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Bed Wars

"This polarising map with a unique layout is back after taking a short break.​"

Zarzul is a Solo/Doubles map for Bed Wars released on August 22, 2019. It was first removed on May 12, 2020,[2] revived on July 5, 2020,[3] and removed again on February 12, 2021.[4]

It's a fast iron 48 block side rush with a medium-paced and quite relaxed gameplay. Diamond islands are located in the same way as Crypt, Crogorm and Impere; between two siderushes and on the back of the map. Due to the diagonal rush being the same length as the side, double rushes can happen every so often; however, thanks to the bed facing the side rush, most people rush that way. Middle is filled with trees, with the central one being a very useful shortcut when collecting emeralds, and base interiors are very detailed.