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Zombies is an round-based survival Arcade game where players fight against waves of zombies in an attempt to stay alive as long as possible. By working together as a team, players can earn better weapon and gear and unlock new areas to face the increasingly difficult rounds. The game is the spiritual successor to the Blocking Dead but with a more structured and challenging gameplay style. Zombies was released to the Prototype Lobby on July 5, 2017[1] and officially released to Arcade on June 21, 2018 alongside Hide and Seek.[2]


Four players spawn with a basic starter pistol, which can be used to shoot at zombies, and a knife, a melee weapon not recommended to use as often. Spawning zombies each have different quirks and abilities, and new types will spawn over the course of the game. Special bosses will also spawn on predetermined rounds with different ones depending on the map. Zombies will usually come out windows covered with wooden slabs which they will break, and the windows can be repaired by sneaking next to them, granting extra gold.

Gear such as weapons and armor are found throught the map and can be purchased with gold obtained from shooting zombies or repairing windows. Gold is also used to unlock new areas with further areas granting better and better gear. Perks can also be bought and used after turning on the Power Switch in the Power Station.

If players are "downed" (loose all their health), teammates can revive them by holding sneak near their body. If someone is not revived quickly enough, they will die and lose their perks but not weapons. If the team successfuly completes the round, downed players will automatically come back at spawn in the following round, but if all players are downed, the game is game over. The win conditions vary between maps.

Dead End[]

The original Zombies map. Stranded in the middle of a city, make your way through the high rises to battle the undead!


  • Normal Zombie - Appears in all rounds. (has armor, and a weapon selected depending on wave, later on appearing in swarms).
  • Empowered Zombie - Is faster and stronger than Normal Zombies. Appears in rounds 7-17.
  • Pig Zombie - Is immune to fire effects from fire weapons (e.g. flame bullet perk and flamethrower). Especially vulnerable to critical hits. Appears in rounds 2-19.
  • Magma Zombie - Splits into 3 magma cubes when killed. Appears in rounds 12-20.
  • Li'l Bombie - Explodes when it dies. Appears in rounds 5-25.
  • Fire Zombie - Sets you on fire if it attacks you. Appears in rounds 11-20.
  • Zombie Wolf - A wolf that is faster than Normal Zombies and can enter through windows without needing to break as much of the barricades. Appears in rounds 4-29, and is the only mob on round 26.
  • Blaze - Same as a Blaze in vanilla Minecraft but it can't move and does not deal melee damage, but has the most health of any non-boss mob. Appears in rounds 15-18.
  • Skelefish - Has a bow which shoots out arrows like a vanilla Minecraft skeleton; If an arrow hits a player it will spawn a silverfish. Appears in rounds 21-28.
  • Guardian Zombie - The second most dangerous zombie. Periodically fires laser beams at their opponents similarly to a Guardian. Appears in rounds 22-30.
  • Ender Zombie - The most dangerous zombie. Immune to knockback and the effects of the Elder Gun, gains speed when attacked, and spawns an Endermite on death. Endermites teleport to you if you're too far away. Appears in rounds 23-30.


  • Bombie - First boss of the map. Explodes once every 2.5 seconds, and summons Li'l Bombies at the same time. Appears in round 10.
  • Inferno - Second boss of the map. Lights you on fire when it attacks at melee, periodically shoots fireballs, and leaves a temporary trail of fire wherever it goes. Appears in round 20.
  • Broodmother - Final boss of the map. Periodically fires lasers at all nearby players simultaneously. Appears in round 30.

Bad Blood[]

After crashing into the courtyard of a beautiful mansion, fend off zombies as you uncover the secrets hidden within!


