad Puppy
Monster Burp
Enderman Rare 1,000
Robot Mouse
Ding Epic 2,500
Sad Moo
Aww Legendary 10,000
Name Rarity Cost (Wool)
None None Free
No Common 500
Thumbs Down
Thumbs Up
LOL Rare 1,000
Celebration Popper
Winky Face Epic 2,500
Creeper Scream
No 1 Legendary 10,000
Cry Face

Prestige Icons[]

Prestige Icons mostly require reaching different Arcs to unlock them. They appear before your level number in chat.

Icon Name Requirements
Sheep Prestige Icon Free
First Arc Prestige Icon First Arc
Second Arc Prestige Icon Second Arc
Third Arc Prestige Icon Third Arc
Fourth Arc Prestige Icon Fourth Arc
Fifth Arc Prestige Icon Fifth Arc
Sixth Arc Prestige Icon Sixth Arc
Final Arc Prestige Icon Final Arc
Full Rainbow Prestige Icon Full Rainbow
Void Sheep Prestige Icon Void Sheep

Game Settings[]

There are currently three toggleable settings for Wool Wars.

  • Pre-round Bow Firing: Toggle being able to fire arrows during pre-round.
  • Pre-round Potion Splash: Toggle being able to throw potions during pre-round.
  • Projectile Trails: Toggle the visibilty of projectile trails.


There are 30 Achievements in Wool Wars, giving a total of 380 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Ace Win a 2-2 match while being the only one left alive 5
Secret Achievement: Enderman Go through 15 portals in one round 10
First Blood Be the first player to kill an enemy 5
It's Dark Down There Fall into the void 5
Keystone Activate a Keystone Ability 5
Merciless Kill 8 enemies in one game of Wool Wars 10
Stock Pile Collect 8 powerups in one game of Wool Wars 10
Survivor Win a game of Wool Wars without dying 10
Top Killer Win a game while being the top killer 5
True Leader Win while having the most kills and wool placed/broken 15

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Mountain of Wool I Earn 50 wool 5
II Earn 100 wool 10
III Earn 500 wool 15
IV Earn 2,500 wool 20
V Earn 10,000 wool 25
Wool Contest I Break/place 50 blocks in Wool Wars 5
II Break/place 100 blocks in Wool Wars 10
III Break/place 500 blocks in Wool Wars 15
IV Break/place 2,500 blocks in Wool Wars 20
V Break/place 10,000 blocks in Wool Wars 25
Wool Killer I Kill 50 players in Wool Wars 5
II Kill 100 players in Wool Wars 10
III Kill 500 players in Wool Wars 15
IV Kill 2,500 players in Wool Wars 20
V Kill 10,000 players in Wool Wars 25
Wool Warrior I Win 10 games of Wool Wars 5
II Win 25 games of Wool Wars 10
III Win 100 games of Wool Wars 15
IV Win 500 games of Wool Wars 20
V Win 2,500 games of Wool Wars 25


There have been two modern tournaments hosted for Wool Wars.

Wool Wars - First Iteration[]

The first Wool Wars tournament was announced on August 18, 2023 [9] and took place from August 25 to 27, 2023, though was abruptly cancelled just a few hours before the 48 hour mark due to an issue with the matchmaking/queuing system. Hypixel offered participation rewards [10] and decided to re-run the tournament after two weeks.

The following participation rewards were given:

  • Anyone who has played at least 1 game gets 20 tributes, then for every 10 games played they gain another 10 tributes up to a maximum of 100 tributes.
  • Wool Wars Wool:
    • 75+ games played = 100,000
    • 50+ games played = 50,000
    • 25+ games played = 25,000
  • Random crafted mystery box for 75+ games played

Six maps were used for the first iteration of the tournament, these being Patio, Histoire, Plummet, Temple, Sun Shrine and District.

This tournament has a limit of 100 games before blocking tournament progress. Bracket changes are determined by points earned in a round, which are obtained through round wins and game wins.

Wool Wars (2nd Iteration/rerun)[]

The second Wool Wars tournament was announced on September 1, 2023 [11] and took place from September 8 to 10, 2023. It was the seventh mode to have a repeat tournament, but the only one to be rerun due to a cancelled tournament. The only gameplay difference is the reduction of maximum games to 80 (from 100), though changes to matchmaking code (all tournaments will use a single queue) were also completed to help with tournaments going forward. An updated game statistics system was also introduced.

The same six maps were re-used for the second iteration of the tournament, these being Patio, Histoire, Plummet, Temple, Sun Shrine and District.

This tournament had a limit of 80 games before blocking tournament progress. Bracket changes are determined by points earned in a round, which are obtained through round wins and game wins.

There were 8 winners of this tournament, each tying with 3,932 points and 80 wins / 80 games played. These players include ThomasGomagug (Also known as VacuolateBeef24), maniacl, Andrewss, Rastik, carhson, dianlte, Yxelt, and EpicArcher.


  • On parts of the Network and API, Wool Wars is labeled as "Wool Games"