  • Normal Zombie - Appears in rounds 1-30 (Armor + weapon changes depending on wave, later on appearing in swarms).
  • Slime Zombie - Health is a little bit higher than a normal zombie; It can knockback player some distance. Appears in rounds 2-10.
  • Slime - Very low health and 0 attack damage. Appears in rounds 3-10 (Produced by King Slime in round 10)
  • Witch - Same as a witch in vanilla Minecraft, it throws 5 seconds poison potion and instant damage potion to you. It can drink potions of swiftness and potions of healing. Appears in rounds 4-17.
  • Pig Zombie - Same as a Dead End pig zombie. Appears in rounds 8-28.
  • Zombie Wolf - Same as a Dead End zombie wolf. Appears in rounds 5-25.
  • Werewolf - Wolf-headed zombie with high health and good attack damage. Appears in rounds 5-25.
  • Wither Zombie - Health same as normal zombie but with high attack power. Appears in rounds 11-20.
  • Wither Skeleton - The second most dangerous zombie. The carved pumpkin on it's head can block a single headshot before shattering. It will spawn at the any corner of the map. Appears in rounds 12-20.
  • Invisible Zombie - It's whole body is invisible expect for it's head, which can be hard to spot until it's very close to you. Not to mention it can cause high damage, especially in swarms. Appears in rounds 21-30.
  • Creeper - Pursues you and explodes if it gets too close. Appears in round 22.
  • Charged Creeper - Same as a creeper, But if you shoot it, it explodes. Appears in rounds 22-29.
  • Herobrine's Minion - The most dangerous zombie, other than Herobrine himself. It can teleport arbitrarily to confuse you. Appears in rounds 24-30, and is the only mob to spawn in round 26.

Special Enemies[]

These are mostly enemies that spawn in certain locations of the map when a player unlocks those areas.

  • Adam - Spawns in the Library alongside Steve when a player unlocks the Library.
  • Steve - Spawns in the Library alongside Adam as previously mentioned.
  • Cave Spider - A threat that spawns in a group of 5 when the Crypt is opened. They are a minor threat but can ambush easily is one does not take caution.
  • Gertrude - Spawns in the Graveyard.
  • Clarence - Spawns when the power switch is activated, and will lightning-strike any player outdoors, essentially taking up the role of a de-facto mini-boss.
  • Lily - Spawns at the last wave of round 5 alongside Ellie.
  • Ellie - Spawns at the last wave of round 5 with Lily, a baby wolf with high damage, and can poop and explode.


  • King Slime - Boss that appears on round 10.
    • Occasionally produces slimes while alive.
  • Wither - Boss that appears on round 20.
    • Attacks normally like it does in vanilla Minecraft, but with decreased damage.
    • Can knock a single player 1-6 blocks high
    • Has an inferno attack to set all nearby players on fire.
    • Can summon lightning strikes to all nearby players.
  • Herobrine - The final boss that spawns in round 30.
    • Occasionally spawns minions and invisible zombies.
    • Can arbitrarily teleport, much like his minions.
    • Runs fast enough to match a sprinting player.

Alien Arcadium[]

Extraterrestrial Zombies have attacked! Battle alien creatures and save the theme park from destruction.


  • Alien - Three-eyed cannon fodder. Appears in rounds 1-50.
  • Eye Hunter - Shoots arrows at you. Appears in rounds 1-79.
  • Pig Zombie - Same as Dead End and Bad Blood pig zombie. Appears in rounds 2-42.
  • Worm Zombie - A decently weak type of zombie that will spawn a smaller variant when killed. Appears in rounds 5-98.
  • Space Grunt - Similar to the Empowered Zombie. Appears in rounds 3-36.
  • Space Blaster - A zombie with a blaster to shoot you, it causes little damage but is a significant threat in swarms. However, in the round 60 and after, baby variants spawn with 250 HP and increased attack damage. Appears in rounds 6-99.
  • Chagluglu - A floating squid, otherwise not very powerful. Appears in rounds 19-49.
  • Ghast - A normal vanilla Minecraft Ghast, but is immobilized and upside-down. Attack damage is very low. Appears in rounds 18-47.
  • Iron Golem - An iron golem that chases players and mostly deals knockback. Appears in rounds 20-100.
  • Blob (Slime) - A slime that spawns tiny but quickly grows in size. Appears in rounds 10-47.
  • Blob (Magma Cube) - Similar to a blob. Appears in rounds 26-97.
  • Sentinel - Similar to the Invisible zombie in the bad blood, and usually spawn in large clusters. Appears in rounds 12-95.
  • Rainbow Zombie - A single-eyed alien with rainbow leather armor and a rainbow-rifle. Like Space Blasters they aren't too much of a threat on their own but get overwhelming in groups. Appears in rounds 8-49.
  • Clown - A clown that throws explosive pies at players. Appears in rounds 13-100.
  • Giant - A very powerful Giant zombie that runs quickly and can down players very quickly, though they will typically spawn after an audio cue. Appears in rounds 15-53.

Round 30+[]

Due to Alien Arcadium ending at round 105 instead of the standard round 30, there are many mobs that are exclusive to rounds past 30, and are significantly more threatening than any other to come before them. Only the most skilled and organized of players typically get to catch a glimpse of these enemies in-game.

  • Zombie Wolf - Same as the zombies wolves in Dead End and Bad Blood but even more dangerous than the wolves that spawn in RIP difficulty of Dead End. Appears in rounds 61-93.
  • Da Bomb - Explodes on death. Appears in rounds 66-98.
  • Blaze - Same Blazes from Dead End, but with more health and more damage. Appears in rounds 64-95.
  • Fire Lord - A fire zombie that can melt you and cause high damage, it will produce magma cubes (Not the same as blobs) when it attacks. Appears in rounds 65-97.
  • Molten Zombie - Zombie than can melt you and cause high damage. Appears in rounds 65-97.
  • Guardian Zombie - Dead End guardian zombies but even more dangerous. Appears in rounds 89-99
  • Charged Creeper - Same as a creeper, But if you shoot it, it explodes (Unlike a Bad Blood Charged Creeper, it causes very high damage). Appears in rounds 48-96.
  • Rainbow Giant - Existential threat. Similar to a giant, but has rainbow leather armor and a golden sword (Carries a diamond sword on round 85 and onwards). Appears in rounds 54-100.
  • The Old One - The second most dangerous zombie with high speed, attack and health. Appears in rounds 40-105.


  • World Ender - Final boss that appears in round 101. Must be killed with 5 seconds of spawning, or else it will suddenly kill all players.


The cells of the undead have been opened! Save yourselves and escape from the Prison!



Sometimes when a Zombie is killed, one of several collectables are randomly dropped. Players can activate these Perks by walking over them.

  • Insta-Kill (10 Seconds) - Kills any Zombie in one hit. (Expect Adam, Steve, Lily, Ellie, Clarence, Ghast, Giants, Boss)
  • Max Ammo - Refills everyone's guns and ammo.
  • Double Gold (30 Seconds) - Grants double the gold for killing Zombies or repairing windows.
  • Shopping Spree (20 Seconds) - Lucky Chest price decreases to 100 gold. Will appear randomly on rounds 5, 6 or 7, and is then guaranteed to appear on rounds ending with the respective number (e.g. if found on round 6, round 16, 26 and 36 will all give Shopping Spree again). Cannot appear on rounds 25 or 35. Exclusive to Alien Arcadium.
  • Carpenter - Repairs all windows and gives all players 200 gold. Exclusive to Alien Arcadium.
  • Bonus gold - Gives all players 500 gold and only appears once in a game. it will randomly appears in round 1-15. Exclusive to Alien Arcadium.


Warning: Most perks are lost upon death.

  • Ultimate Machine (1500 Gold) - Upgrades your weapon. Some weapons can be upgraded more than once. Upgraded weapons are kept upon death.
  • Flame Bullets (750 Gold) - Lights enemies on fire, unless they are immune to fire. Exclusive to Dead End.
  • Frozen Bullets (1000 Gold) - Slows down zombies by -25% for a few seconds).
  • Speed (500 Gold) - Gives you a Speed boost.
  • Fast Revive (500 Gold) - Time to revive other players decreases from 1.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds.
  • Quick Fire (1000 Gold) - Increases fire rate by roughly 25%.
  • Extra Health (1000 Gold) - Increase HP by 5 hearts in Dead End.
  • Extra Weapon (1500 Gold) - Gain third weapon slot.
  • Team Machine:
    • Ammo Supply (1000 gold) - Refills all ammo clips for all players.
    • Full Revive (2000 gold) - Revives all dead and downed players.
    • Dragons Wrath (3000 gold, it will increase 1000 golds each time when you use it) - Kills all zombies in a 15 block radius of the team machine after a short delay.


Armor can be found and purchased throughout the maps. It is not sequential (so for example, you do not need to buy leather armour

Armor type Price (Dead End) Price (Bad Blood)
Leather HelmetLeather Chestplate Leather Helmet & Chestplate 50 golds 100 golds
Leather LeggingsLeather Boots Leather Leggings & Boots 75 golds N/A
Gold HelmetGold Chestplate Gold Helmet & Chestplate 500 golds N/A
Gold LeggingsGold Boots Gold Leggings & Boots N/A 400 golds
Iron HelmetIron Chestplate Iron Helmet & Chestplate 800 golds 800 golds
Iron LeggingsIron Boots Iron Leggings & Boots 700 golds 700 golds

On Alien Arcadium, the Armor has to be upgraded.

Armor type Price
Leather HelmetLeather Chestplate Leather LeggingsLeather Boots Leather Set 500 gold
Gold HelmetGold Chestplate Gold LeggingsGold Boots Gold Set 1,000 gold
Iron HelmetIron ChestplateIron LeggingsIron Boots Iron Set 2,000 gold
Diamond Boots Diamond Boots 5,000 gold
Diamond Helmet Diamond Helmet 10,000 gold
Diamond Leggings Diamond Leggings 20,000 gold
Diamond Chestplate Diamond Chestplate 100,000 gold

Detailed information about the various Armor on each map can be found on the map pages.


Weapon Damage Ammo Ammo Clip Size Fire Rate Reload Time Gold

Earn Per shot (Critical Hit)

Misc. Notes
Knife 6 0.5-ish N/A 10 Upgrades give Smite II.
Pistol 6 300 10 0.5 1.5s 10 (15) Starter weapon. You want to upgrade this weapon.
Ultimate Pistol 6 450 14 0.4 1.0s 10 (15) Bursts two at once.
Rifle 6.0 288 32 0.2s 1.5s 7 (10) Skill player hate weapon
Ultimate Rifle 8.0 320 35 0.2s 1.0s 7 (10)
Shotgun 4.5*10 65 5 1.4 1.5s 8 (12) per pellet Sprays 10 pellets. Good for close range
Ultimate Shotgun 4.5*10 80 5 1.0s 1.0s 8 (12) per pellet Sprays 10 pellets.
Rocket Launcher 15 20 4 2.0s 3.0s 20 (30) Area of Effect (explosion).
Ultimate Rocket Launcher 20 32 4 1.5s 2.0s 20 (30) Area of Effect (explosion).
Sniper 20 40 4 1.5s 2.0s 30 (45) Pierces if Headshot (2 zombies).
Ultimate Sniper 30 60 5 1.5s 1.0s 30 (45) Pierces if Headshot (2 zombies).
Elder Gun 15 60 4 0.9s 2.0s 20 (30) Pierces and stun enemies. Exclusive to the Lucky Chest.
Ultimate Elder Gun 20 100 4 0.8s 2.0s 20 (30)
Flame Thrower 2 350 50 0.1s 3.0s 4 (6) Lights things on fire, but not as effective against Fire or Magma Zombies. The trash weapon.

Exclusive to the Lucky Chest.

Ultimate Flamethrower 2 500 50 0.1s 1.8s 4 (6)
Zombie Soaker 5 256 32 0.2s 1.5s 5 (10) Deals 3 times more damage to Fire Zombies.

Exclusive to the Lucky Chest.

Ultimate Zombie Soaker 8 320 32 0.2s 1.0s 5 (10) Deals 4 times more damage to Fire Zombies.
Gold Digger 6 70 7 0.5s 1.5s 10 (15) Can be upgraded 5 times.

Exclusive to the Lucky Chest.

Ultimate Gold Digger I 8 100 10 0.5s 1.4s 10 (15)
Ultimate Gold Digger II 10 130 13 0.4s 1.3s 10 (15)
Ultimate Gold Digger III 12 160 16 0.3s 1.2s 10 (15)
Ultimate Gold Digger IV 15 200 20 0.3s 1.1s 10 (15)
Ultimate Gold Digger V 20 250 25 0.2s 1.0s 10 (15)
The Puncher 6 0.5-ish N/A 10 Area of Effect. It hits an area of 3 zombies. Every 5 seconds, it deals heavy knockback to zombies in that area.

Exclusive to the Lucky Chest.

Upgraded Puncher 6 0.5-ish N/A 10 Area of Effect. It hits an area of 5 zombies. Every 3 seconds, it deals heavy knockback to zombies in that area.
Zombie Zapper 12 100 10 0.5s 2.0s 15 (20)

Nearby zombies will take damage on successful hits.

Hits a total of 4 enemies.

Exclusive to the Lucky Chest.

Ultimate Zombie Zapper 18 120 10 0.5s 1.5s 15 (20) Nearby zombies will take damage on successful hits.

Hits a total of 5 enemies.

Blow Dart 10 100 10 0.5s 3.0s 20 (30) Poison and slows enemies on successful hits.

Exclusive to the Lucky Chest.

Ultimate Blow Dart 10 150 10 0.3s 1.8s 20 (30)
Rainbow Rifle 5 240 30 0.4s 1.5s 5 (7) *Alien Arcadium Only.*

Burst 3 bullets per shot.

Exclusive to the Lucky Chest.

Rainbow Rifle Ultimate I 6 288 36 0.3s 1.0s 5 (7) Burst 4 bullets per shot.
Rainbow Rifle Ultimate II 6.5 312 39 0.3s 1.0s 5 (7)
Rainbow Rifle Ultimate III 7 336 42 0.3s 1.0s 5 (7)
Double Barrel Shotgun 7*9 20 2 0.3s 3.0s 8 (12) *Alien Arcadium And Prison Only.*

Can be upgraded 3 times.

Exclusive to the Lucky Chest.

Double Barrel Shotgun Ultimate I 7*9 30 2 0.3s 2.5s 8 (12)
Double Barrel Shotgun Ultimate II 8*9 36 2 0.3s 2.5s 8 (12)
Double Barrel Shotgun Ultimate III 8*9 42 2 0.3s 2.3s 8 (12)


  • Right-Click to shoot.
  • Left-Click to reload.
  • Hold Sneak to repair windows and revive teammates
  • Right-Click to use Machines and Weapon shops


  • All gamemodes need 4 players to start. If you are leader of a party of at least 3 players, you can change the difficulty in Dead End or Bad Blood
  • Dead End and Bad Blood both have 30 rounds (lasts between 30 and 60 minutes)
  • In Alien Arcadium the game has 105 rounds, and it could take more than 2 hours.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Avoid using your knife as it is usually faster and safer to use your gun and shoot zombies from afar.
  • Avoid getting Max Ammo collectables when not needed and get them in the end of a round.
  • Avoid getting Double Gold collectables in the end of a round and save them for the beginning of the next round, as there will be more zombies to get more gold.
  • Sticking together will be the best option as all the firepower is centered in one room, especially during boss battles.
  • Focus on your armor and weapons first. Machine perks can be lost on death, but armor and weapons are kept.
  • If you believe that you are outnumbered and that there are too many zombies to fight off all in one go, try to retreat and find another teammate.
  • Swap weapons while shooting to shoot more total bullets.
  • The Zombie Zapper weapon is regarded as one of the best weapons. It is recommended to prioritise this item from Lucky Chests. The Flamethrower is regarded as one of the weakest weapons. It is recommended to not take it from Lucky Chests, or to replace it if obtained.
  • Power-ups that can set Zombies on fire can also set you or your teammates on fire if you are attacked by the ablaze Zombie.



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